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How To Write Descriptive Essay – Tips And Examples

how to write descriptive essay

A descriptive essay shows a student’s ability to produce a written version of their experience. Many students want to learn how to write a descriptive essay as it provides them with the artistic freedom that they desire.

Descriptive essays are considered to be the simplest form of academic essays, where students just have to describe their sensory observations of a subject. There are no details or proof required while writing a descriptive essay; students can just summarize what they see, hear, smell, or taste about their topic. A good descriptive essay brings a subject to life by painting a vivid and moving picture in the reader’s mind.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a writing genre that requires you to describe elaborately. You can describe objects, persons, places, experiences, or a certain situation.

This genre gives the student the ability to creatively describe an encounter vividly without leaving out any important information.

The major goal of a descriptive essay is to make the reader get a better overview of the person’s perspective of things.

Basics Of A Good Descriptive Essay

Are you planning to write a descriptive essay? These are some of the basics that you should keep in mind.

  1. Brainstorm
    When you choose a topic or are assigned one.

    • Take a while to first think about it.
    • Jot down ideas that you have of the same.
    • After you are done, decide which situation will suit the topic most.

    Brainstorming is really significant if you want to write the best descriptive essay. Also, remember to write the right keywords that relate to the specific topic.

  2. Use Clear And Vivid Language
    When writing a descriptive essay, try not to use hard language. Just try to use simple and clear language that makes the reader get a good impression of what occurred. Your descriptive writing should be simple enough for anyone to read and understand.
  3. Use Your Senses
    In case it is about food, describe it in a way that the reader can easily smell the food from your writing. If it is about the bitterness of something, make it obvious.
  4. Describe The Emotions
    In your descriptive writing, try to describe emotions based on the topic. Just ensure the emotions relate to your description essay, but don’t write anything for the sake. This can also be vital when writing a descriptive essay about a person. What did you feel after seeing the person and so on?
  5. Make The Reader Have A Clear Impression
    Make sure that the reader feels like he/she was with you there. However, try your best to be organized with how you write your ideas.

Descriptive Essay Writing Outline

You should now have a clear overview of “what is a descriptive essay” and “what is descriptive writing”. However, you need to learn the art of writing descriptively. The major key is bringing the specific subject to life for the reader. Hence, try to use figurative language, sensory details, and strong word choices.

While using figurative language, you can use a metaphor, similes, and other symbols of writing to make your writing enticing. However, don’t use figurative language anyhow.

Also, try to describe instances based on senses to ensure the reader can feel them. You also need to use the right set of words for easy readability.

Step-By-Step Guide To Descriptive Essay Writing

Experienced writers know that good writing is created in stages. That is why it is important for students to follow the essay writing process. This step-by-step process will help you even if you are a student who is still wondering, “what is a descriptive essay?”

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to start a descriptive essay:

  1. Choosing a topic: Students can choose to describe a person, object, or place of significance in their lives like a mother, favorite gadget, or a picnic spot. The Internet can provide students with many descriptive essay ideas to give them a good starting point.
  2. Brainstorming the details: After you’ve chosen the essay topic, you should brainstorm the characteristics of your topic. Think about its significance in your life and your feelings associated with it. Also, think about the physical side of things, such as the surroundings, where the place is located, where a person lives, etc.… Dig through your memories and emotions associated with the topic.
  3. Writing the thesis statement: It’s important to learn how to write a thesis for a descriptive essay. Your thesis statement should be 1 – 2 sentences long and to the point. For narrow topics, you can just write a simple sentence describing the topic. However, if your topic is broad, you should write a thesis statement that describes not only your topic but also your argument.
  4. Creating an outline: To write your descriptive essay comfortably, you must create a descriptive essay outline. Think about the descriptive essay format and plan ahead by writing a sentence or two for each paragraph. These sentences should give you a good idea about what you are going to write in each paragraph.
  5. Writing the initial draft: Now, you can start writing your initial draft from the outline that you created previously. For descriptive essays, always remember to give a rich experience of the subject to your readers. Use all of your senses and try painting a picture in your reader’s mind instead of simply narrating a story. You should write in a way that the reader can actually feel what you are feeling, see what you are seeing, and hear what you hear through your writing.
  6. Revising the essay: Your initial draft now requires a few modifications and reorganization. In this step, students should aim to make their essay the best it can be. Reread what you have read, and find out whether your essay sounds exactly how you wanted. Check whether the paragraphs make sense and connect well with each other. Also, check your word choice, and if you have used all your senses to describe the subject.
  7. Editing the essay: Here, you will get rid of all the grammar, spelling and syntax-related errors from your essay. By using interesting syntax, you can make your essay more appealing to your readers.
  8. Submitting the essay: Finally, you can submit your essay. If you feel a little anxious about your work, don’t worry because almost everyone feels the same way. As long as you’ve followed the essay writing process, there’s not much to worry about. Also, don’t get upset if your professor finds some mistakes in your work. Take it as an opportunity to make your next essay even better.

