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How To Write An Interview Essay: Efficient Guidelines

how to write an interview essay

An interview essay explores different perspectives on a specific topic through the various evidence gotten from interviews with various people. Therefore, the data you collect from people is what you use to write your interview essay.

For the interview essay process, you will first need to write your questions and set up a time to meet with the people who will act as your respondent. You can then ask questions, record the answers, and analyze the result.

Be careful when analyzing the data to ensure you don’t lose any important information. While writing your essay, start with the question followed by a summary and analysis of the questions and answers.

What Makes An Interview Essay Unique?

An interview essay allows you to use people as your sources rather than books. You won’t need to find information in books, rather than by interviewing and getting information from what they have.

You get a first-person viewpoint rather than a reported one. Furthermore, you need to make the essay meaningful by seeking valuable information. You don’t have to interview famous people, but ordinary people who have information about a specific subject.

In addition, you will first need to find a valuable question that you will ask several people. You need to get as many varying opinions as possible. While you ask a question, also give the person ample time to answer and explain.

The questions should be something the respondent has a good opinion about. Also, you can ask follow-up questions on what people think about that specific topic.

How To Conduct And Analyze An Interview For Your Essay

When interviewing for an essay, you need to be careful to get all the information you need.

  • First, you will need to get the person’s names.
  • Ask the main question and major follow-up questions.
  • Ask about the main reasons for their answers
  • Ask about what they think someone with a different view would say something different?
  • Any examples that come to mind.
  • Get as much information as possible.

Once done, make a list of the reasons given by the interviewees, and highlight the number of people with each opinion. You can then analyze the opinions by making notes.

Separate the positive reasons from the negative ones, check how the reasons compare to the others. Also, try and get the unique or interesting reasons that stand out. Additionally, try to find the validity of a specific reason.

In your notes, try to organize them based on their importance, start with the most positive then negative, those you agree with, and those you disapprove. Just ensure all the information you gather is written in a great format.

How To Write An Outline For An Interview Essay

Once you get all the required data, you need to consider writing the interview essay. It is just the same as with a research paper. You first need to research, jot down the main points, and write your essay.

  1. Introduction
    This is a vital part, as you need to know how you will begin and conclude your essay. In the introduction part, remember to include the main question that you asked your interviewees.You can either decide to start the interview essay with a situation that led to the cause of the question or some important comments the people gave.
    The introduction part can also consist of a description, statistics or questions. Make sure people understand why you had to ask and get the opinion of different people.
  2. Body
    In the body part, list all the reasons that you got from various people. You can choose to start with the positives than the negatives, or vice versa. Try your best to quote the responses, paraphrase or summarize the data gotten.While summarizing, try not to be biased and give the responses as they should. Why do you think person A thinks of this while person B thinks of that? However, only write this part after proper analysis of the responses so that you don’t repeat yourself.
  3. Conclusion
    The conclusion is as important as the introduction part. You need to conclude the paper with a paragraph or two that summarizes your viewpoint, the validity, and why.If you have a different opinion, be sure to point it out. This should guide you on how to write a conclusion for an interview essay.

If you don’t like the process being long and prefer some other activities rather than writing, you can hire essay writers in USA.

Key Points On How To Write An Interview Essay Introduction

The introduction is one of the most vital parts of an interview essay. Therefore, try to start with an interesting fact or description. It should help to grab the reader’s attention. Explain why you chose the specific interviewees to get their opinion.

Try and conclude the introduction with a strong thesis statement. This establishes the purpose of the interview essay. This should tell the reader what to expect in the body of the essay. Remember to add a transitional sentence at the end of the paragraph to link to the body.

How To Write An Essay About An Interview

An interview essay allows you to present somebody’s thoughts on a specific topic. Interview essays are crucial if you want a broad understanding of something.

