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Abortion Essay: Sample And 40 Sterling Topics To Spark Up Your Writing

abortion essay

Abortion is a subject that has elicited a lot of emotions and controversies across the divide; culturally, socially, politically, and even economically. It is used as one of the campaign strategies where some aspirants campaign for pro-choice while others are totally against it.

But wait,

Writing an Abortion Essay

An essay on abortion is a piece of writing that gives a writer’s perspective on termination of a pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo from the uterus before it is ready for birth. Therefore, when you have an abortion essay on your desk, know that you are handling a matter between life and death.

So how do you structure an argumentative essay on abortion?

It follows the normal essay outline of an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, because of its sensitive nature, care must be taken in each section. For instance, how you write an abortion essay introduction may either turn off your reader or give him the curiosity to read on through the body.

What’s the catch?

First and foremost, have it at the back of your mind that abortion has a medical aspect. Therefore, you will have to give your abortion persuasive essay an attentive and careful approach.

Now, when writing abortion essay titles, use the following tips:

  • A careful choice of words to avoid offending anybody
  • State your stance; pro-life or pro-choice
  • It should be free from any emotions

Once you settle on the appropriate abortion essay topics, keep the following in mind when writing your introduction:

  • Give the main definitions (in case you are handling a technical aspect)
  • Background information on the topic
  • Have a thesis that contains your point of view on the subject

What about the main body of your essay on abortion? It should express all the points for and against the abortions you have listed.

You will then sum up all your thoughts in conclusion without adding any new information. And just as simple as that, your abortion essay is good to go! You can use the numerous abortion essay examples available online to sharpen your skills on the structure.

Stay with me now.

Abortion Argumentative Essay Sample

The topic of abortion often creates emotional and moral responses from many individuals. Most individuals need to determine their own beliefs regarding the morality of abortion based upon personal ethical, spiritual and religious principles. Personally, I believe abortion should be legal up to a certain point during the pregnancy. I believe this point should be approximately twenty weeks. After twenty-two weeks, a fetus is viable outside the mother’s body and therefore should be recognized as its own life form. However, I do believe that abortion should be legal to save the mother’s health or life throughout the entire pregnancy. I also believe that more education on birth control should occur for women and men. Birth control should also be readily available for both women and men. Abortions should be the exception, not the rule. Proper birth control would help to reduce the frequency of abortions.

I base my beliefs on the legality of abortion because I believe women should have autonomy over their bodies. I believe that abortion is a personal decision between a woman and her physician. I do not believe the government should intrude into a person’s private medical decisions. There may be any number of reasons why a woman and her partner decide not to continue a pregnancy. These may be socioeconomic, emotional, medical and other personal reasons. A woman may have had a difficult pregnancy and is still raising a young child. Perhaps she does not believe that she can physically and emotionally handle having another child so soon. This is not the business of the government. It is a personal decision that the woman must make after considering all of the possible outcomes involved.

If abortion were to be illegal again, women would likely resort to illegal abortion doctors who may or may not have the necessary medical training to safeguard their health. Women may also attempt to self-abort, which may also result in increased mortality and morbidity for women. A government should not have the right to force a woman to consider these options.

I do believe that once a fetus is viable outside the uterus, the fetus should not be aborted. At this point, I believe that the fetus has become its own life force or has the potential to function as its own life force. However, if a woman’s health is jeopardized, she should have the right to an abortion if she chooses. Some women choose to continue the pregnancy despite the risks. This is a choice for the woman, her physician and her family to make. The ultimate decider should be the woman though.

However, abortion should be considered a last resort. Birth control must be readily available, accessible and understood by both men and women. The statistics on abortion indicate that women and men are not utilizing sound birth control practices. Fifty-four percent of women who have abortions indicated that they used a form of birth control the month they became pregnant. This indicates that forty-six percent did not. While birth control is not one hundred percent effective, it is reliable when used. Therefore, a large proportion of women who had abortions may have not become pregnant if they used birth control. This indicates that women and men need better access to birth control and greater education regarding the importance of its use to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Furthermore, one-third of the women who did not use birth control believed there was little risk of getting pregnant. Nearly one-third had concerns regarding birth control. This clearly shows that women need improved education regarding reproductive health and forms of birth control. If the country focused on improving this aspect of public health, the need for abortions likely would decrease significantly (Guttmacher Institute, 2011). While abortion should be legal, America must work to decrease the need for abortions. This is the best possible solution.

Top 5 Abortion Argumentative Essay Writing Prompts

Let’s delve in right away:

  1. Ethical debate: Write about the validity of the rights of the fetus versus those of the mother. Does the mother have an absolute right on choice over what to with the fetus?
  2. Legal debate: Look at it from the perspective of the pro-life and pro-choice arguments. Should abortion be legalized to reduce the chances of unsafe abortions?
  3. Abortion and science: How does science facilitate abortion? Is it making it safer or turning things for the worst?
  4. Religion: What is the belief of the Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus on this subject? Do those beliefs promote or suppress abortion?
  5. Social issue: What is the relationship between people’s behaviours and attitudes and abortion? Are there social forces that shape this action?

I know you are wondering, how can I make a top-class title for abortion essay from the writing prompts above? Worry no more! Scroll down.

Controversial Topics for an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

  1. How does the Christian belief in life after death affect their view on abortion?
  2. Atheists do not believe in God. What is their take on abortion then?
  3. The right to choose and abortion
  4. The constitutional and human right to life
  5. Does the fetus have rights?
  6. Are women coerced to deliver unwanted children?
  7. The world population and the role of abortion in maintaining it
  8. Do the rights of a woman exceed those of the fetus?
  9. Is the woman an independent and social entity?
  10. Human cloning and abortion

Ethical Topics for an Essay on Abortion

  1. The personhood of the mother and fetus
  2. Should we have a selective abortion?
  3. Does rape necessitate abortion?
  4. contraceptive failure and abortion
  5. Should a mother with a deformed fetus abort?
  6. Involuntary abortion
  7. Pain during abortion for the fetus
  8. Is a fetus a potential life?
  9. Abortion is an act of unjust discrimination
  10. Societal problems and abortion

Latest Abortion Essay Topics

  1. Lowest age for abortion
  2. Effects of abortion on a woman’s health
  3. Cultural attitudes
  4. Backstreet abortions
  5. Married couples and abortion
  6. Is abortion murder?
  7. Causes for abortions
  8. Legal and professional abortions
  9. Modern methods of abortion
  10. Children with deviations
  11. Poverty and abortion
  12. Domestic violence and abortion
  13. Population control
  14. Psychological effects
  15. Pregnancy and women’s responsibilities
  16. Induced abortion
  17. Fetal viability
  18. Abortion and bioethics
  19. Post-abortion consequences
  20. Planned parenthood

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