Descriptive Essay Sample

Taking a peak at good descriptive essay samples can inspire you to write your own successfully. Hopefully this short sample descriptive essay will help you out:

I was awake before I could really focus on anything specific. I just remember hearing the sound of the waves outside of my hut, and feeling myself being lulled in the morning by the rhythm of the ocean. After a while, I persuaded myself to open one eye, and saw the beautifully window draped with white mesh curtains that were swaying in the breeze of the morning. Outside I could hear the sound of Thai breakfast being prepared by the staff and felt the warm, gentle smell of cooked bananas and plantain drifting through the air.

I stretched back and thought of ways to hold on to this moment for as a long as possible. Time had slowed down to a soup. It was something that I would need to be pulled and tempted into now. I had been warned about jet-lag going from west to east but this was something different. The sun poked through the curtains now and I started to feel at one with the rest of my surroundings. Slowly I started to sit up as more and more footsteps made it clear to me that all around the days was springing into life.

Finally, I heard to the sound of the motor boat coming to take me to the rest of the island, where I would finally begin the first day of my break. For a second, I could feel the suggestion that there would be a life inside and outside of this environment and that soon I would be stating college and that I would start to have to re-learn what life was like outside of this trip.

Still, at the time, as I stretched myself out for one last time and poked my way out of the covering, all of that seemed so far away as to be completely irrelevant. The driver of the boat smiled when he saw me waiting for him, gently dipping my toes in the water in order to test its temperature. He nodded and winked and gestured to the cushioned seat in the back of the boat. The first day had begun.

Writing A Descriptive Essay About A Place

If you don’t know how to write a descriptive essay about a place, you can simply start by describing the location of the place. Before describing the main scenery, you can summarize the surroundings in order to make the place stand out.

It is important to notice even the smallest details about the place to make your essay interesting. In the body paragraphs, you should describe the place through your senses. Write down what you see, hear, taste, or feel about the place. Your writing should be successful at creating a mental picture in the reader’s head.

After you have explained the place intensively, it is time to expand on those feelings before you conclude your essay. In conclusion, you should restate your main idea and describe why the place has such an important significance in your life. Finally, you can end your essay by reviewing the most important things that connect you to that place, and why it is so important to you.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay About A Person

When writing a descriptive essay about a person, students need to describe not only the person’s appearance, but also his behavior, temper, and overall character. You can choose to write about someone close to you, but it will be better to write about someone you admire or a historical personality.

Start by describing the appearance, as that is the first thing anyone notices about a person. Then describe the clothes, face, complexion, hair, physique, etc.… You can also describe the acts and behavior like whether the person likes to drink, loses temper, shows kindness towards others, and so on.

Describing your subject’s character can be difficult, and so you may need to dig deep to get that information. Finally, you can describe the emotional side of the person. For this, you may need to find special videos and text in which the person shares their true feelings about a person or an event.

If you’re still wondering how do you write a descriptive essay, you should check out a descriptive essay sample on the Internet before starting the essay writing process. There are many samples on the Internet, which will eliminate confusion and show you how to approach a descriptive essay.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best descriptive essay topics? You can start with these and see which topic spikes a good memory that you can write about.

  1. The importance of a college education.
  2. How to make the world a better place.
  3. The beautiful scenarios in the universe.
  4. The future of cloning on Earth.
  5. A typical day of a college student.
  6. One of the most important times in history.
  7. The creepiest animals in the world.
  8. One day in the life of a celebrity.
  9. The best sports in the world.
  10. The importance of going for vacations.
  11. Your favorite music band.
  12. The best colleges in your area.
  13. The importance of children being given chores.
  14. The importance of having a hero or role model.
  15. The various signs of the summer schools.

Interesting Descriptive Speech Topics

Descriptive writing needs to be elaborative enough. You need to try your best to make it as interesting as possible to make the reader feel like they were there.

  1. The importance of using a computer to lessen your tasks.
  2. The game you love most.
  3. Are mobile phones a boon or a curse on society?
  4. If you were to make an impact in society, what would it be?
  5. Your favorite restaurants in your area.
  6. The best qualities you can find in your roommate.
  7. You dream house.
  8. The best childhood memory.
  9. The experience of a ride in a subway train.
  10. The best way to deal with deadline pressure.
  11. How to boost your creativity
  12. The most embarrassing moments while in the office.
  13. The best conflict management strategies.
  14. The importance of staying focused at the workplace.
  15. How to stay positive while in the workplace.
  16. The most embarrassing moments in college.
  17. Your first day at work experience.
  18. The best conflict resolution strategies.
  19. Evaluate the plot of your favorite movie.
  20. Your favorite dancing styles.
  21. Evaluate your favorite TV series.
  22. Elaborate on your best painting and the emotions it breeds in you.
  23. Describe the best scene in the latest movie that you have watched.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics College

