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261 Fantastic Exploratory Essay Topics For All Levels

exploratory essay topics

Exploratory essays may seem uneasy and tricky to write. This is because it is not exactly an argumentative essay although it contains your opinions.

Exploration essays are a form of academic essay which requires possessing ample knowledge about a topic before you start writing. It is a definitive genre that requires thorough research and analytical skills. Before you see some exploratory essay ideas, what is an exploratory essay?

Exploratory Writing Definition

From the word “exploratory”, you already picked the word “explore”. You know explore means the thorough examination of a problem or issue before concluding.

An exploratory essay describes your thoughts about an issue. It requires the description of an idea through a thorough analysis to enlighten people or instruct others with relevant examples and evidence.

Convincing your readers about the validity of your thesis is what an exploratory essay is all about. What are the basic characteristics your exploratory topics must deal with?

Characteristics Of A Good Exploratory Essay

Your essay must have a strong contention, backed by existing perspectives, and relatable examples. To write an effective exploratory essay, you should consider:

  • Simplicity. For an awesome essay, your choice of words must be appealing to your target audience. Using complex and flowery words will bore readers and they may lose interest. To do this, know the purpose of your essay and use plain language to achieve easy comprehension by your readers.
  • Conciseness. This means expressing yourself in the fewest words possible as flowery words will make your readers tired. Brevity is the soul of communication, and it is the only way to have a lasting impact on your readers. To achieve conciseness, erase redundant words in your essay, strengthen your weak adjectives, and eliminate vague nouns from your essay.
  • Depth and Arguments. Through arguments, your ideas are known. To do this, turn any exploratory essay topic ideas into a question and answer them in the first few sentences or paragraphs. These are the points the body of your essay will build on. It is the simplest way to develop your essay with an intriguing conversation with your readers.
  • Clear Structure. Having a clear structure makes it easy to write your essay. A clear structure includes an introduction which gives a background knowledge to the topic; your main body analyzes your ideas, arguments, and existing arguments on the topic, and your conclusion includes a summary and your resolution on the essay topic discussed.
  • Reference List. After writing your essay, you must have used different materials to bolster your ideas. This page is where you properly cite those materials and be praised for academic integrity by your professors.

Topics For Exploratory Essay

As students of a university or an English class in college, you may need custom exploratory essay topics like:

  1. Why are sports activities deemed an important aspect of children’s mental and physical development?
  2. How do sports activities play the role of unity and integration amongst races?
  3. Why are certain sports limited in some countries and popular in other countries?
  4. How can sport help you in enhancing your physical fitness?
  5. What do you think are the psychological factors of training in sport?
  6. Examine the trends in blockchain technology from 2000
  7. Why do you think many people favor online gambling?
  8. Would you say the online gambling industry is closely related to sporting activities?
  9. Do you also believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of finance?
  10. What are your thoughts about modern sporting stars and music stars?
  11. Examine the trends in the growth of Elon Musk space travel
  12. What can you say about the influx of entrepreneurs in the world today?
  13. What are your thoughts about exempting large corporations from taxes?
  14. Examine the evolution of Facebook and what the digital messaging platform means to you
  15. What are the privacy risks of some of the most popular social networking platforms?
  16. What do you think about investing in Forex or cryptocurrencies and stocks or shares?
  17. Would you say classical music influences the brain?
  18. People believe pop culture is overrated, what are your thoughts?
  19. What do you think about the diversification of online retail by brands like eBay and Shopify?
  20. Why do you think music is regarded as an international language?
  21. What do you think about how countries handle the issue of global warming?
  22. Would you say music is a form of socialization parallel to religion?
  23. What can you identify as the power politics hindering effective climate politics in any continent of your choice?
  24. Would you say some of the world problems are caused by politicians and not the public?
  25. Examine the interesting use of music as a therapy
  26. Why do you think religion is used to corrupt the minds of people?
  27. Examine how religion has been used as a propaganda
  28. Cultural Integration and revolutions are created to influence people’s ideas about general opinions: discuss
  29. Why do you think NATO and the UN has only attended to the needs of America
  30. What is the connection between having strong emotions and listening to music?
  31. Do you think any country should claim moral responsibility to the world?
  32. Do you think deforestation is about reducing the oxygen of wild animals
  33. Would you say those who supported Brexit should be trusted and followed?
  34. What do you think about the aggression of China over Taiwan
  35. What are your thoughts about Chinese global power?
  36. Do you think Russia is in a vulnerable position allying with China given its history?
  37. How has Turkey’s defense lagged in recent years despite being a member of NATO?
  38. The pollution in the world is reaching a tipping point: discuss
  39. Would you say art and music can be instrumental in the rehabilitation of prisoners
  40. What does Science say are the bad effects of caffeine on youths?
  41. Relay your ideas about bullying
  42. What are the obvious psychological effects of bullying within the short and long term?
  43. Identify the differences in the rate of student loans in the Trump and Biden administrations
  44. Evaluate the role of American terrorist activities in the globe
  45. How do you think students can most cope with studying for exams drawing from five live experiences?
  46. How has terrorism increased, thanks to the USA?
  47. What do you think is the role of NATO in the creation of ISIL?
  48. How has the authority of the UK diminished in the previous century?
  49. Examine the benefits of weight lifting power to physical health
  50. Examine the pros and cons of marriages into religious homes
  51. Why do you think feminism is on the high in America?
  52. Why are there different feminist theories in the world today?
  53. Would you say that grants are better than college loans?
  54. Examine the reasons why more people complain of having food allergies
  55. How has the food chain available today increased obesity amongst teenagers
  56. What do you think about allowing kids access to social media?
  57. Why do you think Russia and the US consider themselves perpetual rival powers?

