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164 Literary Analysis Essay Topics: Ideas To Get You Started

164 Literary Analysis Essay Topics

Most professors ask students to write about literary analysis essay topics when pursuing literature courses. When performing literary analysis, a student studies a text closely, interpreting the meaning and exploring what prompted the other to make specific choices. Teachers often ask students to analyze short stories, novels, poems, plays, and other forms of literary writing. This article defines literary analysis while guiding you to study literature correctly.

What is a Literary Analysis?

A literary analysis carefully examines literature work or its parts, such as the setting, character, theme, or plot. It’s a practice of closely looking at a small aspect to understand its impact on the entire piece. When performing this analysis, a student can focus on structure and plot, how characters relate, and setting, among other things.

When writing a literary analysis essay, learners should never forget that the aim is not to finish the paper quickly. Instead, they should focus on making the work easy to understand and appreciate. Ideally, writing this essay enables learners to understand why the author wrote a poem, a play, a novel, or other work.

This article is essential because it provides interesting topics for literary analysis essays. These ideas can also inspire students to select topics that will impress educators. Don’t forget that authors make specific choices in their works for varied reasons.

As a literary analysis essay writer, pointing them out and explaining them is your responsibility. However, also analyze the work from your perspective. That’s why picking the best topic for your literary analysis paper is a vital step of the process. This article lists excellent ideas to consider as topics for your literary analysis essay.

How to Correctly Analyze Literature

Before listing literary analysis topics, let’s learn to analyze literature work. Here’s how to analyze literature.

  • Analyze the work and writing style
  • Discuss the literary work’s setting
  • Describe the writing style of the author
  • Comment on the characters, including antagonists and protagonists
  • Pick a thesis statement for your discussion
  • Include counter-arguments or controversial aspects
  • Explain how the work relates to the target readers
  • Create a thesis statement revealing your essay’s main ideas

Your literary analysis essay should have an introduction with an attention catcher, the author’s name, book or text’s title, background information, context, and an answer to the question of your essay prompt. It should also have body paragraphs, each having a topic sentence, supporting evidence, your commentary, and a conclusion. Finally, conclude the paper by restating your thesis in different words without repeating what you said. Also, draw parallels between context and genre while suggesting the next step.

Literary Analysis Ideas about Literature

Most educators ask students to write literary analysis papers about different literature works, including poems and novels. Here are brilliant literary analysis ideas to consider if your high school or college teacher assigns you this task.

  1. Women portrayal in William Shakespeare’s Othello, a tragedy
  2. Describe the narrative voice for themes of alienation and angst in Catcher in the Rye
  3. Literary analysis of Madness in the “Hamlet.”
  4. Describe literary devices in Frankenstein
  5. The Crucible- Who’s the main character?
  6. Describe the future American society’s presentation by Fahrenheit 451
  7. Literary analysis of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry
  8. Exploring the justice and race themes in To Kill a Mockingbird
  9. Analyzing the dark and light concept in Romeo and Juliet
  10. Examining ambition and its corrupting influence in Macbeth
  11. Discuss allegory in Vision of Judgment by Lord Byron
  12. Literary analysis of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
  13. Analyzing J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter
  14. Literary analysis of Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues
  15. Analyzing the Stephen Crane’s Red Badge of Courage
  16. Literary analysis of D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse Winner
  17. Interpreting dreams presentation in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men
  18. Literary devices in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  19. Examining the power of love in William Goldman’s The Princess Bride
  20. Literary analysis of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies
  21. Analyzing literary devices in Elie Wiesel’s Night
  22. Explain how John Krakauer portrays the escape theme in The Wild
  23. Literary analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
  24. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice analysis
  25. Chaos as a theme in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes

Consider these topics if seeking a title for your English literary analysis essay. However, study the work carefully before writing your paper.

Literary Essay Topics about Movies

Maybe your teacher assigned you a literary essay about movies. If they allowed you to pick the move to analyze, consider these ideas for your paper.

