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186 In Depth Racism Essay Topics To Write About

racism essay topics

Racism essay topics revolve around cultural beliefs that some people use to identify certain races. Members of other groups color every individual in a race with a similar brush. Apart from this being an international calamity, some people in certain states have a deep-rooted opinion about individuals in other states.

But racism is generally discrimination, prejudice, or antagonism by a community, institution, or individual against people based on their membership to a specific ethnic group or race, typically a marginalized or minority one. It is the belief that races have distinct abilities, qualities, or characteristics, mainly geared towards distinguishing them as inferior or greater than one another. Thus, racism is biologically inexistence but a belief or human creation.

What Is Racism Essay?

A racism essay investigates a topic in this subject. Educators ask students to write about racism when pursuing sciences like neuroscience, culture, politology, psychology, and sociology. A racism essay can seek to answer questions on how the world can beat racism.

Here’s a basic outline of a racism essay:

  • Introduction: Start by introducing your topic to the audience and providing background information. Also, include a thesis statement telling the audience what you will write about in the rest of the paper.
  • Body paragraphs: In the body section, include paragraphs discussing a single central point and providing evidence or supporting ideas in each of them.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the entire essay in your conclusion while referring to your thesis statement. Also, express your viewpoint on the topic based on your discussion in the other parts of the paper.

Even with this outline, writing an essay about racism might not be simple due to the subject’s controversial nature. Ideally, you require a topic you will be comfortable researching and writing about when the educator assigns you this essay. This article lists ideas from which you can select a title for your essay about racism.

Interesting Race Topics to Write About in College

In most cases, educators ask students to write about racism when pursuing history courses. In-depth research in topics in this subject can unearth controversies about this sensitive theme. Here are exciting issues to consider for your college assignment.

  1. Implicit and explicit racial biases
  2. Does the United States community discriminate against Muslims?
  3. Describe the protect theory by Dr. King
  4. The Racism speech context
  5. “The Help” Film- An in-depth analysis of the movie
  6. Various types of racism
  7. Defining racism from different aspects
  8. How to deal with racism and prejudices
  9. Oscars Boycott- Causes and outcomes
  10. Professional and academic barriers arising from racial factors
  11. Which countries are the most racist in the world?
  12. Proper racism education in contemporary U.S. schools
  13. Police brutality and racism- What’s the connection?
  14. Prejudice and racism- Are they connected?
  15. What proves that racism exists in the United States?
  16. The origin of Islamophobia in the world
  17. Effects of colonialism politics on the Australian Aborigines
  18. Causes and impacts of racial prejudice in the 50s
  19. How successful was the women’s movement in the 1960s in uniting black and white women?
  20. The history of the black power movement
  21. What led to the origin of the black power movement?
  22. What causes racial prejudgments?
  23. Racism and capitalism in Japan
  24. The Protest Theory by Socrates
  25. Is race a significant factor in hate crimes in the U.S.?
  26. The protest theory by Malcolm X
  27. A comparison of prejudice and stereotypes
  28. The origin of racial discrimination
  29. Do the Darwin works provide social ideas?
  30. The evolutionary-psychological view of racism
  31. The Martin Luther King. Jr. assassination- What was the public reaction?

These are illuminating topics to research and write about in college. Nevertheless, take adequate time to research your idea before embarking on the writing process. Also, develop a racism essay outline first to guide you through the writing process.

Racism Argumentative Essay Topics

Maybe you’re interested in an argumentative topic. Racism is a subject of disputes and controversies. Therefore, prepare to research and develop strong arguments if you write an argumentative essay about this subject. Here’s a list of great argumentative essay topics on racism.

  1. Are stereotypes and prejudice the same?
  2. Which is the most racist country?
  3. Do laws against racial discrimination apply to sports?
  4. Is fear the basis of racism?
  5. The criminal justice in the U.S. does not treat racial representatives equally
  6. Prejudice towards women who wear hijabs is baseless
  7. Racism is sometimes justifiable
  8. Cultural identities’ differentiation is always racist
  9. Will Confucianism solve the racism problem?
  10. Why society should consider “Irishness” a racist display
  11. Racism rise in the U.S. led to Trump’s victory in the presidential election
  12. Why did the community build racism?
  13. Why racism is immoral
  14. Is the racism issue painful in modern society?
  15. Why Black Lives Matter movement is essential in fighting racism
  16. Racism and hate crimes have a connection in the U.S.
  17. Racism against men is different from racism against women
  18. Racism might never disappear
  19. Society should regard racism as a mental illness
  20. Can a person fight racism every day?
  21. The community should see Islamophobia as racism
  22. The “third world” expression has roots in racism
  23. Religions can cause racism
  24. Is anti-Semitism exists in the United States
  25. What is the purpose of racism in modern society?
  26. Racism is irrational- Here’s why
  27. Can the world be genuinely post-racial?
  28. Who has ever benefited from racism?
  29. Homophobia and racism- What is the similarity?
  30. Racism as an artificial concept

