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Obesity Essay Writing Tips for Dummies

obesity essay

Obesity leads to serious health problems and has negative social and psychological consequences. The purpose of an obesity essay is similar to the purpose of an essay about texting and driving. Both of them aim to encourage students to think carefully about a thought-provoking issue.

To write a good essay about obesity, you should read the essay prompt carefully and understand the essay type you are asked to write. You should also study the physical and psychological impact of obesity to gain an in-depth knowledge about this topic.

Depending upon the essay type, you can decide the right way to approach your obesity essay. For example, you can write a satire essay on obesity to expose the foolishness and stupidity of obese people. On the other hand, you can craft an obesity argumentative essay by highlighting the controversial issues related to this problem. You can also write a childhood obesity essay to show the impact obesity has on children and their parents.

How To Write A Good Obesity Essay

Start by learning what the term “obesity” actually means, and how it is completely different from someone simply being overweight. You should use reliable and authentic sources for your research related to obesity and diabetes, so that you can write an informative essay.

Just like any other academic essay, your essay on obesity will have an introduction, main body and conclusion. To make most sense to your readers, you should present your ideas one at a time and put them in the right order. Begin by making an obesity essay outline, and then moving on to actually writing.

Writing your essay on medical conditions will be much easier if you choose the right topic. Choose a topic that you already know about, and then narrow it down to a manageable size. You can also brainstorm several ideas and then choose the one that answers the essay prompt effectively.

It’s important to create an essay outline before you begin writing your essay on obesity. It will prevent you from getting stuck and help you to organize your paragraphs in the right order. An outline also helps you to develop each idea individually and make the right connections between paragraphs.

Obesity Essay Sample

The rates of overweight and obese Americans have risen sharply over three decades in the United States, with many related negative health outcomes. The obesity rate in the population was about four out every ten adult Americans, or more than 93 million people, in 2016 (CDC, 2018). There are economic, social and psychological costs of obesity. People who are obese face increased risks to health which include cardiovascular disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes (CDC, 2018).

Being overweight is also associated with increasing risks of developing cancer, and this is reflected in the increases in cancer incidence that have come with increased BMI in the United States and around the world (Goodwin & Stambolic, 2015). The healthcare costs alone relating to obesity are over $150 billion dollars annually, and persons who are overweight or obese have higher medical costs of almost $1,500 per year (CDC, 2018). The contributing factors to obesity are complex, with race, culture, education, the food environment, gender and age all having impacts on the rate of obesity (CDC, 2018). The obesity rate was highest for Hispanic and black with obesity rates in the population that are close to 50%, while Americans of Asian ancestry have the lowest obesity rate of just 12% (CDC, 2018). This would indicate that there are social and psychological factors which are contributing to obesity.

There are also negative psychosocial impacts of obesity for overweight and obese Americans, including fat or body shaming of people who are not at or below their ideal weight, discrimination and the low self-esteem which can go with being mistreated because of body size. In fact, people who are overweight or obese are at greater risk of self-harm, mental illness and suicide (Bjørngaard, Carslake, Nilsen, Linthorst, Smith, Gunnell & Romundstad, 2015). Research is continuing in order to better understand these trends, epidemiology and the effectiveness of treatments.

Writing Obesity Essay Introduction

The introductory paragraph of your essay should grab the reader’s attention. This is also where you will insert the thesis statement, which will act as the main point of your essay. The introduction of an obesity essay should start by explaining what obesity is and how it affects us as humans.

Depending upon the essay type, you can make use of interesting statistics, facts, citations, quotes, provocative sentences, etc… in your introductory paragraph to grab the attention of your readers. Just be aware that there are severe health risks of obesity and therefore it’s a topic that should not be joked about.

You should write a striking introductory paragraph that puts your readers on edge. Show them how obesity has grown significantly over the past years and why it needs to be controlled. For example, if you are writing a childhood obesity essay, you can present the statistics showing how childhood obesity is rapidly increasing year after year and has now reached epidemic levels in some countries. Remember to not overdo it, especially if you cannot maintain the same level of excitement throughout your child obesity essay.