  1. Literary analysis of biographical period-drama in 12 Years of Slave
  2. Analyzing the message in the Life of Pi
  3. Investigating the Second World War depiction in the Unbroken movie
  4. Midway film- Analyzing how the story develops in this movie
  5. Sense and Sensibility- Comparing the book and the movie
  6. Analyzing love as a theme in Romeo and Juliet
  7. Exploring the primary themes in the Pursuit of Happiness
  8. Assessing a movie whose basis is another movie
  9. How horror movies affect viewers psychologically
  10. How movies affect children’s minds negatively
  11. Literary analysis of female portrayal in the Little Women
  12. Class and society imitation in The Great Gatsby
  13. Trust and love ideas in the Can You Ever Forgive Me?
  14. Sense and Sensibility- Analyzing femininity in the film
  15. Evil and good in A Wrinkle in Time
  16. Deceit and lies in The Godfather
  17. Moby Dick- Analyzing enslavement
  18. Totalitarianism and propaganda in 1984 by Orwell
  19. The Scarlet Letter- Analyzing the sin sense
  20. Love, existentialism, and war in A Farewell to Arms
  21. Male pride and Jealousy in The Dead
  22. Explain the struggles Oskar endures in search of home sense in The Tin Drum
  23. Religion and spirituality analysis in Lord of the Flies
  24. Saruman and Gandalf’s role
  25. Comparing film and book, Sense and Sensibility

You can write about any of these topics if your teacher wants you to analyze a movie. However, take the time to watch the film and scrutinize it before writing the paper. If you don’t want to waste much time on assignment, you always remember how to pay someone to write an essay.

Literary Analysis Essay Ideas for University Students

Maybe you’re pursuing literary studies at the university, and the professor wants you to write an essay. If so, consider these ideas for your essay title.

  1. Literary analysis of The Lord of the Rings
  2. How peer pressure affects a child’s personality
  3. Literary analysis of the author’s hidden meanings and inspiration
  4. Analyzing the relationship between personality and upbringing
  5. Examining the impact of single parenting on the psychological and physical well-being of a kid
  6. Forty Rules of Love- Analyzing the book’s historical context
  7. Analyzing how the author’s background affect their writing niche
  8. Investigating the most influential literary devices that most authors use
  9. Analyze how your favorite book influences the readers
  10. Discuss your favorite book’s background and setting
  11. How a book’s context and settings support its storyline
  12. How a story’s mood can affect the readers’ emotional state
  13. Analyzing the raison d’être and antagonist’s motivation
  14. Assessing foreshadowing efficiency in a book
  15. Investigating the pros and cons of playing video games among the children
  16. Is addiction a disease or a personal choice?
  17. Literary analysis of religion’s importance in Beowulf
  18. Describe Beowulf medieval poem’s structure
  19. Discuss foreshadowing and symbolism in Romeo and Juliet
  20. Describe the roles of family and education in Frankenstein

These are good topics for learners pursuing advanced studies in the literature. Nevertheless, each idea in this list requires in-depth research to draft a high-quality paper.

Literary Analysis Essay Topic Ideas for Middle School

Are you in middle school and searching for a literary essay topic? If so, this list has excellent titles to consider for your paper.

  1. Youngsters role in a country’s development
  2. Kill a Mockingbird- What lessons can you learn from the story?
  3. Literary analysis of the modern society’s wrongs in Palahniuk’s Fight Club
  4. Family structure and its influence on youth crime
  5. Literary analysis of multiple narrative voices used in Bleak House
  6. Analyzing the Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire
  7. Studying democracy- Is it the majority’s tyranny?
  8. Youth and the lack of motivation- A literary analysis
  9. Can a pet serve a therapeutic purpose for humans?
  10. Literary analysis of schools’ underfunding in poor neighborhoods
  11. Most middle school students can research these topics to write winning papers. Nevertheless, these titles require time to develop into quality papers.

Literature Essay Topics on Education

Maybe you want to write a literary essay about education or a school topic. If so, consider the following ideas.

  1. Analyzing the relationship between employment opportunities and higher education
  2. Should schools teach equality to children?
  3. How colleges and high schools define gender roles
  4. Wearing school uniforms- What are the pros and cons?
  5. Should the government cancel the college fee?
  6. How to improve education standards
  7. Why the government should ban quizzes and tests in schools
  8. How bullying affects schooling children
  9. Why colleges and schools should provide psychological help to students
  10. How narrative essays and short stories differ
  11. What are the similarities between narrative stories and short stories?

These are ideal topics relating to education and schools. But writing about these titles requires extensive research and information analysis.

