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200 Best Art Topics for High School and College Students

art topics

If you want to get 200 art topics for free, read this article to the end. Our art topics are split into more than 25 categories, so you will easily find something that interests you. We have everything from art history essay topics to careers in arts. Of course, all topics are unique and we make all efforts to update the list as frequently as possible.

200 Fresh Art Topics for 2022

If you are looking for some excellent art research paper topics, you have arrived at the right place. Check these out:

  1. Art therapy helping people heal
  2. Discuss the surrealist movement
  3. Peculiarities of a modern artist you like
  4. What is abstract expressionism?
  5. Can graffiti be considered a form of art?
  6. Influences in Renaissance art

Art History Research Paper Topics

Are you more interested in art history? Of course, we have some very intriguing art history research paper topics that you can use right now:

  1. Ancient Greece sculptures and the influence of science
  2. Ancient art: techniques of representing women (one of the best art history research topics)
  3. The Renaissance epoch
  4. Discuss Baroque art
  5. Paris as a center of art
  6. Are early TV shows a form of art?

Controversial Art Topics

You are not forbidden to write about controversial topics – on the contrary. Pick one of these controversial art topics and start writing:

  1. Warm versus cool colors
  2. Art therapy for cognition improvement
  3. Is art education really necessary?
  4. Should we censor photojournalism?
  5. Is art necessary in modern times?
  6. Discuss Nazi art during WWll

Ancient Civilization Topics

Ancient civilizations have had a great influence on art. This is why we have some very interesting ancient civilization topics right here:

  1. Prehistoric art
  2. Discuss art in Medieval Europe
  3. The Renaissance and Baroque period in Europe
  4. The inception of African art
  5. Greek and Roman art in the classical era
  6. Near East and Egypt art
  7. Art in pre-contact Americas

Easy Art History Topics

Perhaps you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort writing the paper. You can simply choose one of these easy art history topics:

  1. Photography in printmaking
  2. The Canadian landscape
  3. Techniques used in portraiture (one of the most popular art history paper topics)
  4. Self-esteem and art therapy
  5. The history of the K-Pop subculture
  6. Discuss water puppetry in Vietnam
  7. An in-depth analysis of Japanese Edo

Art History Thesis Topics

Art history is not an easy subject, we know. However, if you would like to give it a try, we have some great art history thesis topics:

  1. Discuss the evolution of Inuit art
  2. The history of sculpture in the US
  3. Discuss Dada art
  4. Beofulf essay
  5. Jewelry in ancient Egypt (one of the best art history topics research papers)
  6. Discuss 3 primeval musical instruments
  7. The history of printmaking in Europe

Art Debate Topics

Are you preparing for a debate on the subject of art? Check out these art debate topics and pick the one you like right now:

  1. Does art therapy foster self-awareness?
  2. What is the main purpose of good art?
  3. Effects of war on art
  4. Should horror art be banned?
  5. Can you appreciate art even though you don’t understand it?
  6. Is abstract art a good example of art?

Art Essay Topics for High School

We have some pretty interesting art essay topics for high school that shouldn’t take too long to write. Here are some examples:

  1. Color blocking techniques
  2. What is assemblage art?
  3. Do we need more art classes in high school?
  4. The effects of art on your personal life
  5. Are computer games a form of art?
  6. Is Banksy an artist?

Art Research Topics for College

College students should try to find some topics that are a bit more difficult. Here are some excellent art research topics for college:

  1. Do we need more art education in college?
  2. Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to create art on its own
  3. Art therapy for improved sensory-motor function
  4. The significance of sacrifice in the art of the Mayans
  5. Are political cartoons considered to be art?
  6. The main elements of a Renaissance sculpture

Modern Art Topics

Writing about modern art shouldn’t be too difficult, given the plethora of information readily available online. Here are some of the best modern art topics:

  1. Global modernism: a short description
  2. Peculiarities of modern art in Africa
  3. Discuss modern art in Latin America
  4. The evolution of modern art in Asia
  5. Oil painting in 2022
  6. The evolution of animated cartoons
  7. Textile art techniques
  8. Photography techniques for best results

Best Art Topics Ideas

If you are looking for the best art topics ideas and want to impress your professor, simply take a look at some of these ideas:

  1. Discuss Da Vinci’s The Last Supper
  2. Discuss the Constructivism style
  3. Discuss a play at your local theatre
  4. Analyze a less known painting of the Renaissance era
  5. Discuss ceramics in ancient Rome

Art Education Research Topics

Art education is a very hot topic these days, both in the United States and the UK. Check out our art education research topics:

  1. Discuss the Art Deco current
  2. Define British Pop Art
  3. Art education in the United States
  4. Art education in the UK
  5. Including applied arts in the curriculum
  6. Can you distinguish between art and culture?