Inquiry Essay Topics

This is the type of paper that goes deep into what is not yet known. You can build on these interesting exploratory research questions to express your ideas:

  1. What are the effects of early marriage amongst the northern people of Nigeria?
  2. What are the effects of early marriage amongst Middle Eastern countries?
  3. Would you say adoption is the best way to start a family?
  4. The raising of dogs and other pets has become a norm in America: discuss
  5. How convenient do you think a same-sex marriage be?
  6. Do you think same-sex marriages encounter the same challenges as different-sex marriages?
  7. How has divorce affected South African societies?
  8. What are the challenges of getting engaged maritally with people of other religions?
  9. Examine the effect of terrorism in France
  10. Examine the response to terrorism as justified by those who made the assault
  11. Examine how children of war-torn areas fare after such violence
  12. Examine the crisis of child soldiers towards their road to rehabilitation
  13. What are the difficulties in raising another man’s kids as a stepfather?
  14. What are the relationships between a healthy financial life and a stable marriage?
  15. Do you think replacing teachers with computers can help students learn better?
  16. The ethical challenges in the teaching profession are enough to stop professors from teaching: discuss
  17. Do you think cloning is an ethical medical practice?
  18. Do you think divorce, even to avoid unwanted pregnancies, is an ethical medical practice
  19. Do you think euthanasia is an ethical medical practice?
  20. What are the positive effects of recycling?
  21. What do you think are the environmental chaoses created by Chinese industries
  22. Compare and Contrast the taxation system of America and China
  23. Compare the contrast the rise and fall of two business empires in America and China
  24. Drawing from available literature, is the world prepared for IoT?
  25. Would you say nanotechnology has positive input despite its highly sensitive technology?
  26. Drawing from available literature, is brain cancer from cell phones a myth or a reality?
  27. How has social media affected students Ability to concentrate in class?
  28. Would you say traditional learning reduces the efficiency of teaching over long-distance learning?
  29. Dictators are essential to stabilize the world in North Korea: discuss
  30. North Korea and North Vietnam has the same root but the different result: discuss
  31. Journalists are not just watch dogs but sponsors of controversies, discuss
  32. Examine the relationship of bad or good behavior with genetics
  33. How much influence does a child’s upbringing have on his youth?
  34. Do you think global warming has been exaggerated by the media?
  35. Examine how interpersonal relationships are affected by the rise of social media networks
  36. Investigate how online dating works for people of all ages
  37. Do you think European immigration policies are to the benefit of immigrants?
  38. Do you think Polish immigration policies have pitted it against world powers?
  39. Examine the psychological effects of obesity amongst teenagers
  40. Examine the psychological effects of people who are willingly obese
  41. Do you think men are still heralded as the breadwinners of families even in Christian homes?
  42. Who is said to be most responsible for failed relationships?
  43. Do men still chase women to establish a relationship in the contemporary world?
  44. Examine the success and failure of Tesla products
  45. Examine the myth in premarital sex and why it is now a norm
  46. What are the motivating factors that keep couples married?
  47. Examine the role of distance and absence in a relationship
  48. Examine how digital courses in schools have influenced academic performance
  49. Examine how political advertisement has been used by media houses for selfish reasons
  50. Examine how guns can be controlled in black neighborhoods in America and the UK

Investigation Essay Topics

This represents the analysis of the information you’ve gathered through numerous research and interviews. As students of journalism, these topics require both logical and analytical skills to write:

