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50 Computer Science Topics For Your Essays & Research Papers

computer science topics

Students at every level can sometimes struggle to develop computer science topics. It’s an important piece of the puzzle because good computer science research topics can make or break assignments before students even get started. Topics that are too broad or too narrow can cause a lot of problems when it comes to researching material. These are fifty of the best project topics for a technology essay at every level:

Research Topics in Computer Science

The following computer science topics are great for students that don’t have more than a week to get their assignments done. They are purposely manageable while still being challenging:

  1. How is human perception affected by virtual reality devices?
  2. Why is it important for software developers to invent products that have greater usability?
  3. What role does computer science play in the way we protect endangered species around the globe?
  4. Is private information put at risk when individuals access digital security tools over the web?
  5. In what ways does cloud computing affect the advancement of companies’ hardware and software infrastructures?

AP Computer Science Topics for High School Students

The advance placement tests in high school require students to write short responses on a variety of topics. These computer science research paper topics will help students hone their skills:

  1. How has computer-assisted education changed the way learning occurs at the middle and high school levels?
  2. In what ways has natural-language processing has changed the way tons of information from past documents are scanned, understood and indexed?
  3. What are the major emerging technologies in computer science?
  4. What are the major challenges of information retrieval and evaluation of 3D models?
  5. In what ways does censorship affect the way developers create open-source software products?

Computer Science Research Topics for Undergraduates

This list of computer science thesis topics caters to the college undergraduate community of students. The topics apply to work that has already been done, therefore providing lots of references:

  1. Does communicating on social media via computer and telephone affect our abilities to make genuine connections with others?
  2. What role does computer science play in the development of biotechnology in medicine?
  3. Should informational websites be restricted from printing misleading or false information?
  4. What effects have internet blogs had on people’s literacy levels? Should there be a governing entity to improve literacy rates on the web?
  5. What does the future hold for technology in the quantum computing industry?

Computer Science Presentation Topics

These topics in computer science are suggested for anyone needed to provide a presentation for any size audience. They can also double as written projects:

  1. What is the most important type of computer science tech being used to solve the world’s biggest problems?
  2. How medical treatments are administered differently as a result of computer science technologies?
  3. Why do we still need multiple types of programming languages instead of combining them?
  4. In what ways as open-source software changed the way the information technology industry develops new products and services?
  5. How does gender affect the way teenagers react or behave similarly or differently to video games?

Computer Science Project Topics for Graduate Students

These five computer science research papers topics are for more advanced students, catering specifically to those in top graduate programs around the country:

  1. Do companies in the entertainment industry affect the way computer scientists develop new kinds of software?
  2. Why aren’t video games more female-friendly? What can developers do to close the usage gap?
  3. How advancements in computer science threatened the need for a physical workforce in business?
  4. What are the major differences between artificial and program intelligence in computers?
  5. Does computer technology affect the way people migrate around the world?

Controversial Topics in Computer Science

These computer science controversial topics are great for any student who wants to make a splash and leave a lasting impression on the reader:

  1. What are the negative and positive long-term effects for people growing up in a technology-driven world?
  2. Which OS provides greater privacy protection for people utilizing public internet services?
  3. What are the potential threats of the new generation of computer viruses?
  4. What is the positive and negative impact of virtual reality on human perception?
  5. What challenges does data security face as more people are online today than they were a decade ago?

Current Topics in Computer Science

These hot topics in computer science are what the information technology community is talking about today. Researching and writing about a current idea puts you at the forefront of the discipline:

  1. How has distance learning played a role in keep people safe during the recent pandemic outbreak?
  2. How efficient is big data in keeping private information safe when so many companies access it in real-time?
  3. In which areas or industries will we see the greatest impact of machine learning?
  4. How much do a person’s computer skills affect his or her marketability for C-Level positions?
  5. How have educators changed the way they conduct lessons as a result of more technology in the classroom?

Interesting Topics in Computer Science

Just like the ideas above, these interesting computer science topics can make a great impression on the reader. They are not controversial but are sure to generate tremendous interest:

  1. Is the SCRUM approach still an effective method for developing new products?
  2. Should the use of “cookies” be regulated more strictly?
  3. What advancements are needed in RAM technologies to keep up with the growing demands of the world’s economies?
  4. How important is computer science to financial firms around the world?
  5. What are the differences and similarities between a synchronized method and a block?

Ph.D. Research Topics in Computer Science

The following Ph.D. topics in computer science are excellent for post-graduate dissertation students in any area of information technology:

  1. What are some of the ethical questions arising from storing human DNA in big data banks?
  2. How much faster can computers process information than human brains?
  3. Will computer technologies make human workers obsolete soon?
  4. With the spread of pandemic viruses, how likely is it that companies will switch to computer technologies to run their businesses?
  5. What role does computer science play in solving global health problems?

Research Paper Topics in Computer Science

This final collection of topics is perfect for college and graduate-level students needing to conduct a study mid-quarter or mid-semester:

  1. What kind of fetal genetic information should be made available to expecting parents?
  2. Are search algorithms on the web reaching their peak? How are businesses adjusting to this transitional process?
  3. In what ways can we predict how DNA storage will lead to advanced reproductive technologies?
  4. How has Matlab changed the way we approach computer science development?
  5. Will self-driving cars make people more careless in other areas requiring concentration?

For more computer science essay topics contact our customer service team. They can point you to free other free resources or put you in contact with one of our seasoned essay writers to create a custom list of research topics in computer science to suit your specific assignment needs.

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