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How To Write A Book Review? Expert’s Guidelines

how to write a book review

How to write a book review? You might have considered writing a book review to be a very demanding or impossible task, but thanks to this guide, you will know precisely how to go about it! So what is a book review, and how should you go about it? A book review is a critical evaluation of text, ideologies, phenomena, and events within the context of a book.

Merely knowing what a book review is isn’t enough because what you want to learn is how to do a book review! You would also need to know the right book review template to use, as this would guide you into using the correct book review format. Across many book review blogs and book review website, quite a couple of book review examples are made available to show what is necessitated whenever writing a good book review.

How To Review A Book (step by step)

In successfully writing a book review, an excellent question to consider would be how to start a book review! The following procedures would show you the appropriate way to write a fantastic book review not matter what kind of book you need to write about, “The Great Gatsby” or “1984”. With these steps, you’ll also be able to write an amazon book review without stress!

Writing A Book Review Template

Since there are no rigid terrains on how to write a critical book review, we can afford to be dynamic. However, there is a generalized template for writing book reviews which could be applied when writing a non-fiction book review, book of the month review, child books review, book review magazines, and newspaper book review. The ideal book review format must contain an introduction, body, and a conclusion. Let’s take a look at how to develop the right content when writing a critical book review.

  1. Introduction

    Start every introduction to a book review with a defined description of the book title and cover. Involve the name of the Author, subtitles, and a preface of what the book review body would entail. Proceed to write a brief thesis statement which would include a description of the book. It is still quite early to state your opinion; hence, avoid what you feel or think about the text in this phase.

  2. Body

    Of course, you would have to study the book, which is to be reviewed. In this phase, you’ll have to list about three quotations from the book, paraphrasing these quotations in your words. Introduce your point of view for each of the enlisted quotes. Dedicate a paragraph to every point.

  3. Conclusion

    Concluding your review for a book involves summarizing what has been included in the body clearly and concisely. Show in brief the quotations you involved and the explanation you made in the body—your ability to adequately summarize shows that you duly genuinely grasp the subject matter. Paraphrasing your thesis and finalizing the review with an attention grasping statement is a beautiful way of completing a comprehensive review. It is optional to include your rating of the book, but it may serve as an incentive to inspire others who may want to read the book.

How To Write An Academic Book Review

If you have ever considered an academic book review example before, you may begin to wonder why there are some variations to the book review template previously discussed. Take a breath! We are about to treat those variations!

  1. Finding a Book to Review

    Reviewing an academic book might come with the stress of having to find the right books to review. There are two significant ways of finding the appropriate book to review:

    • Look for the prototypes of books that journal publishers are willing to review
    • Look for books which arrest your interest and pitch them to publishers

    The first method will be hitch-free if you look for a journal in your field that needs some reviews. Alternatively, you can ask the editors to let you know when there are opportunities for a book review. However, if you decide to use the latter method as your approach, ensure that you review a book which:

    • Deals with the core subject area you know
    • Has been published recently, usually between within 2-3 years
    • Was published by a reputable publisher
  2. Seeking for prototypes

    Knowing the journal you want to write for means you become used to their style of writing. This could also be referred to as “review guidelines” or simple do’s and don’ts for every publisher. You could also look at your publisher’s example book review for more clarity on their writing style. When you find these guidelines, which would include an accepted word count and writing style, adhere to it as the acceptability of your review solely depends on it.

  3. Avoid personalizing the review!=

    It’s surprising how most people start an academic book review by making a summary of the book but then swing it off solely to sell out their ideas about the book. An essential tip to keep in mind whenever reviewing an academic book is to “focus on reviewing the book.” You can also state your idea or viewpoint, especially when it correlates with what the Author argues. But always bear in mind that most people read a book review to understand what a book is about.

  4. Questions to Answer in a Book Review

    The idea behind writing an academic book is not limited to driving opinions about the book. It should also answer a few essential questions, which include:

    • What is the book about? Does it cover the topic sufficiently? What is the Author’s argument?
    • Who is the Author? What is their area of specialization? Does this book relate to their past work? You might mention relevant biographical details about Author
    • How does the author support their argument? Is there convincing evidence? Also, search for the strengths and weaknesses of the book.

Book Review Vs Book Report

Sometimes, there are controversies surrounding the differences and similarities of a book review and a book report. A book report is a rigid factual summary of whatever the Author proposed in the original text. A book report allows no room for addition and extravagancies.

A book review, on the other hand, involves a critical evaluation of the Author’s work. It is a lot more opinionated, except in the case of an academic book review that streamlines the amount of opinion a writer would provide in the book review.

So here we are! Our essay writers hope you found the tips on how to write a good book review helpful. Wishing you the very best in your book reviews. Go and show them what you’ve got!

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