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Position Paper: Your Definitive Guide

position paper

Have you just got a new assignment from your professor? If it’s a position paper, you don’t have to worry too much. We know that most students are a bit reluctant to start working on this type of essay. However, the truth is that writing this kind of paper is not at all difficult.

You just need to understand exactly what a position paper is, what the best format for this paper is, and how to choose a good topic. We’ll help you even more by providing a quick guide on how to write a position paper. Some tips are included at the end of this blog post to make matters even more clear.

What Is A Position Essay? Let’s Find Out!

So, let’s start with the beginning. What is a position paper? The simple definition is this:

A position paper is an essay where you present your opinion on an arguable topic. You can, of course, present someone else’s opinion. Bottom line, writing a position paper means picking a side and then supporting it with hard facts and evidence.

Remember, whatever you do, don’t sound biased. Everything you say to defend your position needs to be supported by authoritative references. Also, when writing a position paper, don’t be afraid to present the other side of the argument. Acknowledge the strong points of the opposing argument and then make it clear why your position is better.

Take A Look At The Best Position Paper Examples

If you’ve read a position paper sample, you already know what the best format for such a paper is. In fact, we encourage you to read a couple of position paper examples. Here is why:

  • You immediately see how your essay should look like.
  • You get a chance to analyze how other authors supported their statements.
  • You familiarize yourself with this writing assignment.
  • You can easily replicate the example and create an original essay.

But what is the best position paper format? The answer is pretty simple, actually: the five-paragraph essay structure which is usually the basis of a position essay outline. This position paper template is very easy to implement. And yes, it even works for a MUN position paper (also known as a Model UN position paper). The basic structure looks like this:

  • Introduction (present the topic and both sides of it).
  • Body paragraph 1 (discuss the first supporting argument).
  • Body paragraph 2 (discuss the second supporting argument)
  • Body paragraph 3 (discuss the third supporting argument).
  • Conclusion (wrap everything up and state why your position is the best)

Choosing Good Position Paper Topics

Assuming you’ve already read at least one position paper example, let’s talk about the topics. The reality is that choosing position paper topics is very important. Your grade depends on it. Think about it this way: your professor wants to see something new and unique. That is why you want to find a topic that is both fresh and interesting. Make sure the topic is not too simple, or you may get penalized. Also, overly complex topics should be avoided because they will consume a lot of your time. Here are some good position paper topic ideas you can use right now:

  1. Paper resumes versus electronic resumes.
  2. The truth about racial discrimination in the workplace.
  3. Is birth control really effective?
  4. Torture should be prohibited during the war.
  5. How secure is border security?
  6. Sex offenders should be chemically castrated.
  7. The US lost the Vietnam War.
  8. We must abolish the death penalty in the United States.
  9. Introducing anti-smoking ads on TV.
  10. Medical marijuana should be legal in all states.
  11. Is cheerleading actually a sport?
  12. Video gaming is good for your health.
  13. The schooling system in the US needs to be reformed.
  14. Social media is damaging our social life.
  15. Should we continue our research into cloning?
  16. Climate change is caused only by humans.
  17. Our society is overly dependent on computers
  18. Health care should be free for everyone.
  19. We need greater gun control, and we need it now!
  20. Religion is the cause of most wars.

Fun Position Paper Topics

Do you want to write on ideas that will motivate you? Here are great position paper topics that will help you state your stance on a given subject while smiling:

  1. Mandatory wearing of face masks
  2. The lifting of COVID-19 protocols
  3. We cannot achieve social distancing in this era
  4. Economic recession is the aftermath of coronavirus
  5. The media has contributed to information overload on COVID-19
  6. Vaccines have not been effective enough
  7. The world did not prepare for the coronavirus adequately
  8. Not all pandemics can sweep the whole world
  9. Vaccination has helped in preventing the spread
  10. Conspiracy theories clouded people’s judgments on COVID-19
  11. There was a need for creating more public awareness on the preventive measures
  12. Preventing COVID was majorly dependent on the people’s cooperation
  13. Everyone might have been a victim of the virus in one way or the other
  14. Vaccines are not the sole reason for the return to normalcy
  15. People are now used to masking in public places
  16. The virus is here to stay for a while
  17. Africans experienced mild effects of the virus than Europeans
  18. Another wave of the virus is possible
  19. Social distancing separated families and broke relationships

Interesting Position Paper Ideas For High School

Gathering authentic and captivating ideas is not an easy affair. If you are a senior school student, these great position paper topics will help you impress your tutor to the core:

  1. Smoking adverts should not appear on TV at all
  2. Abortion should she a criminal offense
  3. There is nothing like medical marijuana
  4. High school students should not engage in relationships
  5. Exam cheating is not going away anytime soon
  6. Students’ attitudes affect their understanding of particular units
  7. The cost of education is exaggerated
  8. The 21st century calls for a competency-based curriculum
  9. Not all poor performers are lazy
  10. Online writing sites are helping students more than remedial classes
  11. Expulsion should not be an option in high school
  12. Juvenile courts are not necessary
  13. Parents are to blame for ill behavior among their children
  14. Online surveillance of high school students is necessary
  15. Corporal punishment does not root out unruly behavior
  16. Television and gaming are enemies of excellent performance in school
  17. High school students should not have phones in school
  18. Long holidays are making students lazy
  19. Remedial classes are not necessary for day scholars

Best Position Essay Topics in 2022

You need to state your position without leaving room for doubts. These position paper topics will give you an upper hand over your classmates in your next assignment without a doubt:

  1. The rich will always have their way when it comes to justice
  2. Every college student should take up a part-time job
  3. The internet is a recipe for laziness and lack of creativity among students
  4. Lifestyles are the major causes of the high mortality rates
  5. The soldiers are not the actual enemies in a war
  6. Government surveillance is not an invasion of personal privacy
  7. Border walls are not the solution to immigration and trafficking
  8. Every family should apply for a health insurance cover
  9. Reality TV shows should have strict regulations
  10. Video gaming is bad for teenagers at large
  11. Exams in schools only serve to stress students
  12. Children should have freedom during holidays
  13. Strict parenting does not guarantee morally upright children
  14. Television is the chief cause of child obesity
  15. Governments should regulate social media in the wake of information overload
  16. Male candidates in an election always stand a better chance than their female counterparts
  17. All music should be available for free on the internet
  18. The elderly should not be in-home care once they get to a certain age
  19. Students understand concepts well in physical learning, unlike virtual sessions

Quick Guide On How To Write A Position Paper

Now that you know how to write a position paper (including a how to write a position paper MUN), it’s time to learn how to write a well-researched position paper. Here is our simple guide:

  • First, read a good example of a position paper. You can find one on various websites or simply request one from our expert academic writers.
  • Create a position paper outline. That means you need to pick a side of the argument and come up with the best three ideas that support your position. Research the topic when writing the outline.
  • Write an exceptional thesis statement and then include it in your introduction. But where is the thesis statement located in a position paper? Near the top of the intro in most cases, to make it clear what your position is.
  • Write the intro, presenting the topic and the two sides of the argument. Provide a bit of background about the topic and tell your readers why you support a specific side.
  • Write the three body paragraphs. Remember, each paragraph needs to discuss a single idea that supports your position. The argument should not stray from the topic.
  • Write a conclusion. That is basically the part where you sum everything up, remind your audience about your thesis statement, reiterate your arguments, and then show why the audience should take your position.

Easy Tips For Writing A Position Paper

As you can see, writing a position paper is not difficult. Here are some tips from essay writing websites on how to write a good position paper:

  1. You must learn how to start a position paper. The intro is an extremely important part of the essay.
  2. You must learn how to write a position paper format APA (this style is widely used for this type of assignments).
  3. Try to come up with the most interesting position paper ideas. Your arguments must impress. They must be something your readers didn’t think of before. And remember to ensure that each argument is supported by references (these are listed at the end of the essay in the bibliography section – very important).
  4. Our last tip for you is this: if you need any help, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a seasoned academic writer.

Position Paper Example

Always important to get yourself acquainted with a high quality example. Take a look at this position paper sample to get more informed:

Donald Trump has a few supporters and many opponents. When it comes to the idea of impeachment, however, the public is divided. However, there is a measly 1% more who do not want to impeach than those who support impeachment: “A Public Policy Polling survey released October 31 found 49 percent of voters supported impeaching Trump—a record level—versus 41 percent opposed to doing so” (Katz). Therefore, if the trend continues, and more people are recognizing the immoral and unethical conduct of our president, it is likely that Trump could be impeached. This essay argues that Trump most certainly should be impeached because he has violated just about every presidential duty that he has. Al Green states in a recent interview regarding his agenda to review articles of impeachment and push for Donald Trump’s impeachment by Christmas that the president is not above the law (Katz).

One of the main reasons that Trump should be impeached is that he is failing to remain unbiased by following the clause that Alexander Hamilton created: “As President, federal and state subsidies and tax breaks violate the Domestic Emoluments Clause” (Legal Advisory Board). This is the clause which prohibits a president from owning a business that adds to the subsidy that he receives as president (Legal Advisory Board). Because of these businesses he receives illegal tax breaks, grants and subsidies (Legal Advisory Board). Considering the argument put forth from Al Green, the President is not above the law. He is literally cashing in on the presidential office.

Tom Steyer, a Californian Democrat, has recently funded a campaign for impeachment. Apparently, the campaign has been well-received: “1.5 million people have signed Steyer’s online petition supporting impeachment” (Willon). Steyer challenges people to petition for impeachment and exercise their power against the abuse of power that Donald Trump exhibits (Willon). The reason that Steyer wants to pursue this impeachment is because he sees how Trump’s immoral behavior has ruined society and created conflicts internationally. Trump is a liability to our county’s safety because of the immoral business dealings that he has in all parts of the world. However, another scary part of Donald Trump is that no one really knows the extent of his finagling in foreign countries. Steyer argues that it is necessary to impeach Trump in order to secure democracy (Willon). Steyer has even said that he would run for president if it would help get Trump out (Willon). Although Steyer himself is an unpopular candidate, compared to other democrats, his campaign has generated a lot of support to impeach Trump (Willon).

Trump is not transparent with his records. This means that he is hiding something. A president is supposed to be a model for the rest of society, however, if anyone else behaved as Donald Trump does, that person would be in jail. This goes back to Al Green’s argument that Donald Trump is being treated as though the is above the law (Katz). The fact is that Trump is violating many laws, in the public’s eye, and no one is calling him out for it. Al Green also states that the question is not whether the president can abuse power, but if he can do so with impunity (Katz). One of the other fundamental violations is that Trump is not performing as President: “He inhabits a closed world…rarely venturing beyond the White House and Mar-a-Lago, he measures his fortunes through reports from friends, staff, and a feast of television coverage of himself” (Osnos). For the above reasons, Donald Trump should be impeached. It is ludicrous to have a president that misrepresents the most important office in the country.

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