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Get the Best 200 Civil War Essay Topics for Free

Civil War Essay Topics

Did you know that finding excellent civil war essay topics is now more difficult than ever? Truth be told, most – if not all – of your classmates are using the Internet to find good topics for their next paper, presentation or debate. You should do it too, but you need to be smart about it.

Why use the same websites your peers are using to get civil war essay topics? Our blog has been established with a single goal in mind: to help students get the best grades on their school projects. And this includes helping students with topics. We have a list of 200 awesome civil war topics right here, and it’s absolutely free to use. You can reword our ideas or simply use them as they are.

Why Our Civil War Essay Topics?

Most students don’t understand the importance of good topics of the civil war. They think that it doesn’t matter what they choose to write about. What’s important is the content of the essay. This is the wrong approach. Your professor will greatly appreciate your willingness to find the absolute best civil war topics for research. Here are just 3 of the benefits of finding unique civil war topic ideas:

  • You will often get bonus points for originality. Yes, professors love original, interesting topics.
  • Finding a great topic makes writing the paper much easier. You should already know something about the subject.
  • Your original topics about the civil war will make your papers stand out from the rest.

But why would you choose our civil war research topics? First, all our ideas are original. These topics are all unique at the time of writing. Second, we update the list of ideas periodically. You can probably find a few dozen unique topics at any time. And third, all our topics are free to use. Simply pick the one you like and start writing.

Getting the Best Civil War Topics

We know you are probably looking for the most interesting topics of the civil war. Truth be told, it is quite difficult to find unique civil war topics for research paper these days. Your classmates are scouring the Internet for new topics as we speak. This is why you should take a look at our list of 200 topics. We have a topic for every student (high school, college, undergraduate, etc.) So, without further ado, here is our amazing civil war topics list:

Easy Civil War Topics

You probably don’t want to spend too much time writing that essay. This is why you will be thrilled to learn that we have a list of easy civil war topics:

  1. Describe the state of the confederate states
  2. The role of Abraham Lincoln
  3. How did the war start?
  4. Describe an important battle
  5. Tactics during the Civil War
  6. The last year of the war
  7. Civil War: Discuss Art History
  8. The role of women during the war
  9. How can we prevent the next war?
  10. Discuss the abolitionist movement

Civil War Essay Topics for College

Yes, we have plenty of topics for college students. Simply pick one of these civil war essay topics for college and start writing your paper right away:

  1. Slavery’s effects on the civil war
  2. Secession: The economics behind it
  3. Modern warfare in the civil war
  4. Could he North and the South make peace?
  5. Discuss the quick-repeating artillery’s role
  6. Discuss the Gone With the Wind movie
  7. What states benefitted from the war?
  8. Where was most of the war fought?
  9. Discuss the Jim Crow Laws

Civil War Project Ideas

Are you tasked with a project about the Civil War? No problem, we have more than enough civil war project ideas. Pick the one you like now:

  1. Analyze the Lincoln-Douglas debates
  2. Farming during the civil war
  3. The abolitionist movement most prominent leaders
  4. An in-depth look at the Kansas-Nebraska Act
  5. The Confederate Constitution vs the Union’s Constitution
  6. The role of Britain in the war
  7. Did Lincoln start the war?
  8. Politics during the war

Civil War Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper is a difficult thing to do, we know. But did you know that you can make things easier for yourself by picking the right civil war research paper topics?

  1. Research the main participants in the war
  2. Research battle tactics
  3. Describe an important battle
  4. Military advancements during the war
  5. Slave’s contribution to the war effort
  6. Avoiding the war was impossible
  7. Printing money during the Civil War
  8. Taxation of British imports during the war

Civil War Topics for Middle School

Yes, middle school students can write about the Civil War too. In fact, here are some interesting choices for middle school children:

  1. Define the Civil War
  2. What caused the war?
  3. Who participated in the war?
  4. What was the war about?
  5. The states that seceded
  6. Who was Abraham Lincoln?
  7. The end of the war
  8. Effects of the war

Interesting Civil War Topics

If you want to impress your professor and instantly get some bonus points, you should absolutely take a look at our list of interesting civil war topics:

  1. Ending the war without putting an end to slavery
  2. Analyze the Battle of Fredericksburg
  3. African American soldiers in the Civil War
  4. Discuss the Southern Reconstruction
  5. Consequences on the South after the war
  6. Discuss the Kansas-Nebraska Act
  7. The turning point of the war
  8. The famous Battle of Gettysburg
  9. Was the civil war the worst conflict in US history?
  10. African Americans in the North

Civil War Paper Topics for High School

High school topics are easier to write about than college-level topics. We have a long list of unique civil war paper topics for high school right here:

  1. How did civilians view the war?
  2. Abraham Lincoln’s challenges
  3. The role of Jefferson Davis
  4. Analyze the future western areas
  5. Economic disadvantages during the Civil War
  6. Discuss the Compromise of 1850
  7. Robert E. Lee accomplishments
  8. Racism after the war
  9. The end result of the war
  10. The use of the rebel flag after the war

Difficult Civil War Topics for Projects

Do you want to test your limits? Or perhaps you just want a difficult topic to write about to prove to your professor that you can do it. Check out these difficult civil war topics for projects:

  1. The industrial revolution and the civil war
  2. Emancipation during the war
  3. What if slavery didn’t end?
  4. Was the war avoidable?
  5. Slaves’ role in the Southern economy
  6. Discuss Ulysses S. Grant
  7. Cotton gin and slavery
  8. Mexico’s intervention in the war
  9. The art of spying
  10. Public opinion of the North during the war
  11. Analyze the Bleeding Kansas crisis
  12. Discuss the Emancipation Proclamation

Civil War Thesis Topics

So, you are preparing to start working on a thesis about the Civil War. The good news is that we have plenty of civil war thesis topics right here for you:

  1. Causes of the insurgencies
  2. Submarines in the civil war
  3. What if the confederates had won the war?
  4. Technological advancements in the civil war
  5. Medicine in the civil war
  6. Reports of rape in the civil war
  7. Civil war photography
  8. Was the war really necessary?
  9. The abolitionist movement
  10. Freeing African Americans

Argumentative Civil War Topics

If you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay about the Civil War, we have some excellent ideas for you right here:

  1. The consequences of the war for the South
  2. Discuss the American Civil War from a global POV
  3. Similarities between the Afghan War and the Civil War
  4. Role of women in the civil war
  5. Discuss Abraham Lincoln
  6. Role of African Americans in the civil war
  7. Civilians in the civil war
  8. War crimes during the American civil war
  9. Could the war have been prevented?
  10. Why is the war so important?

General Civil War Topics

You don’t always have to write about very specific things, even if we’re talking about the Civil War. Here are some more general civil war topics you can discuss:

  1. Analyze the imagery in a novel from the Civil War period
  2. What triggered the Civil War?
  3. The main participants in the War
  4. Describe the Union states
  5. Confederate states leaving the Union
  6. Main battles of the Civil War
  7. Most important figures of the War
  8. A timeline of the American Civil War
  9. Abraham Lincoln: Cool facts
  10. The final battle of the War and its outcome

Civil War Debate Topics

When you need to do a debate on the American Civil War, you need to make sure you pick the right topic. Here are some of the best civil war debate topics on the Web in 2022:

  1. The most important battle of the war
  2. The most important leader of the Civil War
  3. Generals in the civil war
  4. Most decisive victory
  5. The worst defeat in the war
  6. What did the soldiers think of the war?
  7. The confederates should have won
  8. The effects of the hard war strategy
  9. Most prominent military figure of the war
  10. What if the war would have been avoided?

Awesome Civil War Writing Topics

Our ENL writers have put together a list of what they consider to be the very best ideas. Take a look at these awesome civil war writing topics and pick one for free:

  1. Discuss civil war hospitals
  2. Nurses during the civil war
  3. Europe’s view of the war
  4. Discuss 3 main battles of the war
  5. The invention of the telegraph and the Civil War
  6. Use of railroads during the war
  7. Soldier’s perception of African Americans
  8. Influences of the war on American national identity
  9. Why did the North win the war?

