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Essay About Experience in Life: Nail It Easily!

essay about experience in life

We have all had experiences in life, right? I mean, don’t you remember how you used to pee in your underpants while in kindergarten? Or how you would sneak into the kitchen and make away with one or two pieces of meat from the cooking pot and later get caught?

Now, having experiences is one thing, and writing a top-tier experience essay another. Journey with me as we delve into this exciting piece of writing.

Essay About Life Experience: What is it?

It is a paper that requires you to identify experience, draw a unique meaning from it, and clearly explain it. It would help if you painted a vivid picture of the background such that the reader pictures himself/herself there.

There are many areas where you can draw these experiences from including:

  • Your early childhood life
  • Your days in high school or college
  • First date
  • Memorable moments with your relatives, friends, or workmates

The list of ideas that you can use for your essay about experiences in life is unlimited. We will see some of these ideas as we further on in this helpful writing guide. My advice remains hawk-eyed, lest the bird escapes your sight, and you end up hungry.

Let us see how you can approach some of these writing prompts:

Essay About Experience in College Life

Any remarkable event from your college can be a good topic of discussion. So, what are the examples of these?

  • A one-time event (your graduation)
  • A reoccurring event (lecturers that were of interest to you)
  • A person (your professor, favorite classmate, or librarian)
  • A place (lecture theatre, hall of residence, or library)
  • A subject (Mathematics, History, Engineering)

By brainstorming ideas on the prompts above, you can develop a top-grade college life experience essay. Use the following tips to spice up your essay about college life:

  • Memories of a place that embodies who you are
  • A relationship with a lecturer or classmate that changed your life
  • An event that you did over and over which you hold in high esteem

Essays about college experiences are the best since they carry with them a lot of events you can quickly write on.

Essays About Life Experiences: Memorable Moments

Now, this part will give a general perspective on how to tackle themes concerning past memorable events.

For your life experience essay to stand out as the crème de la crème, you should vividly recollect everything that happened on that fateful day. With this, your reader will identify with your situation, and share with your happiness or sorrow on that day.

Such moments include:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding days
  • Funeral service
  • Maiden speeches
  • Election to a particular post

Essays on experience should be as engaging as possible. Ensure that what you are sharing will have an impact on your reader. Do not get too excited or sorrowful such that you forget about your audience.

Now, this is important:

My Life Experience Essay Writing: How to Organize it

When writing any piece, the organization is crucial. It determines the flow of your story and the perception of your audience. An essay about life experiences should follow the chronological order below:

  1. Give the story in its order

Do not mix up events as this will affects the outcome of your essay.

  1. Write the story in suspense.

Start with the least essential events, fade in the more important ones, and finally come to the climax.

  1. Let the meaning come after the climax.

The importance of all the events narrated should come in conclusion or let the facts show the meaning.

Hot Life Experience Essay Structure

Here is an example that will drive you to write a shining essay about experience in life:

  • Introduction:

How you drove to school on that fateful day

  • First conflict and resolution:

Present your internal battle on whether to attend the lecture or not. Resolve to attend using your parent’s car.

  • Second conflict and resolution:

Say how you experienced external strife; you are involved in a car accident and rushed to the hospital.

  • Third conflict and resolution:

Present both an internal and external conflict; you wake up at the hospital feeling confused about how you got there. Write about a police report on the faulty breaks or any other mechanical failure of the car.

  • Conclusion:

End with another car ride home, this time with your parents. How do you feel about driving after this experience?

That is how you can achieve a top-notch paper on a life experience that profoundly influenced you. We have lots of professional life experience essay examples to help boost your creativity and writing skills.

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