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100 Top-Tier Proposal Essay Ideas For You

Proposal Essay Ideas

A proposal essay presents an idea and gives evidence in order to convince the reader why it is either good or bad. A proposal should have the following elements:

  • A claim
  • Supporting evidence
  • Consideration of other suggestions and counter-proposals.

Join me as we journey through these 100 professionally hand-picked proposal essay ideas that you can use for your assignment.

Proposal Essay Topic Ideas on Education

  1. How can teachers improve a student’s performance?
  2. How can we achieve social distancing in classes?
  3. What can we do to boost the students’ morale?
  4. How should students behave in class?
  5. In what ways can we reduce bullying in schools?
  6. How to make ‘hard’ subjects student-friendly
  7. What can teachers do for low performing students?
  8. How to integrate digital learning in schools
  9. Alternate ways of disciplining students
  10. How to succeed in sciences

Good Proposal Essay Ideas on Health

  1. How to reduce stigma among COVID-19 patients
  2. Ways of preventing the spread of contagious infections
  3. How to flatten the curve
  4. The correct way of using a face mask effectively
  5. How to reduce the risk of disease transmission
  6. Alternatives to a ventilator
  7. How to prevent a mental disorder
  8. How can doctors help patients in marginalized communities?
  9. How to come up with an antivirus
  10. Do hospitals need to have entertainment spots?

Parenting Ideas for a Proposal Essay

  1. How to show love to your children
  2. Ways in which parents can be good role models to their children
  3. How parents can bring up moral and ethical children
  4. Why should parents reward their children?
  5. Why parents should not punish their children at home
  6. How to effectively raise a child as a single parent
  7. How can parents show love to their children?
  8. Why parents should teach their children house chores
  9. How parents can help their children in the adolescent stage
  10. Ways of fostering a good relationship

Proposal Argument Topics on Social Media

  1. Why teens should not be on Facebook
  2. How can parents monitor their children’s social media activity?
  3. How to trace fake accounts
  4. Overcoming cyberbullying
  5. Who should censor social media?
  6. How should administrators manage their pages?
  7. How social media can help in learning
  8. Should students be friends with their teachers on Facebook?
  9. What kind of pictures can one post on Instagram?
  10. How to prevent any hacking activity
  11. How to protect your data
  12. Should people use their real names on social media?
  13. How to earn from social media
  14. How to flag down a fake page
  15. Ways of determining fake news

Proposal Paper Ideas on the Environment

  1. Why should people stop forest encroachments?
  2. Ways of harnessing water
  3. How to save the ozone layer
  4. Should factories operate near rivers?
  5. What are the ways of conserving the environment?
  6. The ways to reduce soil erosion
  7. How to preserve endangered species
  8. Should people visit game parks with animal feeds?
  9. How should millers practice reforestation?
  10. The ways to increase soil productivity
  11. How to make the earth a safe place
  12. Should national parks keep wild animals in cages?
  13. How to maintain the ecological cycle
  14. How digital media is saving our trees
  15. How the coronavirus has reclaimed the environment

Proposal Topics List on the Government

  1. How to lower the rate of corruption
  2. Should presidents come from a given family twice?
  3. How to deal with violent protests
  4. Why capital punishment should be out
  5. Should the government ban picketing and demonstrations?
  6. How to reach to the marginalized
  7. Ways of improving our electoral systems
  8. Should our borders be open to everyone?
  9. How to curb illegal immigration
  10. Ways of scaling up the economy after COVID-19

Interesting Proposal Essay Topics in Business

  1. How to balance between supply and demand
  2. Why the customer is not always right
  3. What is the best way of motivating employees?
  4. Is sacking ethical?
  5. How to keep businesses afloat during pandemics
  6. Should companies advertise on TV or social media?
  7. How to improve customer relations at workplaces
  8. Ways of identifying fake and substandard goods
  9. Should one have a college degree to get an employment opportunity?
  10. How can we make corporate relations better?
  11. The influence of brands and advertisements on customers
  12. How to identify the right market niche
  13. Why nobody should think of employment after school
  14. Ways of making an extra coin in college
  15. How to manage finances effectively

Bonus Topics for Proposal Essay

  1. Internet banking as a solution to long queues in banking halls
  2. How to attract more men into the nursing career
  3. Home activities to keep the students in check
  4. How to support the elderly in rural areas
  5. Healthy eating habits that reduce obesity
  6. Sound public relation systems to prevent customer dissatisfaction
  7. Introducing miniature laptops to save on power
  8. Cultivating a good reading habit to prevent illiteracy
  9. Use of alternative energy sources
  10. How to survive in the polar regions
  11. Films that enhance community sensitization
  12. Programs that keep the youths busy
  13. How to preserve culture in the digital age
  14. Effective means of dealing with racism
  15. What to include and what not to include in a Chicago paper

It undoubtedly clear that there are a plethora of good proposal topics to choose from for your assignment. Furthermore, the prompts above should inspire you to come up with more questions and ideas to earn your tip-top grades.

Do not allow yourself to be the laughing stock of the class simply because you cannot write a top-notch proposal essay. Let our experienced pool of writers help you develop a highly crafted proposal paper today by contacting them.


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