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153 Jane Eyre Essay Topics For Your Inspiration

153 Jane Eyre Essay Topics

If you are taking literature or related subjects in college or university, the chances are that you will have to prepare Jane Eyre essays or term papers at some point. Like most literature essays and research papers, Jane Eyre assignments can be really tough. The papers require top-notch skills in literary analysis, writing, and a penchant for details. Few students have this combination, but we are here to help. In this post, we will take a closer look at the novel Jane Eyre to help you understand its plot, themes, and characters. More importantly, we will list 153 top Jane Eyre essay topics.

A  Brief Look into Jane Eyre’s Novel

    • The Plot and Context of Jane Eyre
      Jane Eyre is one of the most popular novels of the 19th century. It was written by Charlotte’ Bronte and outlined the growth of Jane starting from a young age, when she was orphaned and alone, to a strong and independent woman capable of propelling herself ahead. How Jane is treated when young helps build the main theme: the search for love and familiar connection.
      Following her loss of parents, and lack of emotional connection to her relatives (uncle and aunt), worsens the fire in her to look for a connection to a person who would love her. Ultimately, this turns out to be Rochester.
      In different instances, Jane rebels against caregivers, which strains their relationship. Also, she routinely comments about women in her society. Again, she does not keep quiet about restrictions on people based on race and social standing.
      After falling in love with Rochester, Jane does not immediately shed off her sense of identity and independence. In the end, she gets the connection she was seeking with Rochester but still retains a great deal of independence.
    • Themes in Jane Eyre
      The main themes in the novel Jane Eyre include:

      • Love and familiar connection.
      • Social class structures.
      • Control.
      • Morality and ethics.
      • Feminism.
      • Spiritualism.
      • Marriage.
    • Sample Essay Outline
      To write a great literature essay, you need to have a good outline. Here is a sample:

      • The topic of the essay
      • Introduction
      1. Start with a hook statement
      2. Briefly describe the topic
      3. Outline the main thesis of the essay
      • Body of the essay: Break the main points into individual paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs should start with a topic sentence, followed by the supporting sentences. Make sure to also include quotes from the book. Where possible, especially in cases of comparison with topical issues, make sure to capture some numbers.
      • Conclusion: Start with a restatement of the thesis statement. Then, summarize the main points and wrap them into a few sentences. Here, you should not introduce new points other than those discussed in the essay.

Best Jane Eyre Essay Topics for You

Now, let’s turn to the hot topics that you should consider for a great essay on Jane Eyre. However, if you don’t want to complete writing process all the way, remember that you have a possibility to buy custom essay from our expert team.

Top Jane Eyre Essay Topics

  1. A closer review of the position of women in Victorian society. How does it compare to other societies of the 19th century?
  2. History: How does it define the book Jane Eyre?
  3. “Jane Eyre is a Gothic novel.” Do you agree with the statement?
  4. Why did Jane choose Mr. Rochester and not St. John?
  5. Using a formalist perspective, describe the play, Jane Eyre.
  6. Review the use of symbols in the book Jane Eyre.
  7. Compare the use of the plot structure in Jane Eyre and Bean Trees.
  8. Feminism demonstration in Jane Eyre.
  9. Novel setting in Jane Eyre: How does it impact the main characters?
  10. The main theme in Jane Eyre: How does it impact the minor characters?
  11. A review of the top two characters in Jane Eyre.
  12. Symbolism used in Jane Eyre.
  13. Moral development in Jane Eyre.
  14. The use of 1st person narrative in Jane Eyre: How does it help to establish the relationship with readers?
  15. The role of education in Jane Eyre.

Unique Jane Eyre English Essay Topics

  1. Analyzing the symbolic meaning of “red room” in Jane Eyre.
  2. Model women in Jane Eyre: What role do they play in the novel Jane Eyre?
  3. Home: What is its importance in the book Jane Eyre?
  4. Review the instances when the author talks about innocence.
  5. How are affinity and sensibility described in the novel?
  6. Review the novel, Jane Eyre, from the structuralism perspective.
  7. Identify two books written in the 19th century and compare their themes to Jane Eyre.
  8. Presentation of genders issues in the book Jane Eyre: Do you think it was articulate?
  9. What role does supernaturalism play in Jane Eyre?
  10. Moral criticism of Plato’s allegory and its relation to Jane Eyre.
  11. Supernaturalism: How is it depicted in the book Jane Eyre?
  12. Imperialism in Jane Eyre.
  13.  How is religion presented in the book Jane Eyre?
  14. Identify and discuss recurring motifs in Jane Eyre.
  15. Women’s struggle for self-realization in Jane Eyre: A deeper look.
  16. How does the relationship with Rochester impact Jane’s personal development?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Jane Eyre

