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Writing A Mind-Blowing Enduring Issues Essay

enduring issues essay

Well, what is enduring issues essay?The “enduring issue” definition would be a perfect start to set the pace for our discussion in this post. It is a paper that identifies and gives the description of a challenge that existed historically, which has persisted across time. The various ways people have tried to handle it and their level of success are also critical for this kind of essay.

Now, this is important,

What Are Some Enduring Issues Today?

They are many, but this hand-picked list of enduring issues will serve us perfectly in the meantime:

  • Power
  • Cultural beliefs
  • Inequality
  • Conflicts
  • Global warming

You can also get more ideas from the numerous enduring issues to essay examples available online. So, how do you write such a paper? Below is an easy but top-notch guideline to springboard your way.

The Process of Writing Enduring Issues Essay

For us to navigate through this section easily, an enduring issue essay outline would be the best idea! What are we waiting for, then? Let us look at the structure of this paper:


It should adequately cover the following aspects to achieve the purpose of such an article:

  • A presentation of your claim
  • Identify the critical issue according to you
  • Clearly define it
  • Finally, establish your argument and define the examples that will help you in discussion with a thesis statement.

The nature of your assignment will determine the direction of your thesis statement.


It is where you get to describe in detail the implications of the issue raised in the introductory part. For instance, in a topic like conflicts, you can specify the number of deaths resulting from this issue. You can also show how families have been displaced, economies thwarted, and peace that is disrupted by it. Ensure that you exhaust on these effects.

In the body, you also get to explain the trend of the issue over time. A start from the past days to the present time would be a painstaking way of accomplishing this task.


Unlike most essays, this one allows you to present a counterclaim in conclusion. However, this is not a leeway to give new ideas in your article. Finally, you can reiterate your claim and end with a hard knockout.

Once again, using an enduring issues essay sample would help you understand these three crucial parts well. No cause for alarm on where to find these samples, we have one coming up in a moment. Watch out!

But before that…

Examples of Enduring Issues Essay Writing Prompts

These prompts will help stir up your mind to better such a paper if presented with one:

General Writing Prompts

  1. The historical background of the issue should be on your fingertips
  2. Explore factual pieces of evidence from various credible sources
  3. Show the importance of the topic to the reader and its urgency
  4. Describe the societal effect of the problem
  5. Give a timeline of the development of the item to its current state
  6. Explain the look of the subject in today’s society

Specific Writing Prompts

  1. The essence of women rights in today’s society
  2. Why is poaching still a threat to the tourism industry?
  3. Discuss the modern-day colonialism
  4. How the growing population is straining the available resources

That should give you a head start to come up with several enduring issues essay examples for practice. The secret is first to develop your enduring issues chart list and then settle on one that interests you first and then the readers. Why you first? Because you are the one going to write it.

And now to the most anticipated bit

Enduring Issues Essay Sample


  • Identify and define global warming
  • Discuss the significance of the issue and how it has evolved over time

Now, this is how to go about such a task:

Global warming did not start yesterday. It is a world problem that has existed over the 50 years, according to the UNEP. Experts describe it as the dynamic rise of the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system over time. Global warming can be seen not only through direct temperature measurements but also by the measuring of the diverse effects of warming. Apart from the carbon (IV) oxide emissions, other causes such as greenhouse gases and air pollutants have contributed to this deteriorated state of affairs. Now the ozone layer is “fighting for its life.”

This ever-growing menace threatens human existence and survival. The numerous deaths of people from extreme heat waves are a complete attestation of the severity of global warming. Many experts fear the loss of about 134 billion metric tons of ice per year since 2002 in Antarctica. Droughts have also emerged from the rising heat levels. The result of this is famine and, subsequently, deaths.

With the increased industrial activity and numerous poisonous gases emitted, this could worsen. Scientist predicts that the rate of ice melting would speed up over the next 50 to 150 years.

In conclusion, everyone should take responsibility for mitigating this global disaster. It’s only through collective effort that we can be able to save our beloved planet earth.

Insights from the Enduring Issues Essay Example Above

  1. Use credible and factual evidence from recognized sites such as the UN’s website, papers from respected scholars, and many more.
  2. Ensure that you bring the enduring issue close to the reader as possible. For instance, a drought condition experienced in the country as a result of it.

From the deliberations, no excuse is justifiable as to why you can’t write an enduring issue essay. Do you feel stuck on how to introduce, describe, or conclude your paper?

We’ve got you covered with our top-notch writing help from professional writers who have been at this for decades. Give it a try today and see the stunning results!

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