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182 Brand New Crime Essay Topics: Ultimate List

crime essay topics

Are you looking for the best possible crime essay topics? Well, you have arrived at just the right place. If you want to write the best and most interesting criminal justice essay, you will find that our topics are your absolute best choice.

Why? Because each and every one of them has been created by one of our experienced law professionals and ENL writers. These people have been writing academic papers for high school and college students for years, so they know what they’re doing. In addition to being interesting, our criminal justice topics are also unique. This means that your paper will not be the same as any of your classmates’ papers.

Writing an Essay on Criminal Law

As you probably already know, writing an essay on criminal law means much more than finding the best topic. Even though the topic is important and can get you some bonus points, the criminal law essay outline you use for your paper is equally as important. To keep things simple and write the paper as fast as possible, we recommend students to use the 5 paragraph essay structure. Here is what you need to do to use this outline:

  • Write the introduction. This should be a paragraph that contains your thesis statement at the top. Make sure you come up with a captivating thesis statement. The rest of the introduction should provide background information about the topic.
  • Write the first body paragraph. This paragraph should discuss an important idea (yes, just one idea). It’s usually best to start the paragraph by stating the idea and then using the rest of the paragraph to discuss or support it.
  • Write a second body paragraph. You will discuss the next most important idea. Use the same approach you’ve used in the first paragraph.
  • Write a third body paragraph. Again, discuss an important idea or statement.
  • Write several other body paragraphs (optional). You can write as many paragraphs as are necessary to adequately support your thesis statement.
  • Write a conclusion. This is the ending of your academic paper, so you should use it to summarize everything and show your readers that your research and findings support your thesis. If necessary, you can end the conclusion with a call to action.

Now that you know how to quickly structure your paper and create an outline for it (which we encourage you to do for each and every research paper you need to write), it’s time to pick one of our best crime essay topics:

Interesting Criminal Justice Research Questions

We will start our list with the most interesting criminal justice research questions. These questions should help you come up with a great topic for your next paper:

  1. Can you find a link between age and crime?
  2. Is crime a serious problem in your area?
  3. What makes people commit crimes?
  4. What is cyber crime?
  5. What are some ethical topics in the criminal justice system?
  6. Are police officers a reason for concern?
  7. What is the effect of Covid-19 on crime?
  8. How does mental illness influence crime?
  9. What is the effect of gun laws on crime?
  10. Does the police do a good job in your area?
  11. Is our criminal justice system working correctly?

Criminal Law Research Topics

Interested in writing something related to criminal law? Our experts have put together a list of interesting criminal law research topics for students:

  1. Difference between felonies and misdemeanors
  2. What are inchoate offenses?
  3. Discuss strict liability offenses in the US
  4. Talk about capital punishment in China
  5. Criminal justice ethics issues

Hate Crime Ideas

There are many types of hate crimes and writing about them is definitely a great way to get a top grade. Check out these original hate crime ideas:

  1. What is a hate crime?
  2. What constitutes a hate crime in the US?
  3. Effects of hate crime on vulnerable groups
  4. The UK definition of hate crime
  5. Talk about the concept of “bias incidents”
  6. Is verbal abuse a hate crime?
  7. Talk about damage to property as a hate crime
  8. Violence against Asian people in the United States
  9. European countries with no hate crime legislation
  10. Discuss the support for hate crimes
  11. The effects of hate crimes on the community

A List of Basic Criminal Justice Topics

If you want a criminal justice topic that is a bit easier to write about, you will be thrilled to learn that we have a list of basic criminal justice topics:

  1. Preventing wrongful convictions in 2022
  2. Talk about loitering laws as oppressive instruments
  3. Advances in forensic technology in 2022
  4. Talk about crime prevention programs in Eastern Europe
  5. The effects of street lighting on violent crimes
  6. COVID19 effects on hate crimes
  7. Is harassment a hate crime?
  8. What is the punishment for hate crimes in the UK?
  9. Talk about anti-trans hate crime in the US

Topics About White Collar Crime

We know, writing about white collar crime is not as easy as writing about other types of crime. However, these topics about white collar crime are relatively simple:

  1. Wage theft in the Philippines
  2. What is labor racketeering?
  3. Talk about money laundering in international companies
  4. Huge Ponzi schemes of the 21st century
  5. Insider trading and its effect on the stock market

Difficult Criminal Law Topics

Do you want to write a research paper on something more difficult? Here are some of our most difficult criminal law topics:

  1. Federal crimes that are difficult to prove
  2. The use of digital evidence in difficult criminal cases
  3. Talk about abandonment defense in a criminal case
  4. Problems with involuntary confessions
  5. An in-depth analysis of the Miranda Rights
  6. Does gender influence crime?
  7. Do you support the chemical castration of pedophiles?
  8. What can we do to curb crime?