  1. Investigate the activities of women in extending the sports industry to inhabiting trans-women
  2. Examine how the US is losing its grip as the world’s fastest-rising tech giant
  3. Investigative the idea that other European countries may follow Brexit after Europe’s exit
  4. Why do you think Mahdi Hassan is a big journalist in English and Middle Eastern countries?
  5. Examine how fear motivates the work of some journalists
  6. Examine why some journalists seek asylum in other countries before releasing their works
  7. Investigate the role of drug addicts in stabilizing the society
  8. Investigate the role of drugs as a coping mechanism for depressed persons
  9. Would you say local rehabilitation in any three centers in America is effective?
  10. Investigate the injustice of the law on cases relating to white and colored juvenile offenders
  11. Examine how mass communication has changed the way information is passed today
  12. Investigate the scandal of Wells Fargo Bank in 2016
  13. Investigate the scandal of any private sector in America
  14. Investigate the activities of any electricity industry in America
  15. Investigate the activities of any multinational company in America
  16. Examine how the public sector has fared amid poor utility structure in any European country
  17. Investigate any controversy of your choice in the international politics
  18. Examine how the EU Economy is affected by the different refugee crisis
  19. Investigate the Afghan factor in the admission of refugees in recent months
  20. Examine how the exit of the UK from the EU shape European politics
  21. Examine the influence of President Donald Trump on the activities of NATO
  22. Examine the influence of President Barack Obama on the activities of NATO
  23. Investigate the growth of nuclear weapons in Iran and Iraq
  24. Investigate how phones are used for fraud in the 21st century
  25. Investigate the internal politics which has not allowed peace between Palestine and Israel
  26. Examine the true status of the Chinese economy drawing from its internal economic performance
  27. Investigate the threats from North Korea on its nuclear programs
  28. Examine the similarities between three Economic depressions between the 20th and 21st centuries
  29. Investigate why the Chinese market has not been filled with Uber
  30. Investigate the legacies of Osama bin Laden
  31. Investigate the role of Aljazeera in the 9/11 attack
  32. What are the motivating factors for Gaddafi’s involvement in the Lockerbie bombings?
  33. Examine how financial depression can affect mental health
  34. Investigate the role of the Black Lives Matter movement one year after it started
  35. Evaluate the concerns of people about genetically modified food
  36. Evaluate the significance of Wall Street and the threat its reliance means for the world
  37. Rationalize the achievements and failures of Barack Obama administration
  38. Rationalize the achievements and failures of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi
  39. Rationalize the failures and racism in the activities of British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill
  40. Research why the Catholic church is always silent on sexual scandals
  41. Evaluate the consequences of the resignation of Richard Nixon
  42. Using five families, examine the effects of arranged marriages
  43. Using five families, examine the state of child adoption and how it has helped or affected the families
  44. Examine the colonial power of France on its ex-colonies
  45. Examine the colonial power of Britain on its ex-colonies through the Commonwealth
  46. Examine the hunger for colonies in the contemporary world

Exploratory Paper Topics

If you want to give a seminar or as students, write an informative seminar paper on any advanced essay, you can conduct in depth research into any of these:

  1. Thoughts on the ethics of medical practices on animals
  2. Thoughts on medical activities on human bodies as lab rats
  3. Funny thoughts on how hunting has affected the world
  4. An examination on how grading systems arm students
  5. An evaluation of gun violence and how it can be effectively censored by the government
  6. An overview on why education and schooling is privatized
  7. An overview on the purpose of sports on tertiary institution
  8. An examination on the disparity between teachers’ salaries and others in the civil service
  9. Thoughts on the capitalization of parents career choice on their children
  10. An examination on how naps affect productivity
  11. An examination on how capitalism destroys work efficiency
  12. An evaluation of the cons of strict dress code in workplaces
  13. An evaluation of the HR functions in the world today
  14. An evaluation on the need for tattoos and its synonym to violence
  15. Thoughts on the dangers of microwaved food in the 21st century
  16. How everyday lifestyle pulls us closer to deaths
  17. An overview of how electric doors, laser sensors, and other technology reduce the human lifespan
  18. An examination on the ideology behind communism
  19. An examination on why religion is a much-contested philosophy in the world
  20. An evaluation of the thesis of two philosophers of your choice on divorce and child support
  21. An overview of life in the medieval age and the modern times
  22. An appreciation of any African novel and the experience of America
  23. An appreciation of any three art and the role of nudity
  24. An appreciation of any Beyonce album and the themes that Motivated it
  25. An examination of the dangerous trend on social media
  26. A careful education on how sex has been weaponized
  27. An overview of why NASA’s moon landing is regarded as a hoax to date
  28. An examination of the possibilities in the exploration of space
  29. Thoughts on human’s desire to colonize the moon
  30. An appreciation of the ideas of Charles Darwin and the dangers
  31. An appraisal of contemporary technology and how it has made the world easier
  32. An appreciation of the significance of communism in the world
  33. An appreciation of how chaos helps in maintaining order in the world
  34. Thoughts on the positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  35. An appreciation of how the rise of robots can take the place of man
  36. An examination of adventure sports with thoughts on whether they should be banned or not
  37. An overview of the alternative to euthanasia
  38. An overview of how European countries have responded to global warming
  39. A careful examination of how American presidents have reacted to public scandals
  40. A careful study of R Kelly’s defense when accused of sexual crimes
  41. A careful study of the role the celebrity status played in R Kelly’s case
  42. A careful study of how nuclear energy is used to balance global threat
  43. An evaluation of why students are always afraid of tests
  44. An orientation and personal thoughts about the Belt and Road Initiative of China
  45. Thoughts about the retrogression and poverty in Africa
  46. An overview of how Russia has established its sphere of influence even after the Cold War
  47. An overview of the power dynamics in favor of Japan