Textual Analysis Essay Topics

A textual analysis essay contains the writer’s thoughts on literary work and evidence in quotes and poems. Here are textual analysis topics to consider for your paper.

  1. Textual analysis of a religious text
  2. Analyzing text quality in a famous company’s slogan
  3. Textual evidence of successful or unsuccessful advertising
  4. Textual analysis of M. Twain’s characters
  5. Textual analysis of Great Gatsby
  6. Textual analysis of a specific story in the Bible
  7. Analyze To Kill a Mockingbird textually
  8. Textual essay on Robert Burns’ poetry
  9. Textual analysis of Shakespeare’s play

Pick any of these ideas if the educator asks you to write a textual analysis essay. But like the other ideas, take the time to investigate them before writing your paper.

More Literary Analysis Prompts

Maybe none of the topics in the above categories suit your taste. If so, here are additional topics to consider for literary analysis papers.

  1. Violence and war portrayal in Stephen Crane’s poems
  2. The Grapes of Wrath- How Steinbeck presents injustice
  3. War as a concept in Faulkner’s A Fable
  4. How George Orwell portrays peace and war
  5. War portrayal in Bertolt Brecht’s The Mother Courage and Her Child
  6. Paradise Lost- Analyzing the war between angels and demons
  7. Analyzing the civil war views of Toni Morrison
  8. Home’s plays and war depiction
  9. Exploring the war setting in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind
  10. Studying literary works during World War I
  11. Vampires’ portrayal in the 19th-century literature
  12. Fantasy themes in Martin VS Tolkien’s novels
  13. Horror fiction between the 19th and 20th centuries
  14. Myth as a concept in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s work
  15. Villains’ depiction in the 19th-century literature
  16. Societal norms versus personal happiness in the Victorian literature
  17. Analyzing the Beowulf monsters
  18. Judgment and guilt in The Carpet Letter
  19. Paradise Lost- Analyzing religion controversies
  20. Jude the Obscure- Literary analysis of the spiritual and religious journey
  21. When I Lay Dying- Investigating the focalization techniques
  22. Analyzing the Duma’s novel historical background
  23. Imagery usage in the works of Walt Whitman
  24. Beowulf- Analyzing the female and male characters
  25. Emmy’s character analysis in Vanity Fair
  26. Rebecca’s character analysis in Vanity Fair
  27. Analyzing the complex relationship between daughter and mother in Beloved
  28. The Bluest Eyes- Analyzing beauty standards
  29. Comparing death portrayal by Blake and Keats
  30. The death notion in Renaissance literature
  31. Tragedies in Romeo and Juliet versus Hamlet
  32. The dehumanizing nature concept in the Lord of Flies
  33. How William Wordsworth uses symbols to describe nature
  34. The Huxley dystopia- Comparing the rural and urban settings
  35. Revival and decay in post-apocalyptic novels
  36. Should authorities ban the use of animals in drug tests?
  37. Training animals to provide emotional support
  38. Analyzing the hatred between dogs and cats
  39. Analyzing the lousy impact of air pollution on the Ozone layer
  40. Examining ways humans can save water
  41. Analysis of plastic recycling
  42. Investigating the harmful effects of microbes
  43. Do trees and plants have consciousness?
  44. Are dogs more loyal than human beings?
  45. Analyzing the health benefits of spots
  46. The merits and demerits of clinical trials
  47. Analysis of insomnia causes
  48. Exploring health and social issues surrounding cosmetic surgery
  49. Consequences of consuming meat-free food
  50. Advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism
  51. Why most nurses are female
  52. Helping children keep fit
  53. Analyzing different eating disorders
  54. How society can avoid inequality
  55. Analyzing how modern society sets beauty standards
  56. Analysis of the treatment that society accords individuals with mental disorders
  57. How the world is going towards AI and IoT
  58. Analyzing discussions around religion- Should people avoid them?
  59. Investigating euthanasia and its ethical side
  60. Analysis of cybercrime and its prevention
  61. Analyzing criminal behavior- What causes it?
  62. Literary analysis of gang behavior and ways to tackle it
  63. Analyzing mass media’s impact on youth

These are great titles to consider for literary analysis essays. However, having a topic doesn’t always guarantee you an excellent grade. Also, you require skills, experience, and time to write a winning essay. If unable to work on your literary analysis essay, our English native writers can help you.

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