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50 Best Social Media Essay Topics To Ace Your Grades

Social Media Essay Topics

What is social media essay? A lot of controversies surround the definition of this ‘simple’ yet so complex topic. However, most people agree that it is a paper written dealing with the pros, cons, technology, connectivity, and trends of social media.

Social Media Essay Types

With the growth of the internet infrastructure, the world has become a global village. In a social media essay, the professors and lecturers thus examine the student’s understanding of this subject. There are different social media sites, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn among many others

A social media essay can be in the form of the following styles:

  • Argumentative social media essay
  • Persuasive essay about social media
  • Speech
  • Personal reflection

The techniques above make it possible for students to come up with numerous ideas for their social media essay. Are you wondering how you can write these topics? Read on to learn from our list of top 50 social media essay topics.

Basic Outline of a Social Media Essay

The secret to writing any top-notch essay is the mastery of its structure. Having the correct structure for your social media essay will make your professor award you tip-top grades. A standard social media paper should, therefore, follow the following outline:

  1. A catchy social media essay introduction
  2. Using either the 3 or 5 paragraph essay structure in the body
  3. A remarkable conclusion with a call to action or suggestion where possible

To catch the attention of your audience, always ensure that your introduction is creative and original. If a reader starts reading your essay and realizes that they have seen the same words elsewhere, then he/she will automatically lose interest.

Brainstorm for an exciting and relevant thesis statement that will form the basis of your argument in the body. The topic sentences will have their origin from this very crucial part of your essay. Give your readers a memorable and thrilling reading experience!

Now, let’s get down to the all-new social media topics list.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Does social media infringe on people’s privacy?
  2. Should people use their real names of Facebook?
  3. Is social media right for young people?
  4. Does social media affect student’s grades?
  5. Do identity thieves have a place on social media?
  6. Do social media lessen personal interaction?
  7. Should there be specific information to share on Facebook?
  8. Are Facebook and Instagram addictive?
  9. Has social media helped in learning?
  10. Is it true that Twitter is more professional than Facebook?

Persuasive Topics For Essays on Social Media

  1. The cons of using Facebook
  2. Positive impacts of social media
  3. The rate of social media penetration in society
  4. The causes and effects of social media
  5. Social media is an idol for many people
  6. Businesses thrive well in social media than the physical environment
  7. Social media is a major cause of relationship breakups
  8. The society has become more apart as a result of social media
  9. Social media is a good learning platform
  10. Students should not use Facebook

Top-notch Satirical Essay Topics About Social Media

  1. Does Facebook have a face?
  2. Why does Twitter use a bird for its icon?
  3. How instant is Instagram?
  4. Why you should block your parents on Facebook
  5. How to unfriend your ex-girlfriend on Facebook
  6. Social media addicts are obese
  7. Which is uglier: Your face or Facebook?
  8. Why we should do away with the bird on Twitter
  9. Do birds love Twitter?
  10. How to stalk people on social media

Personal Reflective Topics For Social Media Essays

  1. My first time on Twitter
  2. My worst conversation on Facebook
  3. The most heated confrontation on social media
  4. When I made my first Facebook friend
  5. A moment when I was embarrassed on Facebook
  6. My favourite tab on Twitter
  7. A trending topic I remember on Twitter
  8. My best social media site
  9. An amusing picture on Instagram
  10. My first live video on Facebook

General Social Media Titles for Essays

  1. Why I’m not too fond of Instagram
  2. History of social media
  3. Is freedom of speech practiced on social media?
  4. Reasons why Twitter is the best!
  5. Who runs the president’s social media accounts?
  6. Ways of managing addiction to Facebook
  7. How social media fights racism
  8. Is unfriending and unfollowing good?
  9. Should you be friends with strangers on Facebook
  10. Top 10 reasons why social media is a joke

Social Media Topics Help Is Here

Finding an excellent topic for your essay on social media is critical in capturing your intended audience.

We offer professional writing help on how to come up with top-grade essay topics for students at all levels of study. Give it a try now and see the exceptional results!

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