Exploratory Research Questions

As students, you may need reliable exploratory research questions to work on. These are more direct and they could earn you high marks in class:

  1. The behavior of the world politics towards divorce
  2. The state of the housing crisis in America
  3. Examine the challenges of college loans in America
  4. How has UK healthcare efficiency been reduced?
  5. Why has chronic disease become rampant amongst low-income people in any country of your choice
  6. Examine how the security outfit in Nigeria is emerging from state governments
  7. Why are there two dominant Political parties in America?
  8. Some of the challenges of homelessness in any East African countries
  9. What are the patterns of homelessness within 10 years of San Francisco social lifestyle
  10. How did women gain voting rights in the United Kingdom in 1918?
  11. Examine the comparison between the Irish and British suffrage movement
  12. Why is feminism a threat to society?
  13. Why do people consider feminism a wrong movement?
  14. Why is the LGTBQ community clamped down?
  15. Are there clinics that support homosexual-resulted challenges?
  16. Do working-class women need child support?
  17. Is child support just a way of showing responsibility or a compulsory task?
  18. Are there truly supportive LGTBQ Services?
  19. Most migrants to Germany are from which country?
  20. Why is Italy a hot spot for African migrants?
  21. Why is Israel called a European country although it is in the Middle East?
  22. What are the differences between Polish and Turkish policies about immigration?
  23. Why is capitalism often represented in the works of William Shakespeare?
  24. Why does the idea of death still evoke great fear in people?
  25. Examine how scandals contribute to the rise of an artist
  26. Why is the music industry overpopulated?
  27. Is there a way to prevent drunk driving rather than the traditional methods?
  28. Why does racism thrive in a century like this?
  29. Why is the class structure still a representation of social and economic South African life?
  30. What are the debates against immigration?

Exploratory Essay Questions

You can use these questions to ace your essay tests in school:

  1. Why death penalties?
  2. Why should the users of drugs be incarcerated?
  3. Does incarceration help drug users?
  4. Does rehabilitation truly work in the UK?
  5. Why does the Chinese government hate the media?
  6. Why should casinos be outlawed?
  7. How has social media changed personalities?
  8. Why is public smoking prohibited?
  9. Why does police brutality thrive despite Black Lives Matter?
  10. Was Donald Trump against Black Lives Matter?
  11. Why does the USA support terror countries like Israel despite being a liberal country?
  12. How has democracy died in the USA?
  13. Why does the US claim to be the global moral police?
  14. How is political violence incited?
  15. Examine the trend of cultural revolutions
  16. Study the evolution of political advertisement
  17. Examine the trend of propaganda in American politics
  18. Reasons why mandatory organ donation policies should be made
  19. Examine the possibilities of true rehabilitation through art
  20. Why the pandemic could be said to be a good thing
  21. Should colleges be free to all?
  22. Examine the activities of the University of People
  23. Why do philanthropists exist?
  24. How has the traditional test method been sidelined?
  25. Examine the dropout rates due to drug addiction
  26. How women are taking over the world
  27. Why sexual crimes are still overlooked in Mecca
  28. Why is the #MeToo movement still radical?
  29. Why is the UN quick to sanction countries that don’t deserve it when their offenses are compared to other violent countries which are not sanctioned?
  30. Examined three greatest American actors of all times and their influence
  31. Why has therapy increased in recent years?

Trying To Write An Exploratory Essay?

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