These are debatable issues around the racism subject. However, research the idea you choose to write about extensively. Also, develop a good racism thesis statement before embarking on the writing process. That way, you will write an informative and convincing paper.

Essay Topics on Racism in America and the U.K.

Racism has a rich and long history in America and the U.K. That’s because significant events took place in these countries, some touching on this subject. Here are sample topics to consider if you write an essay about racial inequality in America or the U.K.

  1. Racism and hate crimes in the U.S.
  2. Racism history in the U.S.
  3. The BAME group history
  4. George Floyd’s death as a society’s trigger
  5. How the U.S. corporations fight racism
  6. How Barack Obama’s legacy improved the racism situation in the U.S.
  7. Politics and race in the 19th century in America and the U.K.
  8. Racism history in the U.K.
  9. Racism in the American streets
  10. Comparing racism levels in the U.K. and USA

This list has some of the most existing topic ideas for learners in different study levels. Pick your preferred topic and then research it extensively before writing your paper.

Racism Research Topics in Social and Psychological Studies

If pursuing social and psychological studies, you might want to write a research paper about racism. In that case, here’s a list of brilliant ideas to consider.

  1. Does racism indicate poor mental health?
  2. Can race cause hate crimes?
  3. How ignoring racism can influence society
  4. How racial discrimination can disfigure society
  5. How psychological lessons can help in preventing racism in schools
  6. The influence of race-related stress on social life
  7. Racism’s psychological backgrounds
  8. Why talking about racism is so difficult
  9. Racist predispositions and family traditions- Revealing the connections
  10. How does interracial heritage influence a person’s view about racism
  11. How social processes maintain racism
  12. How interracial contact can prevent racism
  13. Ways to make people empathetic to different ethnic groups
  14. How a racist experience can influence the brain
  15. Does the place where a person lives correlate with their bias against members of other races?
  16. The Black Lives Matter movement’s origins
  17. Racism prerequisites in prisons
  18. Racism levels in various social groups
  19. Why ethnic and racial socialization matter
  20. Influence of race-related stress on a person’s social life
  21. How modern society can prevent racism

These are good research topics for students pursuing social and psychological studies. Nevertheless, learners should research their topics to write excellent papers.

Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

Do you want to write an essay about race and ethnicity but don’t have a topic idea? This list comprises the best examples of race relations essay topics for learners across the study levels.

  1. What’s the connection between race and ethnicity?
  2. What is reification?- Explain how humans have reified the race concept throughout history
  3. Analyze ethnic and racial compositions in professional sports
  4. Summarize the immigration history in the United States and how race and ethnicity affect the immigrant groups
  5. How race and ethnicity have changed cultural and social circumstances for immigrants
  6. How society natives perceive immigrant groups as racially and ethnically different
  7. Investigating ethnicity and how it differs from race
  8. How ethnic groups differ from racial groups
  9. Define symbolic ethnicity
  10. Describe the meaning of racial formation, one-drop rule, and hypo-descent
  11. What anthropologists mean by describing the race as a social construct
  12. Explain how Brazil and the United States have constructed race socially
  13. Why race doesn’t have a biological basis

Any of these ideas can be a reasonable basis for your race and ethnicity essay. However, you require time to research different sources to gather compelling information to support your argument.

Topics for Race Discrimination Essays

Are you interested in writing an essay about racial discrimination? If yes, this list has brilliant ideas for you to consider.

  1. Why Bell Hooks claim that white feminists have not addressed or acknowledged racism adequately
  2. The origin of racism in the U.S. and its effect on the crime level
  3. How racism affects Latin children and youth
  4. How does modern racism materialize compared to 100 years ago
  5. How does racial discrimination affect people’s relations
  6. Myths about ethnic groups in different countries and how they cause discrimination
  7. White supremacy for sex workers and its significance in anti-black racism
  8. Racial discrimination in learning institutions
  9. How colonialism shape the Canadian aboriginal racism
  10. Factors influencing racial discrimination and prejudice
  11. Causes of racial discrimination at the workplace
  12. The effects of racial discrimination on black workers in the 1950s
  13. How society perpetuates racial discrimination
  14. How racial discrimination affects the people of color
  15. Racial discrimination and bullying
  16. Is racial discrimination a current issue in the modern world?- If yes, give examples
  17. Social discrimination and social media

These are good topics to consider for an essay on racial discrimination. Nevertheless, prepare to research several sources before writing to develop a winning paper.

