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How To Write A Profile Essay That Will Impress Teachers

how to write a profile essay

There are more than ten different types of essays students may encounter on their academic journey. Different essay types have different structures and processes required to write them.

There are four prominent types of essays a student will be introduced to while in school. They are argumentative, expository, narrative and descriptive essays. The less popular ones like dialogue, imagery and profile pieces are reserved for special occasions.

When writing a profile essay, the rules are different from others, and many students may get stuck. This article goes over what a profile essay is, the process of writing it, and what a good profile essay must contain.

What Is A Profile Essay?

A profile essay is an in-depth description of a person, place, thing, event, or landscape. For example, you can describe the most notable American President, the coronation of a queen, or a holiday location you visited.

This is not an introductory descriptive essay. The goal is to be informative and give factual details that paint a picture of what you are writing in the reader’s mind. If you are writing a profile essay on a place, your writing must be able to put a vivid picture of the location in the reader’s mind, which will spark a desire to visit.

After reading your essay, the audience should not be left with any lingering questions about your subject. All inquiries should be answered in the write-up.

This is why a lot of people get stuck when writing profiles essay. Before you begin, you must have complete knowledge of the subject you are writing on. Otherwise, your piece may seem shabby or appear to lack research.

How To Write Profile Essays: Structure And Format

Writing a profile essay might not be very different from other essay types when it comes to structuring. They should have some similar sections, but the content should be unique.

Before you start your essay, you should have an outline. The outline guides your process and makes it easier for your thoughts to be put in an arranged format.

The outline can be expanded to give your essay depth and make it easier for the reader to understand the content of your paper. Continue reading for a detailed explanation of the structure.

  1. Introduction

    The introduction of your essay is the first thing your reader sees. It is usually one paragraph, and it must give the reader a reason to continue reading the rest of the essay. The introductory part of the essay can be longer depending on the length of the entire paper. It should contain:

    • Hook: This is the first statement in an essay. As the name implies, it is meant to grab a reader’s attention and keep it. It tells them that there is something exciting happening in this paper. There are different ways to write a hook, including comparing two subjects or asking a question.
    • Background information: This part answers the most critical questions about the subject you are profiling. It asks the following questions. Who is the subject? What is essential about the subject, and why should anyone want to read about it? If the above questions are answered correctly, readers will be interested in going forward and completing the rest of the essays.
    • Thesis statement: This is the last part of the introduction. It should be short and precise. It lets the reader know the primary purpose of conducting this research and the main point of the essay.
  2. Body

    The essay’s body is where all information gathered is written down correctly. It should have more than two paragraphs, giving details of the essay’s subject. Each paragraph should contain the following:

    • A Topic Sentence: This tells the readers what exactly is discussed in the paragraph they are about to read.
    • Evidence: This section provides information that backs the claim of the topic sentence. To include this information into the body, you can quote someone directly, summarize or paraphrase their words. The writer has conducted interviews and researched to get adequate information to write the essay.
    • Explanation: The evidence will not give adequate information explanation for the reader to understand the points of the evidence. The writer should interpret all evidence descriptively and provide the reader insight into the snapshot of information gotten from the evidence.
    • Concluding Sentence: This is the last sentence in the paragraph. It summarizes all the writer has said and connects all the information written above in one piece. It also informs the readers that they have come to the end of that paragraph. All the paragraphs in the body of your essay should be structured this way. It makes it easy to start and complete each paragraph if divided into sections.
  3. Conclusion
    Writing the conclusion means that you have come to the end of the essay. It brings all you have written together in one paragraph. Your conclusion should be divided into three:

    • Restatement of the Thesis: This is simply writing a sentence similar to the thesis you wrote at the beginning of the essay. Even if the words are different, the meaning should be the same.
    • Summary of Points: You must have made different points in the various paragraphs of your essay. This section is where you summarize them in short sentences. Please give an overview, and write it so that even readers who skipped to the conclusion of your essay will understand the points you are trying to make.
    • Closing Remarks: Here, summarize your entire essay. The summary should link all parts of the piece together. Do not provide the reader with any information not initially included in the paper.

How To Write A Good Profile Essay: The Process

Writing a good profile essay does not start and end with a good structure. There are other essential steps to consider as you start. They include:

  1. Brainstorming
    When writing a profile essay, it is better to take time to brainstorm rather than dive into the report directly. You will need to ask yourself some specific questions before you begin. They include:

    • What is the subject I am writing about?
    • Why do I find it interesting, and would other people find it interesting?
    • Are there adequate resources about this subject, and can I access them?

    If you can give affirmative answers to the above questions, you can start the process of writing the essay. It would help if you used this time to gather adequate information about the subject you are writing on; brainstorming and research go together.

    If you are writing about an individual, your brainstorming sheet should contain:

    • Interesting facts about the person.
    • Quotations from websites and interviews about the subject.
    • Background information, the reason for success, etc.
    • The person’s achievements.
    • Their personality, style and impact on society.
    • What are your personal opinions about this person?

    The above is a personal profile essay example for brainstorming. You can apply the above when gathering information about any subject.

  2. Write Your First Draft
    You can write your first draft using the outline and information provided above. Feel free to write out your sentences as they come to you because you will have the chance to edit them later.You do not have to worry about grammar, punctuation, or meeting the essay length in your first draft. Be as expressive as you can.
  3. Revising and Editing Your First Draft
    This section is where you put in some extra work. Ensure that what you have written follows the laid down structure. Remove sentences that seem redundant and include anything you might have missed. Here, do some fact-checking and ensure that all the information you are sending out is correct and your essay is of the right length.