Good Civil War Topics

Perhaps the list of awesome ideas doesn’t contain the topics you are looking for. No problem. We have a list of good civil war topics that should satisfy your needs:

  1. Letters from the civil war
  2. Failed reconstruction efforts after the war
  3. Describe the valley of the shadow
  4. Combat tactics during the American civil war
  5. The most interesting results of the war
  6. The cost of the war
  7. The war from an African American point of view
  8. Racism in America after the war
  9. The ghosts of the American Civil War
  10. Discuss the Declaration of Independence

Controversial Civil War Topics

No, you shouldn’t be afraid to write about controversial topics. On the contrary, you are encouraged to do so. Take a look at our controversial civil war topics:

  1. The real cause of the war
  2. Is the confederacy truly dead?
  3. The use of confederate flags today
  4. Controversial confederate symbols
  5. Commemorating confederate leaders
  6. Did we really need the war?
  7. The most important battle
  8. Who really won the civil war?

Civil War Poem Ideas

Many popular poems have been written during the Civil War period, so writing an essay about one of them is a great idea. Here are some nice civil war poem ideas:

  1. The most popular Stephen Crane poem
  2. Discuss Walt Whitman’s poetry about the Civil War
  3. Civil War Poets: Herman Melville
  4. Beyond the Potomac by Haynes
  5. Discuss The Angel of Marye’s Heights by Walter A. Clark
  6. Analyze Christmas Bells (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
  7. Discuss John Williamson Palme’s Stonewall Jackson’s Way
  8. Discuss More Cruel Than War by W.S. Hawkins
  9. Peculiarities of Civil War poems
  10. Compare and contrast war poems with poems written during peace time

Miscellaneous Topics

In this list of miscellaneous topics, we have included all the ideas that didn’t seem to belong anywhere else. We’re sure you’ll appreciate at least some of them:

  1. Discuss the Morrill Tariff
  2. Analyze the Homestead Act
  3. What is the Pacific Railroad Act?
  4. Discuss the National Banking Act
  5. Discuss Union governance
  6. Discuss Confederate governance
  7. The state of Union finances
  8. The state of confederate finances

Confederate Topics

If you want to talk about the Confederate side of the conflict, we have some very interesting confederate topics for you to choose from:

  1. Battles lost by the confederates
  2. Battles won by the confederates
  3. The state of the Southern states
  4. Confederate tactics
  5. Confederate military leaders
  6. White supremacy ideology
  7. Soldiers in the confederate army
  8. The decisive battle

Union Topics

Of course, we also have more than enough union topics you can choose from. Here are some of our best ideas:

  1. Secession reasons
  2. The states that seceded
  3. Keeping the nation intact
  4. Advantages over the South
  5. Unionist slogans
  6. The Unionist army
  7. Unionist tactics
  8. Battles lost by the Union

Persuasive Civil War Topics

Do you need to write a persuasive essay? We have some of the best and most interesting persuasive civil war topics on the Internet. Use them for free in 2022:

  1. Why the war was necessary
  2. The war could have been prevented
  3. The pressing slavery issue
  4. Economic devastation during the war
  5. American politics
  6. Effective military tactics
  7. Greatest battle of the war
  8. Greatest general in the Civil War

Civil War Topics for Presentation

Are you wondering what your next presentation will be about? Why don’t you choose one of our original civil war topics for presentation?

  1. The state of the North after the war
  2. Civil war figures
  3. Civil war battles
  4. Letters to families during the war
  5. Slavery before the war
  6. Slavery after the war
  7. North Carolina’s role
  8. Discuss the role of border states

Topics to Write About Overnight

Are you on a very tight deadline? Do you need to write a paper tonight? Don’t waste any time and pick one of these topics to write about overnight right now:

  1. Preventing the war
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. North vs. South
  4. Slavery during the war
  5. The Civil War’s effect on politics
  6. Bloodiest battle
  7. A disaster for US economy
  8. Civilian casualties

Need Help With Your Essay?

If you need some help with your civil war project, our seasoned academic writers can help you with some new civil war project topics. In addition, we can help you write your paper and make sure you get a top grade on it. You can also rely on us for proofreading and editing services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need more topics!

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