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Addiction Essay: Writing Guide And Topic Ideas

addiction essay

We know you’ve probably just been asked to write an addiction essay. After all, this is probably why you have arrived at this page. You need more information about this type of essay. Perhaps you need to write an addiction definition essay or a technology addiction essay. Or perhaps your professor has left choosing the topic up to you. The good news is that you will find everything you need to write an excellent essay on this page. You will learn about the addiction essay, get some great topics and then get a guide that should help you write the paper quickly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything. Read on!

Great Topics for Essays About Addiction

Did you know that the topics you choose for your essay on addiction really matter? A great topic will help you not only write the paper quicker, but also get some bonus points. Here are the most important reasons to pick one of our topics (you can find them below, don’t worry):

  1. A good topic is one you have some knowledge about. This means you can write the essay faster and do a great job. You don’t have to do as much research as for another, more difficult topic.
  2. Your professor will greatly appreciate that you’ve taken the time to search for an original, interesting topic. He is probably bored of reading the same essays on the same old topics over and over again.
  3. An interesting topic will usually bring you some bonus points. Perhaps you know someone with an addiction problem and you can write an excellent essay about it (think about a drug addict essay, for instance).

New Addiction Essay Topics for 2022

Whether you want to write a definition essay on addiction, a persuasive essay about internet addiction or any any kind of problem solution essay, you have arrived at the right place. We will not only give you an easy to follow guide, but also provide you with some fresh topics (use them as you see fit, they are free). Here are the topics we think would impress your professor:

  • Is drug abuse a part of religious rituals?
  • Here’s why we can’t live without an Internet connection. (great internet addiction essay)
  • What are the positive effects of hallucinogenic drugs?
  • The dangers of “club culture” related to drugs.
  • Does Facebook create addiction among teenagers? (a great social media addiction essay)
  • The history of drug abuse in the modern age.
  • Should we change the laws that fight drug use? How?
  • Are you addicted to your smartphone? (excellent cell phone addiction essay)
  • Did drugs help artists be more creative?
  • Who is most vulnerable to drugs? (you can write an alcohol addiction essay on this as well)
  • How can you tell you are addicted to something?
  • Are all addictions visible?
  • Can’t stop playing video games? (a very interesting video game addiction essay)
  • Is binge drinking an addiction?
  • Can you think of a beneficial addiction?
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – would you delete them off your phone? (essays on social media addiction)

Quick Guide to Write Essays on Addiction

It doesn’t matter what type of essay you need to write. Be it a drug addiction essay or an essay about technology addiction, the structure of such a paper remains the same. We will be talking about the five paragraph essay structure in this section. It is the easiest structure and the most effective as well. Truth be told, it is very easy to write an academic paper using the five paragraph essay structure (even an “is addiction a disease essay”, of course). Here is how you can write the paper in just one hour:

Pick the correct topic. You need to think about something new and interesting. You must find something that your colleagues didn’t think about. An original topic can earn you some nice bonus points from your professor. Yes, you can even write a causes of drug addiction essay, if you want to. Even better, you can pick one of the free topics we’ve listed above.

  1. Come up with a thesis statement. What do you want to prove? What is the main goal of your essay? The thesis statement should be one sentence long and very clear and concise.
  2. Start doing the necessary research. Even a smartphone addiction essay requires research. Remember that you will need to include references and that all your statements should be supported by credible data from authoritative sources.
  3. While conducting the research, use the most important ideas and talking points to create an outline. It’s like creating the table of contents and it will act like the skeleton of your essay. An essay on addiction outline will keep you focused on the most important things and will help you avoid repetition.
  4. Write the introduction. This is the first part of the five paragraph essay structure. Make sure to include some background information about the chosen topic and to place the thesis statement at the beginning of the paragraph.
  5. Write three body paragraphs, each discussing a single important idea or fact. All essays about addiction should have at least 3 body paragraphs, but you can write more if necessary. Each paragraph will usually start with a statement that will be supported by the data, research and information in the rest of the paragraph.
  6. Write a catchy conclusion. You will need to restate your thesis statement, summarize all of the main ideas and findings, and then wrap everything up with a nice call to action.

Tips and Tricks

As you can see, writing an essay on drug addiction is not at all difficult, if you know what you need to do. Here are a few things you can do to improve your writing speed and the grade you will receive on your essay:

  • Start early. Writing an essay drug addiction can sometimes be difficult. It may take you two or three days to do a great job, depending on the topic. By starting early, you won’t be forced to rush things.
  • Get some help from your friends and family. Give them the essay on social media addiction and ask for some feedback. This is a great way to improve your writing.
  • Proofread and then proofread some more. You want your writing to be perfect. Why would you want to lose some points over a typo or two?
  • Always support your statements with credible data from authoritative sources. This means NO Wikipedia and NO Facebook. Use information you can find on .EDU and .GOV websites, in peer-reviewed journals and other similar publications.
  • Get some help when you realize you need it. If it becomes clear that you won’t be able to get an A+ on your food addiction essay, get help from essay writing services. No, we don’t mean you should go straight to Craigslist.

The good news is that we have a team of professional academic writers that have extensive experience writing essays on addiction. We also have some of the best editors and proofreaders on the Web. As an academic writing company, we offer our services to students who need an A+ on their next essay. We always do a great job because our writers are all degree-holders. In addition, we never miss our deadlines and everything we send to our clients is 100% original.

If you need a bit of help with your addiction essay, get in touch with us. We can help you with everything from finding a good topic and writing the introduction to writing and proofreading the entire paper for you. Don’t worry, our prices are some of the most competitive on the Internet. Your personal details and project details are safe with us and will never be shared with a third party. We value our clients, so why don’t you give us a try?

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