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How to Write an Essay in an Hour? Helpful Tips and Hints

how to write an essay in an hour

Many students want to know how to write an essay fast because they don’t have enough time for this assignment. A student might like to learn how to write a short or a long essay more quickly for varied reasons. Perhaps, you’ve postponed an essay writing assignment until the last minute. Maybe you’ve realized that you have a research paper due in the next few hours. Unfortunately, you’ve no clue about where to start working on your assignment.

Well, this shouldn’t make you panic and end up submitting a poorly done paper. In this article, you understand how to write a paper quickly without compromising on quality. Ideally, this is a step-by-step guide for writing an essay faster. Although scoring the top grades depend on your research and writing skills, you can produce a quality paper at the last minute by following the tips in this article.

How to Write Essays Faster in Eight Simple Steps

This section of the article highlights the steps you can follow to write a long or short essay faster. Ideally, you can try several tricks and tips to write an essay in an hour. However, the trickiest thing is ensuring that you don’t compromise on the quality of your paper. Follow these steps to write a fast essay that will earn you the top grade.

Step One: Manage Your Time

Maybe you want to know how to write an essay quickly because you procrastinate when handling writing assignments. Perhaps you’ve panicked about realizing that your paper is due in a few hours. The first step of the process of writing an essay fast is planning the available time.

Ideally, don’t start writing without planning the available time. Although you may have brilliant ideas in your mind, think about the best way to spend the available time. Failure to plan can waste time in simple tasks like editing your essay due to unnecessary mistakes. Therefore, take your time to plan how you will spend the available duration for writing your paper.

Step Two: Understand the Question

Even if the educator asked you to write a one page essay, understand the question before researching and writing. While this might seem obvious, take a look at the essay prompt or question and ask yourself what the educator wants you to write.

Since you’re rushing to finish the essay, you can glance at the prompt hurriedly and get only the gist of it before you start writing. Unfortunately, you might realize that you didn’t understand what the teacher wanted you to write. Therefore, take your time to understand the essay prompt to avoid costly mistakes later.

Step Three: Outline Your Essay

After understanding the essay prompt and what the educator wants you to write about, develop an outline for your essay. Perhaps, you can ask yourself, how long is an essay I can write within the available time? Your answer should help you determine the amount of information you can include in every section of your paper.

Even if you have one hour or less to write an essay, develop an outline because it can save you time. Ideally, a format should map out the structure of your paper. Thus, it can help you build an essay with sentences whose paragraphs reflect a logical connection.

Here’s an overview of an essay outline:

  • Introduction: Knowing how to start off a essay makes writing the opening easier. Start your paper with something that grabs the readers’ attention. For instance, you can use statistics, a question, or a quote to capture the audiences’ attention.
  • Body paragraphs: The paragraphs you include in the body section will depend on your paper’s length. However, this section should feature your main points with supporting thoughts, explanations, and examples.
  • Conclusion: This section should feature your thesis restatement, a summary, and closure.

You can make bullet points or short notes for each part of the essay when drafting an outline. Also, ensure adequate data or examples to back up your thesis statement in every section.

Step Four: Write Your Thesis Statement

Once you have a short essay format or outline, create a thesis statement. Writing a thesis statement requires more time because you have to think about the information you will include in the other sections. This statement should be one or two sentences telling the readers about your essay topic. It can also provide hints to the ideas you will discuss and support in the paper. Therefore, your thesis statement and text or content of the essay shouldn’t oppose each other.

Step Five: Research Extensively

If you already have an essay topic, focus on researching it extensively. Gather as much relevant information as you can before you start writing the essay. If you take the time to investigate your topic, you will manage the available essay writing duration better. What’s more, you will write the essay faster because you’ll have all the necessary information in your mind.

The best way to research an essay topic faster is to avoid distractions. Therefore, switch off the phone, TV and close other web pages if using the internet. You can switch off the music if it interferes with your ability to focus. Also, avoid chatting with friends when researching your topic. Set a perfect atmosphere for studying before you start writing your essay.

While researching, take notes to remind you about the primary points. Also, note the sources of your information to save time during the reference writing stage.

Step Six: Create Topic Statements

After creating a thesis statement and researching your topic, develop topic statements based on your thesis. These statements should help you build paragraphs and sentences in your paper. For instance, if your essay is about global warming, topics like causes and addressing the menace can be topic statements.