Cyber Crime Ideas

Take a look at our list of original cyber crime ideas and pick the one you think would make your professor award you some bonus points:

  1. Talk about email fraud in 2022
  2. The dangers of online shopping
  3. Ransomware attacks on hospitals in 2022
  4. Talk about the theft of corporate data
  5. What is cyberextortion?
  6. The rise of phishing scams in 2022
  7. IoT hacking methods
  8. What is a social engineering attack?
  9. An in-depth analysis of child pornography in the US
  10. Drug trafficking on the Internet (the Silk Road marketplace case)
  11. The use of modern botnets
  12. The dangers of cyberstalking

Criminal Justice Research Topics for College Students

If you are a college student who wants an advanced topic to write about, check out these criminal justice research topics for college students:

  1. Are all crimes equal in the eyes of the law?
  2. Discuss the war on drugs
  3. An in-depth look at the link between drugs and crime
  4. Talk about war crimes in the Gaza strip
  5. Research the use of legal drugs
  6. What is website spoofing?
  7. Are DDoS attacks cyber crime acts?
  8. Theft of card payment data
  9. Identity theft on the Internet

Controversial Criminal Justice Topics

Why would you be afraid of writing about controversial law topics? You can get a top grade for doing it, so here are some excellent controversial criminal justice topics for you:

  1. Discuss the capital punishment
  2. The purpose of incarceration
  3. Is a life sentence the right punishment?
  4. Talk about gender bias in the US criminal justice system
  5. African Americans in the criminal justice system

Crime And Media

Writing about crime and media can be a very fun way to spend a weekend. You can find most information online about any of our crime and media ideas:

  1. Discuss the coverage of crimes in US mass media
  2. Choosing specific crimes for coverage in the UK
  3. Discuss the impact of media on high profile cases
  4. What types of crimes for the media focus on?
  5. Mass media causing criminal behavior
  6. Mistrials caused by mass media in the United States
  7. Talk about the concept of moral panics
  8. The fear of crime caused by mass media
  9. Future directions of crime in the media in 2022
  10. Which crimes are newsworthy?

Argumentative Criminal Justice Topics

Are you looking for some ideas for your next argumentative research paper? We have some of the best argumentative criminal justice topics right here:

  1. The importance of drug testing in schools
  2. The importance of strict gun control legislation
  3. The need to defund private prisons in the United States
  4. The effect of monetary fines on crime rates
  5. Discuss the maximum jail sentence for people under 18
  6. Crime on social media in 2022
  7. Shaping peoples’ perception on crime

Policing and Criminal Justice Topics to Write About

If you are interested in discussing policing tactics in relation to criminal justice, check out these awesome policing and criminal justice topics to write about:

  1. Talk about the active shooter policies in the US
  2. The concepts of responsible policing
  3. Police abuses during the Covid-19 pandemic
  4. Police brutality cases in the United States
  5. Talk about the defund the police initiative

Organized Crime

Don’t worry, writing an essay about organized crime will not get your on the Mafia’s hit list. It can get you some bonus points from your professor though. Check out these ideas:

  1. Talk about organized crime’s penetration of state institutions
  2. Organized crime in Sicily, Italy
  3. Talk about organized crime in Afghanistan
  4. The history of organized crime in the UK
  5. The drug trafficking trade
  6. The history of organized crime in Mexico
  7. Threats to national security
  8. The history of organized crime in the United States
  9. North Korea money laundering operations
  10. The role of Interpol in Europe
  11. Talk about organized crime in India
  12. An in-depth analysis of organized crime in Iran

Topics in Criminal Justice for High School

If you are looking for the best topics in criminal justice for high school, you have arrived at the right place:

  1. Can prisoners sue their prison?
  2. Discuss freedom of speech in the US
  3. What is a plea bargain?
  4. Discuss slander lawsuits
  5. Leniency towards white-collar crime
  6. What countries have a crime problem in 2022?
  7. Why is drug crime so serious?
  8. Do you agree with the death penalty?