    Check for grammatical errors that can confuse the reader and restructure your essay. Then proofread for spelling and punctuation errors. After making sure your paper has a structure, you can move on to editing. Read your essay multiple times, as it can help you spot errors you might have missed the first time. None of the above steps should be skipped when writing a profile essay; they will guide you and help you submit a high-quality paper.

Profile Essay Example

Now, you can check out the following profile essay sample to get an idea of what it should look like:

Jason’s choice to study in the US and extend his stay for two years was primarily driven by the need to gain international exposure and ability to do business in the world’s most respected language. Furthermore, he wanted to gain proficiency in the English language. However, he finds Americans to be very provincial, and their awareness of the things surrounding them dictates their happenings compared to the Chinese who are interested in news from all over the world.

Jason, a data analyst, works in a small local bank called Radius. It is very demanding and requires a lot of time spent at the workplace. What led Jason to relocate from China to the US for six years to pursue his undergraduate degree? More specifically, what made him extend his stay for two additional years after getting a job offer?

Jason is very upbeat about his job and has been able to garner self-motivation about his work environment. The job prospects are also offering him a training program in the next year, which will hopefully propel him to higher echelons of his career. His expectations are high about the upcoming training program, which he hopes will help him develop networking skills that are important to keep him abreast with the current happenings in his career. He expects the training program to bring him more skills and connections that are necessary to replace his former Chinese friends that he misses so much.

Furthermore, he has developed appropriate communication skills since he moved to the US. Even so, there are certain perceptions and stereotypes that he has experienced while living and working in the US based on the astounding cultural differences between the US and China. He has, therefore, learned to respect other people’s cultures. He is confident that he can continue staying in America much longer because his worldview has changed since he started studying, living and working in the US. He is hopeful that the upcoming training program in his company will help him gain more access to different kinds of people from across the globe.

During his undergraduate years in the US, he used to hang out with his Chinese friends, even when he proceeded to study finance for his master degree at Boston College. Since his Chinese friends went back home after graduation because they could not obtain working visas in the US, Jason feels somewhat lonely, but he is determined about gaining more international experience in his job. However, he misses his family so much back at home given that he is the only son of his parents. His parents are, however, supporting his continued stay in the US to help him in his career and professional growth.

Jason also hopes to make more money so that he can make some investments back home when he finally decides to leave the US. Therefore, his dreams and aspirations in his current job are significant to him in helping him to build the necessary foundation to enable him to perform well in business. He has tried to make new friends since he graduated from school, but most of these are just social friends. He hopes to have a very strong professional networking base with friends from all over the world so that his proposed clients in his business plan will come from all over the world.

Jason is confident that his parents will pay him a visit in the US before he finally decides to go back home. However, he finds the living standards in the US much higher compared to China. He lives on a very tight budget and hopes to get a better paying job so that he can live comfortably. Jason also believes that working in the US has more benefits than getting work in China. He also concurs that US employers are much better than their counterparts in China. Nonetheless, what Jason misses most about China is the traditional food and cuisine. Despite the variations in traditions, Jason is also very particular about the pop culture found in the US that has spread to other parts of the world. He is very concerned about the cultural erosion it is bound to have on the ethical things that matter to him most. He has welcomed and adopted some of the dressing and clothing styles found among the youth in the US. In spite of this, he is very positive that this fact cannot erase his cultural values.

Conclusively, Jason desires his choice to be the best decision he has ever made about his personal and professional life. He contends that when he finally goes back home, he will be able to provide informed advice to people who hope to come and study or work in the US. His hopes are to start an online-based business platform once he leaves the US and has been very concerned with the type of networking skills he has, and the rate at which he connects with other people from around the world living in the US. Before reconnecting with his family, Jason hopes to utilize his chance of studying in the US to advance his adventures by traveling to different parts of the world with the intention of accustoming himself to different cultures and styles of doing business.

Tips For Writing A Good Profile Essay

The following tips from a best essay editor can make writing a profile essay easier for you.

  1. Write about a subject that you are interested in.
  2. Do adequate research before you begin the essay. Confirm the validity of every piece of information. You do not want to misinform your readers.
  3. Write plain sentences that make your essay easy to read. The goal is to inform the reader, not confuse them.
  4. Include a lot of description. Avoid general sentences.
  5. Plan the writing process properly. You do not want to rush any aspect of your essay.
  6. You need an outline to follow. It makes the essay writing process more manageable.
  7. Your tone is essential. Remember to watch it.

Don’t Want To Write Profile Essay?

The process required for writing an excellent profile essay is comprehensive and involves a great deal of research. This may seem daunting to many college students who have other assignments, school work, and class activities to keep up with.

You can use all the information above to create high-quality profile essays for your teacher. However, if you find yourself searching for “do my essay” or “example of a profile essay” on the internet, or you require some essay writing assistance, we can be of help.

We have a team of experts and online essay writers who are always available to provide you with the best custom essay writing services, and they will be happy to write a good profile essay for you. Our services are fast, and we cater to all students – university, high school, or middle school, who need affordable essay writing help.

Our customer support team consists of awesome and friendly individuals who can guide you through the process of getting your essay needs sorted quickly and securely. So you can buy custom essay with us today.

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