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115 Impressive Frankenstein Essay Topics For All!

frankenstein essay topics

Frankenstein essays are not typical, and as such, most students may not be able to handle them easily like the other projects. Nonetheless, with a professional essay writing service that offers engaging Frankenstein essay prompts, any student can score top grades.

In this step-by-step manual, we will debunk a Frankenstein essay and list all the characteristics of a good article about Frankenstein. Furthermore, we will give you more than 100 well-researched Frankenstein topics to jump-start your journey to academic excellence and be able to write best English essays. Are you ready? Let’s hit the road then, my friend!

Definition Of Frankenstein Essay Topics

Now, I know some here are hearing the word Frankenstein for the very first time. If you are a suspect, don’t panic, you are in the safest hands on earth!

Frankenstein is a novel written in 1818 by a famous English author known as Mary Shelley. The book highlights the story of a young scientist who ends up creating a sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment.

Those from England, Italy, and France may identify with this book more closely since most of its setting is in these countries. Some of the characters here include The Monster, Victor Frankenstein, and Captain Walton, among many others. The novel revolves around Gothic fiction, horror fiction, romance, and soft science fiction. It is an exciting novel to keep you busy during the weekend or one of these summer holidays.

Therefore, most of the Frankenstein essay questions will revolve around the plot, setting, characters, and themes found in this novel. It would do you some good to go through it first before answering any question or writing an essay on it.

Characteristics Of A Good Essay About Frankenstein

This novel should tell you that much reading and analysis are necessary before embarking on the writing process. If you find reading stories a tedious venture, you will opt for a readily available synopsis or read this article to the end. You will unearth great treasures related to this novel by the end of this post.

So, how does a great Frankenstein essay look like for an ‘A’ student?

  • It addresses the concerns of Shelley, the author: Remember that the context of this novel was during the Enlightenment Age and the Romantic era. Therefore, there is a lot of criticism and warnings regarding these two main themes.
  • Use more nuanced discussions and examples: When writing your essay, consider the novel as a whole. Look at what stands out in both the major and minor characters.
  • Linking and contrasting different themes and characters: Since the story is built upon many other causes, linking them can help you produce a top-tier essay. However, always define the relationship between ambition, isolation, and vengeance.
  • Bring out the unusual from the text: There is that one common theme or style that every reader sees when reading a novel. To make your essay stand out, avoid such or repackage it in such a way that it generates a sense of originality and freshness.

These four pointers can help you nail a Frankenstein essay in a matter of minutes. Your college professor will have no choice but to award you a first-class since no other student will match your paper (unless they are also reading this!)

Remember that Frankenstein thesis statements also play a significant role in the overall quality of your paper. Ensure that the topic sentence in this section ushers the reader into what you will discuss in the subsequent paragraphs. Having looked at how best you can package the body of a Frankenstein paper, let us now dive into some quick but trustworthy and quality topic ideas. Sit tight!

Persuasive Frankenstein Essay Topics

  1. Discuss how irony plays out among the central characters in the novel
  2. How does the basic plot of Frankenstein contribute to its success?
  3. Discuss how Victor Frankenstein succeeds in giving life to his creation
  4. Evaluate how metaphors have been used in this novel
  5. Why was the Monster necessary in this story?
  6. How does situational irony occur at the beginning of the novel?
  7. Evaluate the phrase ‘the beauty of the dream vanished’ as used in the novel
  8. Did Frankenstein’s creature have to kill, according to you?
  9. Discuss how soliloquy is used to shape the narrative
  10. How does romance play out in this narrative?
  11. Can you classify Frankenstein as an actual or fictional story? Why?
  12. Explain the events that led to the Monster coming into Frankenstein’s life
  13. What causes the Monster to consider committing suicide?

Suggested Frankenstein Essay Prompts

  1. Explain the role of societal rejection in this novel
  2. How do various characters influence the behavior of others?
  3. Did Mary Shelley address issues that we are facing today in the 21st century?
  4. Why do most scholars misinterpret some events in this narrative?
  5. How are human characters in Frankenstein different from other creatures?
  6. Explain the role of thoughts and emotions in this book
  7. How do the writer use imagery and vivid description?
  8. Discuss the role of similar genetic traits in Frankenstein
  9. How does Mary create a general physical appearance of the humans in this novel?
  10. Is Victor the real Monster in this story?
  11. Compare and contrast between artificial and natural creation in this novel
  12. What does it mean to be human, according to Mary Shelley?
  13. Does Victor play out his character role as expected?