Basically, the introductory paragraph should present an overview of your essay topic and hook your readers to the point where it becomes important for them to read the rest of your essay. Avoid clichés, because they have been used too often and causes readers to turn away from your paper.

Writing Main Body Of Essay

The main body of your obesity essay is going to be the largest part of your essay. It is where you will present the facts and evidence to support your argument. You will also give explanations here accompanied with examples.

The essay body constitutes of several paragraphs and acts as a core for your essay. Each idea that you wrote in your essay outline will now become a paragraph supporting your thesis. Every paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and the rest of the paragraph should expand on that topic. The main body of your obesity essay should contain paragraphs that are logically connected to each other.

For example:

  1. Paragraph 1: Stats of obesity in the US
  2. Paragraph 2: Causes of obesity in the US
  3. Paragraph 3: How to handle obesity in the US

As you can see, all 3 paragraphs are related to obesity in America, but they contain different information. To write a cohesive obesity in America essay, you should avoid mentioning any statement that does not relate to your basic argument.

Writing The Conclusion

Do not write a conclusion that puts a doubt in your reader’s mind. Your obesity essay conclusion should summarize your main points and restate your thesis in a rephrased form. The conclusion is your last chance to persuade your audience to your point of view. The impression which you create through your concluding paragraph will stay with your readers even after they’re finished reading your essay.

Your conclusion should ideally bring a sense of completeness without closing the discussion completely. A good essay on obesity will always leave its readers with something to think about. For example, if you are writing an essay about obesity cause and effects, you can say something like There’s more to obesity than what meets the eye. Your causes of obesity essay can also conclude by asking your readers to do something like Start making better food choices!

Basically, the conclusion of an essay is completely opposite of the introduction. Your introduction starts with a general problem of obesity and becomes more specific towards the end, whereas the conclusion starts with the specific problem of obesity and becomes more general towards the end.

Furthermore, you should avoid using phrases like to summarize, to wrap things up, to conclude in your conclusion, because stating the obvious will only irritate your readers. Also, do not apologize to your readers, because it will undermine your authority and make your readers doubtful.

Obesity Essay Topics List

Here are a few examples of essay topics on obesity. If you are stuck and having a hard time picking a topic it is recommended to take a look at the lists below, provided by highly educated dissertation writers online. They might help you to come up with your own idea, or you can just use one of the obesity topics below.

Childhood Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What is the solution for childhood obesity in the US?
  • Childhood obesity: Are parents to blame?
  • Psychological consequences of childhood obesity.
  • Living with the problem of childhood obesity.
  • How does childhood obesity affect a family?

Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Does high-carb diet cause obesity?
  • Is obesity a disease? Analyze.
  • Is obesity an international health problem? Explain why.
  • Obesity is a genetic disorder. True or False?
  • Can surgical treatment cure obesity? Is it safe?

Obesity In America Topics

  • How can America cure obesity? Is it possible?
  • Busy lifestyles are making Americans Obese. Suggest alternatives.
  • Analyze how fast food is making Americans obese.
  • How can the U.S. government control obesity?
  • Compare and contrast obesity rates of major U.S. cities.

Obesity Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Can behavioral therapy cure obesity? How?
  • Compare and contrast diets for obesity prevention.
  • Surgical vs. Non-surgical treatments for obesity.
  • Should obese people be hospitalized? Why?
  • Analyze the costs of obesity treatment. Is it affordable?

Science Behind Obesity Topics

  • Analyze different methods to measure obesity.
  • Obesity vs. Anorexia. Which is more life-threatening?
  • Can hormonal imbalance lead to obesity? Analyze.
  • Obese parents get obese children. Is it true?
  • Explain anesthesia complications for obese people.

Need Help Writing Your Obesity Essay?

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