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How to Craft a Fiery Fast Food Essay (Top Guidelines)

fast food essay

In almost every town and even villages all over the world, there are fast food joints. With this, it is easy for students to find fast food essay topics, especially on their operations and impact on society at large.

Before we proceed further, here is something important for such a paper:

Outline of a Fast Food Essay

As of any other argumentative essay, this, too, should present both sides of your argument in an objective, transparent, and exciting manner. Ensure that you implement the following:


A fast food essay introduction should be as tasty as a starter. It is the part that entices your reader to wait for the course meal in earnest expectation. How can you achieve this? By using a hook statement about the subject of discussion.


It depends on the type of argument you chose to settle on in your thesis statement. Let’s say, “Why fast foods should be banned,” you should now give reliable and factual pieces of evidence to support this claim.


Your fast food essay conclusion should give that relaxation effect as of a dessert in a restaurant. Give your readers something that will keep them coming back all the more to your story.

Sample Fast Food Essay

Why Do People Prefer Fast Food

I have thought a lot about the national obesity crisis. I believe there are three major factors why people prefer fast food which are cost, time, and convenience.

There is a widespread perception that fast food is cheaper than the healthier alternatives though I do not believe it is true. The dollar menu offered by many fast food restaurants has been quite effective in promoting this inaccurate perception. People believe that healthier food is more expensive and is not a reliable alternative, especially, if you have limited financial resources. This seems to be, particularly, true in big cities with high food prices.

People also prefer fast food due to busy life schedules that leave little time for cooking. Busier lifestyles increase the value of money so people try to save time in any activity that is not related to their work. Moreover, there is no lack of fast food restaurants in America so one does not have to go far to buy fast food.

The convenience of fast food has also increased their popularity. It takes time to shop for basic ingredients, and additional time to prepare meals. On the other hand, fast food restaurants are often within walking distances, and the orders are fulfilled within minutes due to emphasis on speed by major restaurants. Hence, fast food appeals to people even if they may not have busy lifestyle because it is a lot more convenient to buy a readymade meal than to buy ingredients and prepare the meal yourself.

Now we can engage the writing prompts gear:

Exemplary Fast Food Essay Writing Prompts with Explanations

An essay about fast food should be captivating as in the following ways:

  1. A Fast Food Nation Essay
  2. Here, you can explore the distribution of fast food joints in a nation of your choice. To add a little taste to this, focus on the unique operations of the joints as compared to others.

  3. The Popularity of Fast Foods
  4. Argue on how these fast foods are makings inroads into every corner of the world and what necessitates this popularity. The impact of this popularity on society is a point of interest too.

  5. The Nutritional Content of Fast Food Menus
  6. Do these joints follow the protein, carbohydrate, and vitamin requirements of a healthy diet or not. You can also give the effect out of this fast-food menu on the health of individuals.

  7. How do Fast Food Restaurants Attract Customers?
  8. Such an essay on fast food should explore the various marketing strategies used by these joints. Is it print media, broadcast, or online advertising?

  9. Why is McDonald’s Popular in the US?
  10. Is it their food, customer service, or just the name of the restaurant? Dig deeper to bring out what makes it stand tall and ahead of the other fast-food joints.

  11. Why Many People Prefer Fast Food Restaurants
  12. A fast food essay such as this enables the readers to see the reasons why fast food joints are the most preferred over other sit-in restaurants.

  13. Fast Food and Obesity Essay
  14. Show how the increased consumption of fast food leads to obesity. Touch on aspects of fast food nutrition that contribute to this disease.

  15. Fast Food and Patients
  16. Are patients allowed to take food bought from such joints? What are the health implications of such food to the health of the patient?

  17. Fast Food and Schools
  18. Is it appropriate for governments to allow fast food in schools, and why?

  19. Improving the Quality of Fast Food
  20. Show various ways in which fast food can be made more nutritious and less harmful.

With the relevant prompts and explanations above, you can now write a real fast food persuasive essay for your assignment.

If you still have a problem, you can engage our affordable and professional writing help services.

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