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Argumentative Essay Outline: Plan Your Writing Properly

argumentative essay outline

In life, having a plan about your goals and intentions eliminates errors. And so it is with student life. Writing an essay is part of student life, and by developing a good argumentative essay outline, you eliminate the risks of doing the essay the wrong way and losing out on important marks.

An outline for argumentative essay is a map of your essay, showing what each paragraph is going to contain and in what order the paragraphs will appear.

Outline For Argumentative Essay Clarifies Ideas

The outline for an argumentative essay is an important part of the essay planning process. The writer will be able to then connect all the information so as to support the thesis statement and the claims of the paper.

An outline for essay allows the writer to:

  • organize one’s thoughts
  • survey the information and adapt it to make it better
  • experiment and practice to see which styles work best for a logical essay structure
  • divide up the essay using bullet points and numbers

If, as a student, you’re wanting to write an argumentative essay that will bring you a good grade, you need to understand what such an essay is:

  • You give your opinion on a controversial issue.
  • You present facts that support your opinion.
  • You have to give the opposing side’s arguments too

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Outline

An argument essay outline starts with the usual 5 paragraph structure. In effect it will be an introduction, 3 paragraphs in the body and a conclusion. Here’s the basis of how to outline an argumentative essay:

  1. Introduction: Made up of three parts. A captivating opening sentence that gets your reader intrigued. Include some background information and get the reader to concentrate on the thesis statement. This statement states precisely what your idea is.
  2. Body: After presenting your first topic sentence, you need to introduce the main sub-argument and to link it with the thesis statement. After providing a claim you must defend it with facts. End the body with a concluding sentence.
  3. Conclusion:
    Restate the thesis and review your main points and then give your argument closure, leaving the reader with a call to action.

Argumentative Essay Outline Template

When writing an argumentative essay, most students just don’t know where to start and they don’t know what components to include, because they don’t have a proper argumentative essay plan. There are essay outline templates online for students to see how to outline so as to get the correct argumentative essay format. If you’re looking for an argumentative essay outline example, there are many sites offering samples to guide you. There are also many students who pay writers to do the essay for them, getting good results from a reliable, credible, professional writing company.

An argumentative essay outline worksheet can provide the student with good practice too with essay writing. What’s more the worksheets are free to download and you get a description of all essay writing worksheets.

There’s no set standard of organizing an argumentative essay but there are some common patterns to use. Don’t waste time wondering how to get your essay started. Make use of a ready-to-use argumentative essay outline template and find out how it helps students get a good idea on how to go about the essay.

Let’s take a look at the outline of an argumentative topic Cannabis Usage should be made Legal.

  • Introduction: Start with an thought provoking question and some statistical data. Give reasons for choosing your topic and why its important to you. Include a thesis statement, explaining the main points of your piece.
  • Argument 1: Marijuana is being prescribed for many medical reasons, and yet its usage remains controversial. It’s classified as a Class I controlled substance. This makes it illegal under federal law. And yet many states approve prescribing it for medical purposes. Summarize for this reason it should be made legal.
  • Argument 2: Legalizing weed for medical purposes is already viewed in a positive light by the medical community as well as members of congress, who are no doubt users themselves. Give reasons why alcohol is legal and causes many death so why isn’t marijuana which is safer?
  • Argument 3: There are prescription drugs on the market such as Valium which are more addictive than weed which has been used for ages with great success in the medical world.
  • Conclusion: For those who support the legalization of medical marijuana, there are many who oppose it, and arguments from the opposition need to be included. Restate the thesis statements and arguments used.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Successful completion of your argument essay outline will depend on knowing how to write an argumentative essay correctly. Choose a topic you feel familiar with and one which provokes strong feelings within you. Some cool topic ideas are:

  1. Texting and driving
  2. Birth Control offers sexual freedom for women
  3. Vaccines are needed for killer viruses
  4. The Mediterranean diet ensures a long life
  5. Technology has destroyed creativity
  6. Increasing human populations killing our earth
  7. Minors need more Discipline
  8. Sparing the Rod Spoils the Child
  9. The world needs more animal shelters
  10. Sex Offenders Deserve the Death Sentence
  11. Everyone needs to take Supplements

You just have to listen to a news channel on your TV set to see politicians arguing their cause on these kinds of topics mentioned above. You might also find a lot of cheap essay writing on these subjects.

There is no end to the topics they argue about, some of them being pretty controversial such as should or shouldn’t abortion be permitted. Each politician puts their strong opinions forward backed up by facts as to why their case is the stronger one.

Do the research. Find information from reliable sources. Have facts from people for and against the topic and write an essay that proves why your opinion is the stronger one.

Writing without an essay outline is risky – your writing will be unfocused. Writing an outline is definitely a means to ensure your writing stays focused and organized so that your argument makes an impressive impact.