Unique Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

The good news is that we have some very interesting and unique criminal justice research paper topics for you right here:

  1. The National Prohibition Act of 1920
  2. Legalizing marijuana in the UK
  3. Discuss the Boston Massacre Trial
  4. A closer look at Nat Turner’s Trial
  5. The Zodiac Killings case

Weird and Strange Crime Topics For Essays

If you want to pique the interest of your professor and maybe even win a few bonus points, you could pick one of these weird and strange crime topics for essays:

  1. Discuss the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  2. An in-depth look at the Lindbergh baby kidnapping
  3. The rise in sand theft crimes
  4. Stealing Komodo Dragons from Komodo Island
  5. The serial cat shaver incident of 2016
  6. French wine terrorist incidents
  7. Bridge thefts in the Czech Republic
  8. The theft of ice from Chile glaciers
  9. The number place blockers of Iran

International Crime Topics for Essays

Are you looking for some of the best international crime topics for essays? Check out these wonderful ideas:

  1. The Italian Cosa Nostra
  2. Discuss the right to an attorney in 3 different countries
  3. Analyze discovery in criminal cases
  4. Talk about solicitation to commit a crime

Top Criminal Justice Essay Topics

Take a look at our top criminal justice essay topics and pick the one you like the most right now for free:

  1. Bridge thefts in the United Kingdom
  2. Discuss the renowned Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre
  3. Capital punishment in Iran
  4. Major defense attorney mistakes in the US
  5. Talk about the latest forensics technology
  6. Abuse of power in criminal justice

Criminal Justice Debate Topics

Need to write a debate about something related to criminal justice? Take a look at these exceptional criminal justice debate topics:

  1. Is the criminal justice system broken?
  2. Police brutality and criminal justice
  3. The goals of sentencing
  4. Wrongful convictions in the US
  5. Human trafficking in 2022
  6. The drug trade industry of Syria
  7. Armed robbery as part of organized crime
  8. Counterfeiting operations in South America

The Best Criminal Justice Paper Topics for Undergrads

Check out our brand new list of the best criminal justice paper topics for undergrads right here:

  1. Pros and cons of the death penalty
  2. Life imprisonment for the third strike
  3. Repeat sex offenders
  4. Discuss the insanity defense

Persuasive Crime Topics for Essays

If you need to write a persuasive essay, we have some original persuasive crime topics for essays right here:

  1. Allowing guns on campus
  2. Legalizing marijuana in Andorra
  3. Preventing drunk driving
  4. Raising the voting age
  5. Banning the death penalty

Awesome Criminal Law Topics for Research Paper

We have some pretty awesome criminal law topics for research paper right here for you:

  1. Discuss the Murder of Muriel Drinkwater case
  2. A closer look at the murder of Lord William Russell case
  3. Discuss the Mary Ann Cotton murders
  4. Legalizing marijuana in the UK
  5. Famous Donald Trump lawsuits

Simple Criminal Law Essay Topics

In case you don’t want to choose a difficult topic, simply choose one of these simple criminal law essay topics:

  1. Gun control legislation in the EU
  2. Inequality in criminal justice
  3. GMO legislation in Eastern Europe
  4. Gender bias in criminal justice
  5. Discuss the judicial code of ethics in your country
  6. The link between lack of education and crime
  7. Aiding and abetting
  8. What is grand theft auto?

Quick Criminal Law Essay Topics

If you want something a bit easier to write about, why don’t you pick an idea from our list of quick criminal law essay topics:

  1. Discuss drug manufacturing in the US
  2. Crime in different neighborhoods of NYC
  3. Punishments for drunken driving
  4. Common traffic offenses in the UK
  5. What is criminal conspiracy?
  6. Violent crimes in Japan
  7. Difference between federal and state crimes
  8. Discuss gender and crime
  9. An in-depth look at crimes against property
  10. What is felony murder?
  11. Discuss violent crime in India

Can’t Somebody Just Write my essay?

But why can’t somebody just write my essay for me? Well, the good news is that now you can get help from our legal professionals. Our writing service can help you with much more than lists of criminal justice essay topics and research topics in criminal justice. We can help you write your paper in no time, no matter the class you need help for.

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