Topic Ideas for a Solution to Racism Essay

Maybe the educator wants you to write an essay about ending racism. In that case, here are ideas to consider for your paper.

  1. Recognizing the effects of racism and addressing them
  2. How learning about other cultures and races can help in fighting racism
  3. Differentiating racist people from racist actions
  4. How knowing your rights can help you in fighting racism
  5. The essence of pointing out racial behavior or words instead of generalizing them
  6. How self-assurance and confidence can help you deal with racism
  7. How to stand up and fight racial attacks
  8. How the law allows in fighting racism
  9. Understanding the laws that protect you from racially offensive content on the internet
  10. How equality can help in fighting racism
  11. How the government can help in ending racism
  12. What is society’s role in fighting racism?
  13. Who should fight racism in modern society?
  14. How social media can help in fighting racism

Write about any of these ideas if interested in a topic that will enable you to highlight ways to end racism. Nevertheless, research your idea extensively to develop a winning paper.

Injustice Essay Topics

Racism and injustice topics are mostly related. Most people racially discriminated against consistently face different injustices in society. Here’s a list of injustice topics to consider for your essay.

  1. Ageism and racism- Are they the same?
  2. Are labor laws fair to people of all races?
  3. Are societies discriminating against pregnant women?
  4. How society perceives domestic violence when meted on men
  5. Does society punish convicts after serving their jail time?
  6. Describe social justice and its relation to racial discrimination
  7. How racism affects social justice
  8. How corporate policies affect social justice
  9. What cause social injustices at the workplaces
  10. How social injustice can help in dealing with racism

These are exciting topics relating to injustice and racism. Nevertheless, invest your effort and time in research to write a winning paper on any of these topics.

Additional Racism Essay Ideas

Perhaps, you’re yet to find an exciting topic to write about in this list. In that case, here are more topic ideas to consider for your racism essay.

  1. How managers can solve racism issues at the workplace
  2. How the American pop culture portrays racists and racism
  3. Differentiating ageism from racism
  4. Television commercials and anti-racist ideas
  5. How institutional racism affects the healthcare system
  6. Impacts of racism on the sports industry
  7. Effects of aboriginal racism
  8. Ways to decrease racial discrimination within the education system
  9. Racial prejudices in the Oscars boycott and Hollywood
  10. How racism influenced the English language formation
  11. Why do people choose same-race partners when starting romantic relationships
  12. How educators can dispel ethnic group myths
  13. Sex workers and racial discrimination
  14. How racism causes career and educational barriers
  15. The effects of Islamophobia on Arab-Americans in the U.S.
  16. Racism types in Latin America
  17. Effects of racism on racial minorities’ mental health
  18. Describe the meaning of “post-racial.”
  19. Describe different racial group interactions
  20. The meaning of cultural racism as a concept
  21. Should people of color consider comic books discriminatory?
  22. Different viewpoints on racial inequality in “The Help” novel by Kathryn Stockett
  23. Is Gangster rap institutionalized racism?
  24. Effects of racial identity on movie actors
  25. Is racism a global phenomenon?
  26. Can humans overcome racism?
  27. Is every human naturally racist?
  28. Black and white people deserve equal rights
  29. Racism is a daily’s occurrence in America- Why it’s hard to fight
  30. Is cultural diversity the primary cause of racism?
  31. Can racism cause chaos across the world?
  32. Are Native Americans racist?
  33. Can the government stop racism?
  34. Can a bad childhood experience make a person racist?
  35. Are racists kinder than non-racists?
  36. Skin color difference is not the primary racism cause in the western world
  37. Racists and non-racists- What differentiates them?
  38. Is racism an offense or crime?
  39. Is genocide the worst form of racism?
  40. Are religions promoting racism?

These are essential topics to consider when writing an essay about racism. However, you need adequate time to research your idea, analyze information, and present it properly. Also, take time to formulate your racism essay thesis statement and include it in the introduction. That way, you can quickly tell the audience what you will discuss in your paper.

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