  1. Jane Eyre: How does she depict women’s activism?
  2. What lessons does Jane Eyre gain from the disappointments she gets in the novel?
  3. Does Jane learn any lessons at the end of the novel? Explain.
  4. Compare the characters of Edward and St John in Jane Eyre.
  5. How does Jane Eyre identify with the modern world?
  6. Honesty in Jane Eyre: What position is selected by the creator?
  7. How is formalism portrayed in the novel?
  8. Does Jane struggle with sexual orientation in the novel?
  9. Paranormal experiences in the novel Jane Eyre. What role do they play in the development of the main themes of the novel?
  10. How do the experiences in the novel modify the characters and their roles in the novel Jane Eyre?
  11. Analyze the novel Jane Eyre from a Marxist critical lens.
  12. Identify the main women and their presentation in the novel Jane Eyre.
  13. How are parental figures depicted in the book Jane Eyre?
  14. What was the largest obstacle to Jane’s search for independence?
  15. How are gender roles presented in Jane’s relationship with Rochester?
  16. Jane deviates from the social standards of her time concerning the roles of women. What are your thoughts?
  17. How does Jane fight for independence and enlightenment in the book?
  18. Why is Jane Eyre a huge success?
  19. What role does the imagery of ice play in the novel Jane Eyre?
  20. Is the narrator in Jane Eyre innocent?

Discussion Questions for Jane Eyre

  1. How does believing in God for Helen Burns and St. John impact the protagonist in the book Jane Eyre?
  2. Jane Eyre is a Gothic book: How do traditions of Gothic novels impact the theme development of this book?
  3. How does history shape the literature in the context of Jane Eyre?
  4. Women position in Victorian society: Which positions does Jane mention?
  5. What is Jane’s view of feminist theory?
  6. How does Charlotte Bronte describe the character’s feelings through nature?
  7. Describe the theme of social criticism through Jane’s eyes.
  8. How does the life of Charlotte Bronte impact the novel, Jane Eyre?
  9. What role did education and employment of women play in the 19th century, as explained in the novel Jane Eyre?
  10. What is the setting in Jane Eyre?
  11. What role does gender play in the choices that Jane has in the book Jane Eyre?
  12. What role does class in the book Jane Eyre play?
  13. How does Jane learn from her failure?
  14. What role does experience play in the book Jane Eyre?
  15. Character’s recognition: How does it shape the plot of the novel?
  16. What is the position of Virginia Wolf towards Jane Eyre?
  17. Dialogues between Mr. Rochester and Jane: What are their meanings?

Jane Eyre Project Ideas

  1. What means does Jane use to address challenges that she faces in her life?
  2. Analyzing Jane’s character: What kind of a person is she?
  3. Analyze the symbolism in Jane Eyre novel.
  4. Did the story of Jane and Mr. Rochester deserve a happy ending?
  5. Compare Jane Eyre to other heroines of the 19th century.
  6. The role of physical beauty in the book Jane Eyre.
  7. Symptoms of mental disorder: How do they contribute to the development of the plot?
  8. Does the novel Jane Eyre adhere to Aristotle’s classical rhetoric? Explain.
  9. In what way can we see the conscious Jane as a writer?
  10. Comparing the male and female roles in the 19th century, according to Jane Eyre.
  11. Bertha Manson character review using a post-colonial approach: List the colonialist and post-colonialist messages that are available in the novel Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre Essay Prompts

  1. Jane Eyre ended the story with St. John’s prayer: What is the significance?
  2. How is the theme of equality portrayed in the book?
  3. Characters in the book Jane Eyre that misjudged Jane. Why did they do it?
  4. Jane affirms her equality role to Rochester: Explain.
  5. After reading the novel Jane Eyre, do you think Mr. Rochester had the intention of marrying Blanche Ingram?
  6. After marrying, what is the balance of power between Rochester and Jane?
  7. Are the feelings of St. John for Jane genuine? How does Jane reciprocate?
  8. In the end, is Jane genuine and consistent?
  9. Jane Eyre’s story setting: How important is it in creating a strong social environment?
  10. Does your opinion change after understanding Rochester’s secret?
  11. Hopes and fears: How are they presented in Chapters one through nine?