Which are the best descriptive ideas that you have now? After reading some descriptive essay examples, you might be ready to choose a topic for your own descriptive essay. Here are a few:

  1. Evaluate some events that shaped your personality.
  2. What are the major reasons that led to your personality change in college?
  3. Evaluate your first or last day at college.
  4. The importance of bike riding.
  5. Do you think writing impacts your personality at a deeper level?
  6. How do you normally feel when you hold a baby for the first time?
  7. Describe the feeling after the loss of a loved one.
  8. The best way to maintain your hair to ensure it doesn’t fall off.
  9. The worst health condition you have ever experienced
  10. The relation between stars and human personalities in poems.
  11. The importance of doing regular exercises.
  12. Your favorite book.
  13. Your first date experience.
  14. Describe a memory you remember of someone who just passed away.
  15. Evaluate the first concert you ever attended.
  16. The most embarrassing day in your life.
  17. Your beach experience on a sunny day.
  18. How would you describe a smartphone to someone from ancient times?
  19. Describe your ideal hostel room.

Descriptive Writing Topics

Do you want to write a descriptive essay? Why not use any of these topics? You can brainstorm, research, and spark your memory to see what to write about.

  1. Describe a place that only exists in your mind.
  2. Describe where you were brought up.
  3. Evaluate your perfect fantasy vacation place.
  4. The most peaceful places you have ever visited.
  5. Your favorite places in your hometown.
  6. Evaluate your favorite game.
  7. Where does your pet love spending its time?
  8. Evaluate an outdoor place that you love most.
  9. The importance of museums towards history.
  10. Describe your favorite person.
  11. Evaluate a famous person that you would love to meet.
  12. Describe the positives and negatives of your pet.
  13. Describe your favorite friend or best friend.
  14. Describe yourself to someone you have just met.
  15. Describe your favorite outfits.
  16. Evaluate your favorite toy as a child.
  17. Which is your favorite furniture that you love using.
  18. Describe how to make your favorite food.
  19. Evaluate an experience when you felt afraid and excited.
  20. Evaluate a memory of someone you miss.

Descriptive Essay Ideas

How many essay ideas do you have now? Well. Here are some of the most interesting topics of all time. They can help you to achieve the top grades that you want.

  1. Your favorite dancing style.
  2. Your first encounter with the internet.
  3. Your first tears of joy experience.
  4. Which is the longest trip you have ever experienced?
  5. Your dream career.
  6. The most exciting traveling cruise.
  7. The most beautiful place on earth.
  8. The top 10 destinations in the world.
  9. The most attractive places in Asia.
  10. Elaborate on what you would love to experience while in space.
  11. What do you think an astronaut can see?
  12. The greatest person in your history.
  13. Evaluate your best poem.
  14. Who are the best movie actors and actresses that you like?
  15. The best relaxing hobbies you love engaging in.
  16. Your experience running in a marathon.
  17. The best way to make a speech.
  18. Evaluate a stranger in a crowd.
  19. How do you think your future will be?
  20. Describe a beautiful garden you have ever encountered.

Topics For Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is one of the easiest and shouldn’t be stressful at all. Just give your best when writing for any of these topics for a descriptive essay.

  1. What childhood experience do you miss most?
  2. How can you describe your graduation day?
  3. The perfect image of your town.
  4. The person who made the major difference in your life.
  5. The importance of university education.
  6. The epic beauty of islands
  7. The experience of learning a new language.
  8. Describe your favorite book and what captures you more about it.
  9. What do you love most about watching movies?
  10. Who is your favorite superhero and why?
  11. Have you ever struggled with any kind of addiction?
  12. It was one of the most life-changing experiences.
  13. Your first experience driving a car.
  14. Your experience living in a new country.
  15. How to deal with a snake bite.
  16. Describe one of your major achievements.
  17. One of the funniest memories you have ever had.
  18. Your experience performing in front of a crowd.
  19. Your experience acting in a play.
  20. The best souvenir you have ever been gifted.

Good Descriptive Essay Topics

What experience do you remember most? Well, you can use that topic to write about something you remember vividly. You can even consult your professor for advice.

  1. The worst nightmare experience.
  2. Your dream apartment.
  3. The best memories that you still remember.
  4. The worst epidemic you have ever experienced.
  5. Your favorite music festivals that you have ever participated in.
  6. The best songs over time in the 20th century.
  7. Your favorite musicians in the world. Why do you love their work?
  8. Describe your favorite artistic paintings.
  9. The impact of poets’ work on society.
  10. How do teachers help to boost their student’s creativity?
  11. The most creative thing you have ever painted or written about.
  12. Your future dream house.
  13. The worst dream you have ever had.
  14. How climate change is affecting how people live
  15. What breeds the most excitement in you?

Get Best Descriptive Writing Help

Are you planning to write a descriptive essay? Well, you need to choose an ideal topic, do research, and be knowledgeable about it. However, if you don’t have time to do your descriptive writing, we can sort you out.

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