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Terrorism Essay: Writing Guide With Best Topics

terrorism essay

Has your educator asked you to write a terrorism essay? If yes, you might not know where to start. Terrorism has existed since the Reign of Terror and the French Revolution. Since this time, certain social groups have attempted to execute violence or threaten others to achieve political goals. And, such attempts have increased over recent years.

Today, terrorism is part of some sociopolitical regimes. It also involves radical groups and even religious communities. As such, dealing with terrorism is a challenge that many countries face today. Writing an essay about terrorism enables learners to understand this subject more.

What is Terrorism Essay?

Terrorism is the use of illegal means to instill fear among civilians or ordinary people. Some of the means that terrorists use to instill fear include bombing, kidnapping, rape, violence, burglary, and riot. As such, an essay on terrorism is a write-up about the acts of terror. It can be about causes, effects, and methods that terrorists use to execute their plans.

Some educators ask students to write an essay on terrorist attacks. In such cases, learners can compare and contrast different instances of terrorist attacks. A learner can also opt to write an essay on the 911 attack. In such an essay, the student can write about the methods used by terrorists to execute the attack. They can also compare the 911 attack with more recent terrorist attacks.

Why Write a Terrorism Essay?

It’s no secret that terrorism is a challenge that is facing countries across the world. It’s a global phenomenon. Writing essay on terrorism in the world enables students to understand it better. It also creates awareness of the causes and effects of terrorism.

What’s more, researchers are always trying to find ways to deal with terrorism. Therefore, writing a solution to terrorism essay can help in solving this global problem. Students have many ideas to consider when writing about terrorism. However, some educators specify the topics they want learners to write about. For instance, an educator can ask students to write a 911 essay. That means the educator wants learners to focus on the events of the 911 terror attack.

By focusing on such a topic, students can understand how terrorists operate. It can also help them understand the effects of terror attacks on different countries, groups, and individuals. Essentially, writing an essay about terrorism in the world creates awareness of this phenomenon and its effects.

Outline for Essay on Terrorism

Just like any other academic essay, this write-up should have an outline. An outline is a skeleton that guides a learner throughout the writing process. It shows what goes into the terrorism essay introduction, body, and conclusion. Here is a general breakdown of the structure of an essay on terrorism in simple English.

  1. Introduction:
    • The introduction can be a paragraph or more depending on the scope of the write-up.
    • This is the section where you introduce the topic of your essay and a thesis statement to tell readers what the rest of the paper is all about.
    • Don’t expound on the main points because you will do that in the subsequent section.
  2. Body:
    • In the body of your essay, highlight and explain your main points.
    • For instance, if you chose to write causes of terrorism essay, highlight and explain each cause in detail.
    • Each cause can have a paragraph in which you explain it and provide examples.
    • sure that each main point comes out clearly and is supported by valid and relevant evidence or examples.
  3. Conclusion:
    • In this section, wrap up your argument nicely. For instance, if you were writing an essay on types and causes of terrorism, make sure that your reader understands all the terrorism types and causes that you highlighted.
    • Make sure there are no loose ends in your essay.

Terrorism Essay Topics

A major challenge that many students face when asked to write essays on this subject is choosing the right topics. Learners can explore different topics about terrorism depending on their academic levels. Nevertheless, a student should choose a topic they are passionate about. That way, they can enjoy the research and writing process.

What’s more, students should consider their academic goals when choosing their topics. For instance, international terrorism essay topics are ideal for learners pursuing international studies. On the other hand, a topic that concerns or affects a student directly is ideal for a domestic terrorism essay.

Here are examples of interesting topics for essays on this subject:

  1. What motivates individuals or groups to engage in terrorist acts?
  2. How terrorism differs from the other types of violence
  3. How terrorist strategies and tactics have changed over the years
  4. How the media support terrorists by covering their attacks
  5. What contributes to violent extremism and radicalization in the developed countries?
  6. What are the challenges and goals of counter-terrorism programs?
  7. Do counter-terrorism policies infringe on the liberties of civilians?
  8. Has the U.S succeeded in fighting terrorism?
  9. Is an individual terrorist that is connected to a larger terror group a security threat to a country?
  10. How have different counter-terrorism policies impacted the daily lives of ordinary citizens?

Students can also focus on more specific topics. For instance, a learner can write terrorism in Pakistan essay. In that case, they can focus on specific terrorists or groups that operate in that country. If a learner opts to focus on a broader perspective, they can write an essay on war against terrorism, for instance. Nevertheless, research is a must regardless of the topic that a learner chooses. That’s because a solid essay should be supported by relevant citations.

Tips for Writing an Essay of Terrorism in English

Whether you choose to write a how-to stop terrorism essay or a world peace and terrorism essay, you need tips to help you come up with a masterpiece. Here are some of the best tips for writing an essay on this subject.

  • Be objective: Terrorism is a sensitive topic globally. As such, you should be careful when writing your essay to avoid sounding like you’re attacking a specific group. For instance, if you write an Islam and terrorism essay, bear in mind the religion and terrorism are different. Don’t sound like you’re insinuating that Islam is a terror group.
  • Research your topic: Although you could be writing views on terrorism essay, research is very important. You need to show your readers that you know what you’re talking about. The best way to do that is to back your points or views with relevant examples readers can verify. Therefore, research extensively before writing your essay to come up with strong evidence. Our essay writers can help you to cope with all this.
  • Choose your topic wisely: Some topics on this subject may seem easy to research and write about but they are not. Therefore, take your time to choose a topic for which you can find relevant and adequate information. If you want to write a global terrorism essay, conduct preliminary research to identify adequate and relevant sources of information.

Educators ask students to write an essay of terrorism in English for varied reasons. However, the main reason for writing this essay is to understand this subject better. Learners can also choose different topics or perspectives when writing their essays. Nevertheless, they should be objective and provide evidence to support their main points.

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