Sample Of Argumentative Essay Outline

Now that you’ve seen an argumentative essay outline template, you might be ready to see an actual outline of argumentative essay. You can check out this argumentative essay outline example:

  1. Thesis statement: Selfies are good and people should be encouraged to take them
  2. Introduction
  3. Selfies
    • What are selfies?
    • There has been an exponential increase in taking of selfies in the last two years.
  4. What people say about selfies
    • There are both people who oppose and support the taking of selfies.
    • Selfies help people to reconcile their imperfect looks.
  5. Selfies are good and people should be encouraged to take them.
    • All people want to connect to society and to feel loved.
    • Selfies show that the person taking them is confident in one’s own attributes and experiences
    • Selfies make a person to develop confidence by helping them come to terms with their true appearances
  6. Conclusion

Argumentative Essay Example

And now, after the completing the outline of an argumentative essay, here is the argumentative essay that was written based on it:

Selfies are getting increasingly popular especially among young people especially in the last two years. The use of the word “selfie” increased by a staggering 17,000% in 2013 (Freedland 1). This exponential increase in its usage caused the word to be proclaimed the word of the year by the editors of the Oxford Dictionary. A selfie is a photograph that a person takes usually of oneself but sometimes taken as a group. These photographs usually end up o social media with Instagram being the most popular platform on which to share them (Freedland 1). With the proliferation of smartphones with front facing cameras, the ease and numbers with which selfies are taken have increased exponentially. From people in restaurant or celebrities at award ceremonies, selfies have become as much a part of daily life as taking a meal is. One of the most famous selfies was the one taken by Ellen DeGeneres and a few other movie stars at the Academy Awards Ceremony this year. The photo became one of the most shared pictures in the history of the internet. Selfies are however known to be more of a young people phenomenon. According to Most of the selfies found online are taken by teenagers (Farr 1). Anyone with a smartphone, from presidents to teenagers in a diner, however have found themselves snapping a selfie at some point.

There are both people who oppose and support the taking of selfies. Arguments against selfies have been that they show a streak of narcissism in those who take the pictures. The Best Computer Science Schools describes narcissism as a being overly preoccupies with oneself and with how society views you. Narcissistic people will seek and find happiness in being admired for their looks or mental abilities and will often pursue vain things (Best Computer Science Schools 1). Opponents say selfies show how self-centered most people have become and as Jonathan Freedland writes, millions of photos shared on the social media platform, Instagram, bear the hashtag #me. Opponents also argue that selfies promote selfishness and superficiality. The amount of likes that a person gets are based on their looks. One’s appearance dictates whether other people like the picture or not. If people a judged solely on their looks, then their character, intellect and other attributes are missed. This makes society a place based on vanity rather than on more meaningful characteristics. Opponents of selfies also argue that they create people that are unable to stop looking at their own reflections. A page on Tumblr that is dedicated to selfies taken at funerals is testament to this. A funeral is a somber occasion and if people are more concerned about their looks than about the loss of another human being, then surely, our society is degenerating into a self-absorbed one. A funeral is not the place for one to be admiring how good their hair looks but to be giving a fitting sendoff to a loved one.

Selfies help people to reconcile their imperfect looks. Proponents of selfies however say that they are useful in helping people come to terms with how they look and therefore accept themselves. When you look at yourself in a mirror, the reflection looks different from what a selfie looks like (Stampler 1). A selfie, because of the angle of the camera and how it shows our faces head on, looks asymmetrical and even weird. The way we look in selfies is how other people see us, not the way our reflections look in mirrors. If a person takes many selfies, they get used to their appearance as it is in the pictures. Selfies therefore help people to get used to their imperfections and make them more comfortable with their own appearances, whether they have the looks of a Greek god or not, as Stampler writes, “…as long as your hair looks good, who cares about the other stuff, anyway?” Selfies could also be a new way for people to communicate, just like hieroglyphs were. Selfies are a way of documenting a person’s life and could be useful in understanding and sharing one’s experiences with others. After all, taking a selfie would convey a message more effectively if one wanted to describe how serene a beach is than if one wrote a letter. Selfies also document one’s life; they are like an electronic version of a person’s soul and experiences. For people who take several selfies a day, it would be easy to construct a clear idea of who they are if they were to pass away

Selfies are good and people should be encouraged to take them. Deep down, all human beings are narcissistic. We all want to look and feel good. All human beings want to feel loved and liked. As Jonathan Freedland writes, people who take selfies could be self-centered and narcissistic but deep down, they all crave to be part of society and in his own words, selfies are “all about “me,” but revealing a sometimes desperate urge to find an “us””. That is why they take pictures not just for their own consumption but so they can share with others.

Selfies show that the person taking them is confident in one’s own attributes and experiences. Selfies are usually taken during events. The event could be as mundane as a group of friends in a diner to something as great as memorable as meeting the president. They are all events that warrant documenting. People don’t take selfies because they have cameras but because like the explorers of old, our experiences need to be documented. Would people believe that you met the president if you had no picture, probably not but with a selfie, that experience will have been documented. Documenting one’s experiences serves as a repository of their memories and a reminder to not commit the same mistakes. Such documentation also helps people to share their experiences whether in real time or in future.

Selfies help people to reconcile the way they look in mirrors and the way other people see them and make the person to develop confidence by helping them come to terms with their true appearances (Stampler 1). Confidence is central to a person’s ability to achieve great things. Whether that confidence is in one’s appearance, mental attributes, dressing or athletic ability, it goes a long way in determining what we can or cannot achieve. When a person gets comfortable with their looks, especially in this age where youth and looks have become central to our way of life, they can achieve many things. Since selfies help people to bridge the gap between what they think they look like and their actual appearance, they are a good thing. Young people, especially, should take as many selfies as they can if it is their way of gaining confidence. Selfies are also an expression of creativity. Selfies have been taken in all manner of places and by all manner of people. Some people have taken worldwide tours, taken selfies and then turned them into stop motion animation films. This creativity in taking of pictures.

Selfies can be annoying when too many are taken too often. People opposed to the taking of selfies have even said that they encourage narcissism. The truth however is that selfies are good for those who take them. Selfies increase confidence people’s confidence in their appearance, help document experiences and help us to communicate with society. Selfies are also a form of creativity that should be encouraged and not opposed. Selfies are good for expressing oneself and should not be opposed.

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