Step Seven: Write Your Essay Fast

If you follow the above steps, writing an essay fast will be a simple process. Follow the outline to include all the information you gathered from research when writing different sections of your paper. If you know how to write a 20-page paper in one night, this task can take less than 20 minutes, especially when writing a short essay. Use information, facts, statistics, and examples from different sources to write the paper.

Use this scheme to write each body paragraph:

  • Start every sentence with a topic sentence defining it and helping readers to understand what to expect.
  • Explain your topic sentence.
  • Provide at least one example
  • Explain your examples
  • Use transitions to move to the next paragraph

To ensure that each paragraph shines, follow these practical but straightforward rules:

  • Use simple and clear language
  • Create a compelling and catch introduction
  • Focus on facts when writing the body paragraphs
  • Please pay attention to the conclusion by ensuring that it summarizes the entire essay

Learners have several ways to end an essay. However, the conclusion should be concise, brief, and filled with all facts, plus a restatement of your thesis statement. Perhaps, you can start by writing the middle of the essay before moving to the introduction and eventually the conclusion. That way, you will know what’s in the paper, its logical flow and avoid missing any vital information.

Step Eight: Revise and Edit Your Essay

Proofreading and editing an essay before submission is a vital step you shouldn’t skip. Even if you know how to make an essay within an hour, you can ruin your grade if you don’t proofread your paper before submission. Therefore, check your work thoroughly to remove grammatical, punctuation, typo, spelling, and factual errors. Ideally, edit your essay according to your learning institution’s standards.

Here’s what you should do while editing your essay:

  1. Read the entire text, including headings and your title page
  2. Use grammar-checking software to fix all errors in your paper
  3. Ensure that your writing follows all your professor or teacher’s guidelines

If unable to proofread or edit your paper, consider hiring the best editing service online. Several writing companies offer academic writing help online. Thus, you can have an easy time finding professionals to edit your paper online.

How Long Does It Take to Write an Essay?

The duration you will take to write an essay depends on its length. Nevertheless, writing a brilliant paper requires time. That’s because you need adequate time to brainstorm for ideas, research your topic, create an outline, write the first draft, and then edit to perfect your work. Also, take time to cite your sources correctly.

Perhaps, you know how to start off an informative essay but have difficulties writing the body and the conclusion. Some learners are also poor with research. Unfortunately, a good piece should have sufficient, relevant information. Managing information overload is also a challenge for some students.

Nevertheless, knowing the duration, you can take when writing an essay is essential because it enables you to manage the little time you have to write your paper. However, there’s no fixed time for writing an essay.

For instance, a student who knows how to write an 8-page paper in 3 hours can complete a 5-page essay relatively short. Factors like subject complexity and your writing skills determine the duration a student takes to write an essay. How organized you’re and your research methods will also influence the time your essay will take.

To ensure your safety when writing an essay, focus on saving time. Also, determine how long you take to write an essay. Your answers can help you allocate adequate time for your paper.

  • How much research does the paper need?
  • Does the topic has readily available research resources?
  • Does the essay need citations, or do I have to share my thoughts and opinions?
  • Do I know anything about my essay topic?
  • Do I have work, social obligations, and family that need my attention?
  • Do I struggle with research and writing, or is it something natural for me?

In addition to answering these questions, take time to plan your writing process. Decide the duration you will take in each of the eight steps listed above. That way, you can focus on maximizing your time in every step of the writing process.

Tips on How to Write a 5 Page Essay Fast

You can easily take on a more extensive assignment when you know how to write a one-page essay or even a 5-page paper. However, you need tips to help you submit a winning piece whenever you want to complete this assignment faster. Follow these simple but valuable tips.

  • Ask rhetorical questions: After receiving your essay prompt, ask rhetorical questions to help you understand what the educator wants you to write. That way, you can have an easier time creating a thesis statement for your paper. You can also determine the content that the reader wants to find in your essay.
  • List your sources when researching your topic: Note down your sources during the research process to make drafting your essay reference easier. That way, you can quickly revisit them if you need more information.
  • Use examples: Perhaps, you found this article after searching for a phrase like “how do you write an essay?” That means you might not know what the essay writing process entails. In that case, look for a good essay sample. Luckily, the internet has many sources with relevant essay samples.
  • Ensure consistency in your paper: Your essay should reflect a logical flow from the beginning to the end. Ideally, your introduction should reflect a connection with the conclusion. Also, ensure that all the information in your essay supports your thesis statement.

With all these pieces of advice, writing an essay fast should be relatively more straightforward. However, you might not be confident in your ability to write a high-quality, informative paper within a short deadline. In that case, seek professional help from online experts.

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