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Essay About Doctor: Best Writing Guide For Students

essay about doctor

When we were growing up, it was everyone’s dream to become a doctor. I remember putting on glasses in high school and everyone referring to me as a doctor. But then, not all of us end up in this lucrative and life-saving profession. Not all hope is lost. You can still learn how to write an essay about a doctor, even if you are now an engineer or a journalist.

There are dozens of ideas on an essay about doctors that learners can take advantage of and come up with top-notch essays. Lucky for you who is here, you will have a short introduction and a sample doctor’s essay. Scroll down for this exciting experience or checkout the guide about medicine essay writing.

A Short Introduction on “Why I Want to be a Doctor Essay”

“Most pre-medical students have discovered their interest in becoming doctors ever since they picked up their first toy-like stethoscope. Some, however, were influenced by a singular catalytic event that made a U-turn in their career paths. The roots of my urge to become a doctor have, however, been different from all these. When I was growing up, people would ask me who I wanted to be, and I would give a flood of ideas. I thought of becoming a pilot, a pastor, a president at one time, and even a teacher. However, as I began seeing how my country is short of medical personnel, I decided to pursue this path, a doctor. The coronavirus pandemic has also acted as a catalyst for this new profession. I, therefore, desire to embark on with all vigor.”

Lessons from the Sample Introduction

Simple and straight to the point, right? All you need is a background on the profession and the experiences of others. After that, you can write your “becoming a doctor essay” with ease. Let the reader see why you passionately embarked on this new career path. Who knows, you may inspire someone else to become a doctor too.

Now that we have seen how you can come up with a captivating and hooky introduction, let us know how you can go about with the body and the conclusion. Things are going to get interesting in this next part, I guarantee. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sample Paper on “Why Become a Doctor Essay”

“During the early high school days, we would always have a debate on why a teacher is better than a doctor. Most students would overwhelmingly be on the teacher’s side and give all credit to them. Little did we see the bigger picture? However, much outstanding a teacher is, the role played by a doctor can never go under the carpet. Being a doctor means standing between life and death while being a teacher is about knowledge and foolishness. Here is why you should become a doctor.

As a doctor, you will have the privilege of serving humanity. Who doesn’t yearn for such a chance? With this noble and respectable profession, you will develop a high standard of resilience and passion for the kindness that only a few may have. Imagine a person coming to you with a chronic illness, you administer treatment to him/her, and they get well. What an achievement that would be! You would have preserved life while serving humanity.

A doctor never gets irritated. I know you are asking, how is that possible – everybody gets irritated! For a doctor, despite the long shifts and less time for sleep and rest, they focus on one thing, doing the best for the sick. How can you get irritated at such a noble task? It’s not like a policeman who would get irritated at rowdy mobs and fire teargas canisters at them. Such a humbling experience, do you agree?

The doctor will always be needed in season and out of season. You will be like oxygen, which ought to be present at all times. In line with this fact, and due to the ever-growing population, doctors will always be in demand. Therefore, the profession will continue to grow and create more opportunities. As a doctor, you will hence reduce the chances of unemployment and, thus, become more secure, financially.

No one can resist this life-saving calling. You can become a doctor today and make that difference; the world has been waiting for all this while. What are you waiting for, discover your area of interest in medicine, and join this respectable profession.”

Did you see how fast and easy that was? A doctor’s essay is such easy despite the many years and hard work put into the profession. Get your essay about a doctor and any other writing help today from our expert writers.

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