Fun Frankenstein Essay Questions

  1. Is the title ‘Frankenstein’ appropriate for this novel, or should Mary have chosen another one?
  2. Why do monsters always appear in narratives of the 17th and 18th centuries?
  3. Discuss the relationship between the title of the novel and its overall theme
  4. Explain the impact of this novel during the time Age of Enlightenment
  5. Does Mary achieve romanticism in this novel?
  6. How does the density of this novel impact readership?
  7. What would you do if you were in place of Victor?
  8. Discuss the connection between the values of the time and the book
  9. How do 18th-century novels like this one differ from contemporary ones?
  10. Does the novel bring out the aspect of science and exploration?
  11. Evaluate the role of Walton and Frankenstein in this novel
  12. Discuss the effects of Walton wanting to pass through the Arctic Circle
  13. Does the book help you uncover the mysteries of nature?

Broad Frankenstein Research Topics

  1. Discuss the effects of men wanting to seek more glory in this novel
  2. How does the obsession with winning accolades shape this narrative?
  3. What is the essence of Henry Clerval in this story?
  4. Explain how the concepts of humanity, family, and friends play out in this story
  5. Is a balanced human being social as such?
  6. Evaluate compassion and intelligence in line with the character of Henry
  7. Why is Victor’s ability to animate the dead so essential here?
  8. Is it true that being a genius can turn you into a monster like Victor?
  9. Explain the place of vengeance in the novel
  10. Evaluate how Mary uses enormous enthusiasm in this book
  11. How does praise from men lead to recklessness?
  12. Discover how Shelley utilizes geographical phenomena in her narration
  13. How has Mary used fear as a weapon in this novel?

Custom Frankenstein Writing Prompts

  1. Explain the consequences of various characters in Frankenstein
  2. Show the relationship between ambition and desire for vengeance in this book
  3. Are the romantic values in this book still relevant today?
  4. Can we classify Frankenstein as a tragic story-arc?
  5. How does isolation contribute to the general theme of this book?
  6. Discuss the effect of Frankenstein’s friends and family leaving him
  7. Debunk the consequences of unchecked ambitions in this story
  8. Do humans lead themselves to destruction?
  9. Why did the Monster kill all of Frankenstein’s friends?
  10. The role of minor characters in Frankenstein
  11. How the villagers highlight injustices
  12. The role of people’s instincts in making decisions
  13. How do innocent characters suffer at the hands of the brutal ones?

Feminist Essay Topics For Frankenstein

  1. Does Mary exemplify feminism in her choice of characters?
  2. How do the roles of various characters portray Mary as a feminist?
  3. Evaluate why most men play the lousy role in such novels
  4. What if the Monster was a woman?
  5. Discuss how relations between men and women affect their ambitions
  6. How the choice of words in this novel make women stand out more than men
  7. Does the culture of the day influence the role that women play in this book?
  8. Effects of having more female characters in a novel
  9. Why do women always play the soft or neutral role?
  10. Can men also be associated with innocence and humility as women?
  11. Why women are recipients of most injustices
  12. What is the main character was a lady?
  13. The role of metaphor in describing violence against women

Suggested Frankenstein Argumentative Essay Ideas

  1. Discuss the role of Elizabeth and Justine in this play
  2. Does the forest setting impact the general theme of this novel?
  3. Evaluate the effects of self-preservation and prejudice in this story
  4. Effects of isolation on women and the minors in the community
  5. Explain the importance of companionship and a balanced lifestyle
  6. Does ambition always lead people to ruin?
  7. Discuss the parallel between Frankenstein and the Turkish merchant
  8. Are our selfish desires and actions a precursor to ruin and misery?
  9. Why is Safie such an essential character in this novel?
  10. Compare and contrast between Safie and the Creature
  11. Critique the prioritization of scientific innovations over human welfare
  12. What happens when science and discovery are left unchecked?
  13. What do you feel about the cemetery in this story?

Informative Frankenstein Journal Prompts

  1. Are we secure in a world full of innovations?
  2. The role of standardizing university innovations today
  3. How is the online space making science more desirable?
  4. Effects of not having a parental figure
  5. How appearance leads to rejection
  6. Consequences of conflict between humans and other creatures
  7. Did the Monster have to exert revenge on Frankenstein and his family?
  8. Should we sympathize with the creature or Frankenstein?
  9. Effects of a prejudiced enlightenment society
  10. Should we sympathize with the most silent within the society?
  11. How vivid description shapes the perception of a particular narrative
  12. The essence of paternal connection
  13. Elaborate on the metaphor of fire in this novel

Argumentative Frankenstein Discussion Questions

  1. How the desire for education can lead to disastrous effects
  2. Evaluate the hardships of a creature in isolation
  3. Why meeting desire is essential for fulfillment
  4. Evaluate the sensations of misery in this novel
  5. Debunk some of the negative social prejudices brought out in this story
  6. Evaluate literary techniques used by Mary
  7. Significance of human relationships
  8. Why forests are a solace for lonely creatures
  9. Discuss the submissive female sex within Frankenstein
  10. Effects of the absence of Margaret Saville
  11. Why Frankenstein is a complex novel to debunk

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