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80 Informative Essay Topics To Boost Your Grades

In this post, we discuss informative essay topics with explanations on what to write and how to disclose the question the best way. Read on.

The Purpose of Informative Paper Topics

Informative writing topics aim at educating the audience on a particular person, event, phenomenon or object. One writes such essays with the assumption that the audience knows little or no information on the topic.

The topics should…

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Social Justice Essay Topics: Write An A+ Essay

Social justice is a vast subject. Although, at the surface it may seem simple, when you sit down to look for great social justice topics for your college essays, speeches or debates you will realise that there is too much to choose from.

To make this easier for you and to ensure that you are able to get great grades, here is a list of…

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Essay About Experience in Life: Nail It Easily!

We have all had experiences in life, right? I mean, don’t you remember how you used to pee in your underpants while in kindergarten? Or how you would sneak into the kitchen and make away with one or two pieces of meat from the cooking pot and later get caught?

Now, having experiences is one thing, and writing a top-tier experience essay another. Journey with me as we delve into…

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100 Top-Tier Proposal Essay Ideas For You

A proposal essay presents an idea and gives evidence in order to convince the reader why it is either good or bad. A proposal should have the following elements:

  • A claim
  • Supporting evidence
  • Consideration of other suggestions and counter-proposals.

Join me as we journey through these 100 professionally hand-picked proposal essay ideas that you can use for your assignment.

Proposal Essay Topic Ideas on Education

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How to Craft a Great Being an American Essay

If you are studying in an American college, one of the assignments that you will be required to write is what it means to be an American essay. The essay is used by teachers to help students develop their writing skills, and help them feel proud of their country.

Notably, many students find writing this paper a challenge and end up looking at a blank page…

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50 Best Social Media Essay Topics To Ace Your Grades

What is social media essay? A lot of controversies surround the definition of this ‘simple’ yet so complex topic. However, most people agree that it is a paper written dealing with the pros, cons, technology, connectivity, and trends of social media.

Social Media Essay Types

With the growth of the internet infrastructure, the world has become a global village. In a social media essay, the professors and…

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Blazing Diagnostic Essay Writing Guide: Sure Way To The Top Grades

Well, this is quite a ‘frightening’ essay to some students from the word go! The name ‘diagnostic’ sends chills down their spine as they try to come to terms with how to write such a paper. Lucky for you today, you will be able to get the best expert advice on this type of essay.

What is a Diagnostic Essay?

As the name suggests, diagnostic essay is a…

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The Complete Classification Essay Writing Guide 2022 (Really!)

Have you ever heard of a classification essay? Do you know how to write one? If the answer to these two questions is No, then you are in the right place. Nevertheless, if your answer is Yes, you are also at the best home to better understand your understanding.

Let’s all delve in, shall we?

What is a Classification Essay

In boxing, knowing your opponent is the key to…

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How To Write A Book Review? Expert’s Guidelines

How to write a book review? You might have considered writing a book review to be a very demanding or impossible task, but thanks to this guide, you will know precisely how to go about it! So what is a book review, and how should you go about it? A book review is a critical evaluation of text, ideologies, phenomena, and events within the context of a book.

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Writing A Mind-Blowing Enduring Issues Essay

Well, what is enduring issues essay?The "enduring issue" definition would be a perfect start to set the pace for our discussion in this post. It is a paper that identifies and gives the description of a challenge that existed historically, which has persisted across time. The various ways people have tried to handle it and their level of success are also critical for this kind of essay.

Now, this…

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