Great Topics for Art Projects

Do you want to get some bonus points on your next paper? Then you need a great topic. Take a look at these great topics for art projects:

  1. Analyze the multiplicity of forms technique
  2. Tech that changes the way we create art
  3. Create a sculpture on your own
  4. Paint a landscape near you
  5. Organize a small photography exhibit
  6. Present the art elements of a video game of your choice

Art History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

If you have been tasked with writing a compare and contrast essay about art, you will be happy to know that we have some nice art history compare and contrast essay topics:

  1. Compare and contrast conceptual art and drawing
  2. Compare and contrast painting and photography
  3. Compare and contrast sculpture and ceramics
  4. Compare and contrast literary arts and performing arts
  5. Compare and contrast dance and music

Art Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay shouldn’t be too difficult, but you need a good topic. We have some very nice art argumentative essay topics below:

  1. Computer games are actually art
  2. Art as a way to heal your mind
  3. Investing in art in 2022
  4. Is wedding photography a form of art?
  5. Is an embroiderer an artist?
  6. Art in English gardens

New Art Topics for Research Papers

Do you want to write something about current trends in art? Take a look at these unique (and free) new art topics for research papers:

  1. Art in modern garden landscaping
  2. Art in traditional music in the Caribbean
  3. Art in Rococo design ( one of the best arts research paper topics)
  4. Define the Mozart effect
  5. What do you consider to be the most important painting of the 21st century?
  6. Modern music as a form of art

Art Exhibition Topics

There are art exhibitions every year in your city, but did you know that you can write an essay about them? Here are some art exhibition topics:

  1. Discuss the tiny art style
  2. Analyze 3 famous landmarks
  3. What is interactive art?
  4. Define Banksy’s form of art
  5. Is 3D art real art?
  6. Discuss an exhibition inspired by a local artist

Art Around the World

Art is different from one city to another and from one continent to the other. Here are some art around the world topics you will appreciate:

  1. Art in the Mediterranean area
  2. Art in Ancient Egypt
  3. Art in the Balkans
  4. British art in ancient times
  5. Roman versus Greek art
  6. Chinese forms of art in the 10th century

Art Topics for Presentation

If you are looking for some interesting and unique art topics for presentation, we have some very nice examples for you:

  1. Why do people buy art?
  2. Describe a piece of art in your classroom
  3. Why do children love to draw?
  4. Best ways to buy art
  5. Would you be a good artist?
  6. What makes art “good”?
  7. Imagine art in 200 years
  8. Describe a picture in your home

Latest Art Controversial Topics

Check out our latest art controversial topics and pick the one you like right now:

  1. Can you make a living from painting? (one of the most interesting art topics to write about)
  2. Can you make a living from photography/videography?
  3. Should all art be beautiful?
  4. Photography makes other types of art less important
  5. Anyone can create a work of art
  6. Only humans can create art
  7. Do we need more art classes?

Cause and Effect Art Essay Ideas

Of course, we have plenty of cause and effect art essay ideas for you. Here are some examples:

  1. The cultural revolution effects on Asian art
  2. Renaissance and the influence of Raphael
  3. The effects of digital photography on art
  4. The cause of the diminishing supply of art in Europe
  5. The effect of modern form of arts on society
  6. Discuss the causes and effects of the Cubism style

Artist Biography Topics

One of the easiest ways to write an essay on arts is to focus on artist biography topics:

  1. Henri Matisse
  2. Vincent Van Gogh
  3. Piet Mondrian
  4. Emily Carr
  5. William Blair Bruce
  6. Pablo Picasso
  7. Jackson Pollock
  8. Edvard Munch

Art Therapy Essay Ideas

Check out our interesting art therapy essay ideas and pick the one you like the most:

  1. What do you feel when you paint something?
  2. Is drawing a way to feel better about yourself?
  3. Psychological effects of art on humans
  4. Techniques used in art therapy
  5. The evolution of art therapy since the ‘50s
  6. What is art therapy and how does it work?
  7. How can one become an art therapist?
  8. The disadvantages of art therapy

Writing Art Careers for Artists

Writing about careers in arts is a great way to bring something new to the classroom. The following 6 categories are all about careers:

  1. The role of an arts administrator
  2. What being a blogger actually means
  3. Art curriculum writers
  4. What is a graphic novel author?
  5. Art historian roles
  6. How to become an art critic?

Digital Art Careers for Artists

  1. What does an animator do?
  2. Is a web designer an artist?
  3. The role of the film editor
  4. YouTube video creator
  5. What is a concept artist?
  6. Film producer
  7. The importance of a camera operator
  8. Special effects designer roles
  9. Video game design artists

Graphic Design Careers for Artists

  1. Packaging designer
  2. The role of a sign writer
  3. eBook designer
  4. What is the role of an advertisement designer?
  5. Wallpaper designer
  6. What does a typographer do?
  7. Advertising director
  8. Magazine layout designer roles

Fine Arts Careers for Artists

  1. Why become a painter?
  2. Commercial artist careers
  3. What does an airbrush artist do?
  4. Cartoonist or caricaturist?
  5. Spray painter
  6. Graphic illustrator careers
  7. Becoming a courtroom artist
  8. Special effects makeup artist
  9. Everything about the tattoo artist
  10. What does a mural artist do?
  11. Textbook illustrator

Photography Careers for Artists

  1. Portrait photographer
  2. Photo journalist
  3. Underwater photographer
  4. Stock photo creator
  5. Fashion photographer
  6. Food photographer
  7. Wedding photographer
  8. Advertisement photographer

Fashion Careers for Artists

  1. Fashion merchandising expert
  2. Costume designer roles
  3. What is a linen designer?
  4. The importance of the embroiderer
  5. The role of a dressmaker
  6. What does a fashion consultant do?
  7. Is a pattern maker an artist?
  8. The role of a fabric designer

Finally, this list of 200 topics may not be enough for some students. We know. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced essay writers. We will do our best to help you out as quickly as possible. There are plenty more art topics where these came from!

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