Interesting Essay Topics for Jane Eyre

  1. Discuss psychological terror in the book Jane Eyre.
  2. How is deceit brought out in different parts of the book?
  3. Jane’s obsession with her appearance. Why is it important in the plot development?
  4. Jane Eyre and hardships.
  5. Lucy Snowe and Jane Eyre: Against the society rule.
  6. Review the moral principles as brought out in the books Heart of Darkness and Jane Eyre.
  7. Analyzing the colonial ethos in Jane Eyre.
  8. Jane Eyre is a story of romantic love: Discuss.
  9. Realism in Jane Eyre.
  10. Ethics and morality guided Jane Eyre’s actions.
  11. Reviewing the first five chapters of Jane Eyre: What is the character of Jane Eyre?
  12. Jane Eyre: The feminist tract.
  13. Characterize young Jane Eyre.
  14. People’s dwellings: How did they change Jane Eyre’s personal?

Jane Eyre feminist Research Paper Topics

  1. Jane Eyre’s voice in the novel: What is its significance?
  2. What does Jane’s choice of reading material show about her state of mind?
  3. A review of the relationships between mothers and daughters.
  4. Mr. Brockehurst calls Jane a liar: What does this reveal about Jane’s character?
  5. The unique figures of female heroines in the novel Jane Eyre.
  6. The novel ends with Jane thinking about St. John Rivers: Why is this ending so important to the book?
  7. A deeper analysis of the image of femininity as brought out by Miss Ingram in the book Jane Eyre.
  8. The family aspect in Jane Eyre: How is it portrayed in different characters?
  9. Jane says she cannot exchange Lowood for Gateshead: What does this mean?
  10. Implication of Jane’s thoughts about the character and roles of women in the 19th century and beyond.
  11. How similar or different do you think Celine Varens is to Blanche Ingram?
  12. What is the role of dreams in the novel Jane Eyre?
  13. In chapter 16 of the novel Jane Eyre, explain the situations when Jane creates a portrait of the governess.
  14. How do different characters in the book Jane Eyre show the aspect of family?
  15. Rochester and Jane talking in the drawing-room: What character traits does Rochester reveal?
  16. Evaluate two articles that look at genders issues in Jane Eyre.
  17. Manifestation of feminism in Jane Eyre.
  18. What character does Celine Varens depict in the book Jane Eyre?

Leading Jane Eyre Thesis Topics

  1. Symbolism in the novel Jane Eyre: What is its significance?
  2. A review of the novel Jane Eyre: Analyze how Jane matures and starts interacting with the natural world.
  3. Jane Eyre’s passage from childhood to adulthood: A thematic review.
  4. Helen Burns discloses about self-control and religion: How does the advice impact Jane’s life?
  5. A critical analysis of Jane Eyre as a Bildungsroman.
  6. Analyzing the different aspects of love in the novel Jane Eyre.
  7. Analyze Jane’s last conversation with her dying aunt, Mrs. Reed. What is its significance?
  8. Reviewing the importance of five places in Jane Eyre’s lives.
  9. A review of the main motive of the novel Jane Eyre: What is the author trying to say?
  10. Contrast the images of ice and fire in the book Jane Eyre.
  11. The novel Jane Eyre is a combination of three genres. Demonstrate.
  12. Reviewing the role of Rochester as a Byronic hero in the novel Jane Eyre.
  13. Review the presentation of foreigners in Jane Eyre.
  14. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Jane Eyre?
  15. A review of the main literary styles used in the book Jane Eyre.

More Essay Topics for Jane Eyre

  1. Why do you think Bronte introduced St John’s character in the novel Jane Eyre?
  2. To achieve deeper intimacy, what do Rochester and Jane require?
  3. A review of Gothic elements of Thornfield.
  4. Compare and contrast the character that serves as foils in the Novel Jane Eyre.
  5. The main problem of balancing social and personal responsibility in the novel Jane Eyre.
  6. A hint of things to come in the future: Analyzing chapter 25 of the novel Jane Eyre.
  7. What is the significance of Antoinette’s dream? How is it related to Jane Eyre’s dream?
  8. Evaluate the theme of social inequality as brought out by Charlotte Bronte.
  9. Sensibility and affinity in Jane Eyre: Discuss.
  10. Compare two main female and male characters in the novel Jane Eyre.
  11. Jane Eyre is an autobiographical novel: Explain.
  12. Experience and failure: How do they impact Jayne’s growth?
  13. Jane Eyre character analysis.
  14. A thematic review of feminism in Jane Eyre.
  15. Independence in Jane Eyre.
  16. Jane’s level of British class: How does it change in the novel?

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