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Same Sex Marriages Essay – Learn The Secrets Of Writing A Winning Essay!

same sex marriages essay

The discussions on same-sex marriages have got the internet awash with everyone giving a piece of his/her mind.

Some countries have legalized this practice, while others prohibit it. Religion and cultures have also been a determinant for the thriving of this practice.
That is why having a persuasive essay on same-sex marriages in high school or college is not a new thing. Now, let’s take a quick look at the samples essay on the same sex marriages.

Same Sex Marriages Essay Sample

Since the legalization of same-sex marriages in the United States, there have been significant arguments in support and opposition to the law. Religious institutions and conservative individuals have taken an active role in objecting to the legalization of same-sex marriage. The debates are unfounded, and research has disproven the basis for denying these rights. It ages the nation to a time when people opposed minorities just because of their skin color. The separation of church and state justifies marriage equality, and the opposition is imposing discrimination back into a society that has fought hard to eliminate all barriers and develop a nation that is equal for all.

Denying same-sex marriage is discriminative, and it sets a stage for keeping gays as a lower-class part of society. The refusal of allowing the same rights to all members of society provides for certain classes to be seen as inferior to the majority. The Constitution establishes equality for all people, regardless of varying characteristics. By not extending the same rights to gays, is essentially saying they are not a member of society. America is a melting pot for diversity, and discrimination of any type is illegal. States who fight or refuse same-sex marriages use the immutable characteristics as a means to segregate them from the rest of society. Florida’s state ban according to Chittal (2014), serves to deprive, hurt, and discriminate against same-sex individuals and their families of dignity and equality. It establishes the gay individuals as a second-class member of society, while deeming they are not worthy to participate in our society’s fundamental institution. Another example would be Kim Davis, an employee of the state who refused marriage licenses for same-sex couples based on her religious beliefs. She treated the homosexual population as inferior and would only issue marriage licenses to heterosexual individuals. It showed open discrimination and publicly positioned gays as the inferior social class.

Family is important for children, and the fundamental structure of what comprises each home, gay or straight, does not affect the young people. Children need a loving family, sometimes that is a single parent, family members, or even same-sex couples. If a child has the opportunity to be born into or adopted by two loving parents, regardless of gender, they are doing better than a lot of other young people in society. A significant amount of research has been conducted to see if there is an effect on the child. “Taken together, this research forms an overwhelming scholarly consensus, based on over three decades of peer-reviewed research, that having a gay or lesbian parent does not harm children” (Columbia Law School). The most important aspect is the child is loved and cared for, and gender or sexual orientation does not affect a parent’s ability to provide that for the young person.

Same-sex marriage ruins the sanctity of the tradition and destroys family values. According to Mohler (2014), the social institution, for better or worse, or even more of the same, is intended to be between a woman and a man. Children do not understand sexual orientation, and legalizing same-sex marriage requires parents to have to explain it to their children. It defies the religious institution and legal union by which marriage was created. Theological arguments are based on the higher commandments of marriage being limited to a man and women, and anything outside of that boundary is a sin.

The separation of church and state justifies marriage equality and opposition is imposing discrimination back into a society who have fought hard to eliminate all barriers and develop a nation that is equal for all. Same-sex marriage is a right that should be extended to anyone, regardless of race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. Denying an individual the right to join in marriage with someone of the same sex is justifying prejudices based on differential qualities. Objection to equality reverts the nations back decades and defies the notion of equality for all which it was founded upon.

Same-sex marriages may include gays or lesbians. However, most important for you to understand this is the structure. With this, you will be able to come up with an essay about same-sex marriages that will attract not only the attention of your lecture but also give you top grades.

And off we go!

Structure of an Essay on Same Sex Marriages


Same-sex marriage papers are sensitive and therefore require precision when handling them. Your gay marriage essay intro, for example, will determine if the readers continue reading or throw it in the trash.

When you begin to write such a persuasive essay, you must give candid reasons showing why some thoughts get more attention than others in the paper. Your primary purpose in this paper should be precisely stated, and it can even be subjective to a certain degree. Remember, you are going to either stand for or against the topic. The same-sex marriage thesis statement needs to be sound in terms of logic and presentation.


It is the part where you get to present all evidence in favour or against the subject. Right from the beginning, understand that writing a persuasive paper on same-sex marriage is not going to be easy. Carefully decide on which side you support. Students should take caution such that there is no sort of bias that crops out in their same-sex marriage essay and influences their argument. You should also map out your audience carefully to know whether they will agree with your stance or not. Ensure that you present both sides of the case clearly and different from your viewpoint.


The conclusion finally offers your resolution on the same-sex marriages essay you have been writing. Make it as clear and memorable as possible. Ensure that your readers can see your stance by restating your thesis statement and giving an elaborate summary of the body.

Top-Notch Writing Prompts with Explanations

Here are some great topics to get you started on your same-sex marriage college essay:

  1. An Essay on Gay Rights Movement: Show how these movements have helped delineate the social factors against gay marriages such as religion and culture.
  2. Reasons Why Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal: The LGBT community has faced threats of imprisonment or dismissal from work. Therefore, discuss why the legalization of same-sex marriages would be a sigh of relief to this community.
  3. Why many LGBT find it hard coming out: Demystify factors such as self-image and attitude that may be on the line in such cases
  4. Same-sex families: Discuss what it takes to raise such families giving the challenges faced. You can also add possible recommendations.
  5. Attitude to the LGBT family: Engage your reader on how people view this community and the resultant implications.

Whether you have an essay on gay marriage or lesbianism, these tips and writing prompt will come in handy for you. Remember to show how complicated same-sex marriages are for them to be explained from ordinary human notions.

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