  1. Purpose
    Before you start writing an essay about an interview, you need to determine the purpose of your essay. Therefore, you need to get personnel who is informed about the specific subject.For example, if you want o to learn more about the history of your country, you might consider consulting a historian.
    There are cases in which you will just need to interview one person, while in some cases multiple people.
  2. Do Your Research On The Subject
    If you want to write the best interview essay, you need to have done some background research before you finally interview the respondent.Try to find out more on the subject and some important issues, you should ask the interviewee. Also, try to read as many sources as possible based on the readily available subject.
    You can also check on the media to see if other interviews had been carried out before.
  3. Arrange Your Questions And Structure Them
    You can now arrange the questions in a good format. Some may be open-ended, while some can be close-ended. An open question can help provide some information that will be crucial to ask another question from it.In addition, draft the list of questions so that you can choose which ones you will use for the interview. Make sure you highlight the most important questions that need to be answered.
  4. Arrange The Interview
    Find a conducive environment to conduct the interviews. If you decide to record the answers or take photos, ensure the interviewees know that. The interviewee must give their consent before giving you any answers.After you are done, conduct the interview. Remember to take notes so that you can use them when writing your interview essay. Just ensure all the details are written well for the benefit of your essay readers. Once you are done, you can now write an essay from the interview.

How To Write An Essay From An Interview

Now that you have collected all the data from the interviewee, you can now consider writing the interview essay.

  • Determine The Essay Format
    What essay format will you use? For this, you can also consider talking to your instructor or professor to clarify how they expect it to be. The different interview essay formats include:

    • Informal format: You can use the first and second person. This can fit a wide variety of essays like magazine articles, college assignments, and much more.
    • Narrative interview essay: These are some of the most common types of college assignments. Some answers may be paraphrased and allow you to provide some crucial background information.
    • Question–answer types of essays: This type of essay only consists of direct quotes. It looks like a list of questions and answers in the form of a dialogue.However, you can add some comments in parentheses. Moreover, this format only includes one interviewee or a group of closely related people.
  • Write An Outline
    Your outline may vary based on the essay type. However, it may include an introduction that describes your subject and the purpose of the interview. While on these, try to listen to your recording and read your notes.

    You need to consider what you marked as important and see as worthy to include in your essay. Your outline is a big basis for your introduction. This will determine whether your readers will read more of what the essay is about or not.

  • Formulate Your Thesis Statement
    The thesis statement may be a concise summary of the interviewee’s background, qualifications, and achievements. The thesis statement should summarize your finding in one statement.

    No matter your essay format, remember that your statement must be clear and coherent. All the other parts of the essay need to refer to the thesis statement.

  • Complete Your Essay
    The body of the essay must be tied to the thesis statement and cover the interview in detail. When doing the interviews, you will find some repetitive phrases. You will need to shorten that and remove all unnecessary elements.

    The information should correspond to the idea of your essay and focus on the subject. Additionally, you can find many useful materials on the interview essays on the internet. Use the data collected from the essay and also try to get some information from the internet.

    Also, while on this, try to be as accurate as possible. Don’t write things without any basis.

  • Proofread Your Writing
    Once you have completed your essay, you can consider proofreading and revising your essay to ensure the output is great. Read the article a couple of times to ensure that all that is written is correct.

    Also, if you are not sure of a point that you write you can consider, going back to your notes to verify. Moreover, remember to specify your sources. Just write a short brief about where you got the information and that will be enough.

How To Write An Interview Essay In APA Format

Are you thinking of writing your interview essay in APA format? This is an interview essay structure that you can use for your essay.

It follows the normal interview essay structure.

  1. Set up The Document: First, you will need to set up your document to conform to APA standards. The format needs to be double-spacing, Times New Roman 12, and the layout or page setup. You can also choose to insert the page numbers, and have a unique first page.
  2. Create The Title Page: All the contents of the title page need to be center-aligned. You need to write important information about your name, name of your school, course name, name of the instructor, and the due date. You can also add some additional information if need be.
  3. Body: Write the main body of the essay. This should cover the main findings. Also, remember to explain the purpose of the interview. Try to explain as much as possible, as this is the main part of the essay and if you aren’t careful then you won’t provide an informative work.
  4. Introduce Your Source: Also, remember to introduce the people you interviewed and the format that you used in interviewing them. Let’s say through the phone, email, or video chat. Moreover, you can have a question and answer kind of format based on what the interviewee answered. For example, you can have the interviewees’ names, personal communication, and the state of the interview. Also, use the right punctuation.
  5. Write Your Conclusion And Abstract: The conclusion should be brief, like one or two paragraphs. It should address how points are given by the interviewees. Also, remember to write the points that have utmost validity. Also, write an abstract. It is a summary of about 250 words that discusses the subject thesis, purpose of the interview, interviewees, and the potential implications of your findings.
  6. Write A Reference Page: Remember to have a reference page that shows the different sources that you got your information from. Remember to arrange them in an alphabetical format.

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