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145 Popular Culture Essay Topics: Best Ideas

popular culture essay topics

Do you know how to search for a popular culture essay topic for your studies? There is a variety of pop and popular culture essay topics that you can choose.

However, you need to be familiar with the specific research subject for you to enjoy doing it. You need to find good pop-culture topics that you can narrow down to the right amount of words for more effectiveness.

What Is Popular Culture?

This culture is based on the taste of the ordinary people in the society rather than the educated people only. These are the practices and beliefs that are dominant in society at a time. This is the popular culture brought forth by mass media for a particular age group. For example films, music, video games, and much more.

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Popular Culture Comparison Essay Topics

Finding an ideal topic can be hectic, but here are some topics you can use for your research essay. They are based on debate and comparing phenomena.

  1. Compare and contrast the advertisement techniques for males and females.

  2. How do you think the different generations influence pop cultures?

  3. Describe how pop culture influences the behavior and lifestyle of people.

  4. Compare different communication techniques between young and old people.

  5. What influence do Disney princesses have on young girls – positive or negative?

  6. How do modern technologies change pop culture in modern times?

  7. Compare and contrast how pop culture has disrupted moral values now and in the olden times?

  8. Has social media worsened interpersonal communication?

  9. Are young people in society influenced by pop culture?

  10. Evaluate ethics in pop culture and the impact.

  11. How does pop culture influence social coexistence?

  12. Do morality and pop culture mix?

  13. Do playing violent computer games have an impact on youth social skills?

  14. Is popular culture good for society?

  15. Can the cognition of teenagers be influenced through playing games?

  16. Do sports influence international relations?

  17. The negative and positive effects of the use of social media.

  18. Has social media use increased teenage pregnancies globally?

  19. How does religion affect the view of people on culture?

  20. Do you think cultural diversity improves teamwork in the workplace?

  21. What is the importance of cultural identity in society?

Popular Culture Topics for Analysis Essay

This essay’s topics are based on analysis and determining a certain phenomenon. There are things that we assume and presume, however, proper assessment helps reach the root.

  1. Do modern cartoons represent female and male values that influence child growth?

  2. How does pop culture influence a person’s political affiliation?

  3. How does popular culture influence consumer behavior?

  4. What is the influence of pop culture on gender roles and equality?

  5. How has the internet transformed modern parenting?

  6. How do paparazzi promote celebrity popular culture?

  7. Why has online learning been adapted and become popular today?

  8. How is our identity related to pop culture?

  9. How has pop music influenced society?

  10. Convergence of culture and literature.

  11. Impact of pop culture on communication.

  12. The myth of poverty culture today.

  13. Where is the place of culture in cross-cultural research?

  14. How are billboards and popular culture influencing advertising?

  15. Youth culture in the last 30 years; what to expect in the next ten years.

  16. The influence of globalization of business and culture.

  17. Assessment of organizational competencies in terms of performance and skills in the workplace.

  18. How do media images reflect the diversity of families?

  19. Analyze the interaction between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

  20. Elaborate on the religion clash with the pop culture.

  21. Does pop culture make you smarter?

Pop Culture Essay Topics to Write About

With all the available pop culture topics, you may get stranded on which is the most intriguing topic to write about. These topics are among the simple ones that will help you understand phenomena easily.

  1. What is the influence of pop culture on society?

  2. What are the ethical issues in pop culture and their significance?

  3. The impact of pop culture in technology adoption.

  4. How does pop culture influence people’s personalities?

  5. Does music shape a generation?

  6. How do social events influence pop culture change?

  7. How does pop culture impact intercultural relations globally?

  8. Does the internet impact popular culture preferences?

  9. Do people choose friends based on their music preference?

  10. What is the role of pop culture to the current generation?

  11. Discuss marketing channels for music in this era.

  12. How is pop music influencing the teenage generation?

  13. Which pop music era is the most interesting to you?

  14. Is it possible for a musician to gain popularity through the internet only?

  15. Discuss the epic periods of “The Simpson’s “fame?

  16. How do celebrities influence people’s purchasing decisions?

  17. How has Madonna been considered as a music idol over time?

  18. Should weather channels be an aspect of popular culture?

  19. How does music connect people who love different genres?

  20. How has the eating perception changed over time?

  21. What can humans learn from watching television about neuroscience?

Popular Culture Research Paper Topics

Do you know some popular culture research paper topics that you can use for your academic study? Here are some research topics you can start with:

  1. Are news channels considered as part of the popular culture?

  2. How did basketball become popular around the world?

  3. What is the influence of American celebrities worldwide?

  4. Is social media influencing depression rates?

  5. How has technology influenced pop culture?

  6. Does making public service announcements make celebrities more influential?

  7. Does pop culture affect intelligence in society?

  8. What is the best form of punishment for online bullying?

  9. Should there be a bill to censor social media content?

  10. Do smartphones influence addiction in people?

  11. Is online learning more preferred nowadays than physical learning?

  12. Do certain films convey the threat of science?

  13. The thought evolution over the years.

  14. How pop culture changed morality?

  15. How does pop culture influence ethnicity?

  16. How pop culture influenced dancing styles?

  17. Cartoon films and animations influence on children?

  18. How have documentaries changed our viewing habits?

  19. Has pop culture influenced TV addiction?

American Popular Culture Topic Essay

These topics are interesting and based on the current social affairs happening currently. They are also based on media realities and influence.

  1. How has American pop culture affected sexism and feminism?

  2. Influence of popular culture on empathy – (Positive and negative)?

  3. Why are musicians being used to brand and market companies?

  4. The relation between American reality television shows and pop culture.

  5. What has led to the popularity decline of soap operas?

  6. Can piracy be termed as an inherent part of pop culture?

  7. Good old music and books are better than modern bestsellers.

  8. The influence of reading comics on the superficial perception of real life.

  9. Celebrities might or might not be accountable for racism and sexist messages in their products.

  10. Why are most pop culture products criticized as being useless?

  11. The history of pop culture – how far have we come?

  12. Is it valid that each pop culture will be a classics someday?

  13. How do pop stars influence society?

  14. How does pop culture reflect in society?

  15. Should parents know their children’s preferences in terms of books and music?

  16. Screen-acted versions distort popular novels.

  17. Is social media networking a waste of time in America?

  18. Do you prefer Xbox or PlayStation?

  19. What is the best way to familiarize yourself with literature work – through reading a book or watching an acted version?

  20. How to curb piracy in pop culture.

  21. Pop culture unites young people in the world.

  22. How has the perception of superheroes changed since the 1960s?

Extraordinary Pop Culture Topic Essays

Some certain phenomena seem weird in pop culture, but need to be discussed for the advancement of society.

  1. What is the role of anime and manga in pop culture?

  2. Impact of pop culture on education.

  3. The most popular religion among the youth.

  4. How has popular culture influenced branding and advertisement?

  5. How sports like basketball and football unite people.

  6. Does excessive internet use influence concentration?

  7. Determine factors that hinder the fight for gender equality.

  8. Do social media influence romantic relationships?

  9. How do sports bring people together?

  10. Does pop culture increase cases of online bullying?

  11. The influence of Madonna on female musicians.

  12. How do musicians stand out in today’s world?

  13. How has pop culture influenced our view on homosexuality?

  14. How does popular culture influence our view on ethnicity and race?

  15. How has reality television influenced our viewing habits?

  16. Do celebrities influence our money spending habits and fun?

  17. What effect do crime documentaries have on young adults?

  18. Is popular culture embraced globally?

  19. The difference between European and American culture.

  20. How does pop culture promote social change in the United States of America?

Serial Killers as Heroes In Popular Culture Topic Essays

Serial killers tend to be feared, but do you think they can be termed as heroes at some point?

  1. The evolution of serial killers and society’s fascination.

  2. Do illness, addiction, and traumatic childhood result in a serial killer?

  3. The correlation between intelligence and serial killers.

  4. What is the sadist nature of serial killers in movies?

  5. Do serial killers fascinate people in pop culture?

  6. Analyze serial killers as heroes in popular culture

  7. What factors influence the development of serial killers?

  8. Can serial killers be termed as heroes in pop culture?

  9. Can you identify a serial killer based on their looks?

  10. Serial killers in American Culture.

Pop Culture Topic Essays

There are many pop culture topics that you can research to get to the bottom of certain beliefs.

  1. Are the pop-culture objects worth studying?

  2. Can pop culture be harmful to scholarly research?

  3. How can the audience learn about neuroscience from TV programs?

  4. How is the future of humanity represented in pop culture?

  5. Analyze the historical personalities in modern pop culture.

  6. Compare folk culture and pop culture.

  7. Is traveling part of modern pop culture?

  8. Does modern pop culture provide a different view of childhood?

  9. Analyze the conflicts of religion in pop culture.

  10. The influence of culture on political apathy.

  11. How are feminist values represented in modern cartoons?

Experts Can Help With Your Essay

Writing a popular culture essay can be hectic. Starting from topic research, writing, and doing final touches.

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