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Why My Vote Matters: Essay Writing Guide

why my vote matters essay

You’re probably reading this because your educator has asked you to write a why my vote matters essay. Most people are unsure whether their votes matter. As such, some individuals even opt to skip voting or stay at home and relax on the voting day. For this reason, an educator can ask students to write why should people vote essay to sensitize them on the importance of this democratic exercise.

In some countries, the number of people that turn up to vote is slightly above the total population of eligible voters. That’s because many people believe that voting is an exercise in futility. They think that winners are pre-determined by some powerful forces. Therefore, asking learners to write an essay on vote is a great way to encourage them to learn about the process of electing their leaders.

Importance of Why My Vote Matters Essay

Whether a student is in high school, middle school, or college, they will consider voting at some point in life. And this can even happen during the academic life of a student when electing college leaders or class representatives. That’s why lecturers ask students to write a why is voting important essay.

This academic exercise intends to help learners improve their research and writing skills. What’s more, it enables students to learn about the importance of this democratic process. However, writing this essay is not so easy as “What it means to be an American.” That’s because it requires a learner to research the process extensively and come up with brilliant ideas that will impress the educators. The first and most important step of the process of writing an essay on why you should vote is to pick a good topic.

Topics for the Right to Vote Essay

The topic that you choose to write about is very important. That’s because it will influence your choice of research sources and the content of your essay. If you pick a difficult topic, you will have a hard time researching, organizing, and presenting the information. On the other hand, you won’t impress the educator to award you the top grade if you choose an easy topic. Therefore, pick a topic you’re comfortable researching and writing about. Also, choose a topic you’re sure that your educator will be happy to read about. Here are topics to consider for your right to vote essay.

  1. How voting makes your voice heard
  2. Why voting is a democratic right for every citizen of a country
  3. Why voting should be compulsory
  4. How voting can shape the politics of a country
  5. Is voting important?- Why it matters
  6. Does the Electoral College have any influence on the voting process?
  7. Explain the voting process in America
  8. Is there a country with a fair and transparent voting process?
  9. Why men and women have equal voting right
  10. How do the election administration reforms affect voting?
  11. The American presidency and the voting process
  12. Does voting protect the Bills of rights?
  13. Why did people vote for the Nazis?
  14. Why some individuals voted for Hitler
  15. How voting compares in developed and developing countries
  16. Should the homeless people bother voting?
  17. Describe the voting history in America
  18. Who should not have any voting rights?
  19. What is the political influence of the voting franchise?
  20. Describe the voting behavior of the Americans

Consider such topics when writing an essay on why you should vote. Nevertheless, select a topic whose idea you find interesting and worth exploring.

How to Write Why Does My Vote Matter Essay

Once you’ve chosen a topic, you now move to the next step of researching and writing your essay on why it is important to vote. The perception or even direction that your essay will take should depend on your chosen topic. Here are the main steps to follow when writing why is it important to vote essay:

  1. Research the topic: Start by researching your chosen topic. Take your time to understand your essay prompt. Consider the instruction provided by the educator and the information the audience will expect from your essay after reading the topic. Also, come up with a thesis statement for your essay. This statement should guide you through the research and writing process. It should be a clear, main idea that tells the readers what your essay is about.
  2. Organize your ideas: Whether you want to convince your audience to start voting or writing a general why is better to vote at 18 age essay, your ideas should be organized. Therefore, come up with an outline for your essay. Your outline should be like a skeleton of the essay. It should show where the information you’ve gathered from your research should go. For instance, the introductory paragraph should feature your thesis statement while the body should include the supporting points. The conclusion should finally wrap up your essay nicely.
  3. Write the introduction: Once you’ve researched the topic and created an outline, you can now start writing the introduction. This should be a brief section that tells the audience what to expect in the rest of the essay. You can also provide brief background information about the topic. For instance, if writing the importance of voting essay, you can the audience how some people struggled to be allowed to vote. If you’re writing what my vote means to me essay, tell the audience what being disenfranchised means why some people fought so hard to get their voting rights. Ideally, readers should know why you choose your topic. Use the right hook in the introduction to capture the attention of the readers and make them want to read the rest of the essay.
  4. Write the body: After composing the introduction of your essay, move on to the body. Here, you should present the main ideas of your essay and supporting evidence. For instance, if you’re writing why should we vote essay, highlight the reasons why you think people should vote and their supporting material. Each paragraph in the body section should have a single main point and supporting information. You can include in-text citation or reference to enhance the authenticity of the information that you include in the body section of your essay.
  5. Write the conclusion: Your conclusion should wrap up everything you said in the introduction and the body of the essay. It should show the audience that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do from the introduction. For instance, if you were writing why should Americans be required to vote essay, show the readers that you have proven the importance of the voting process in your essay.
  6. Proofread and edit your essay: Before you submit your essay, go through it to make sure that it is factually correct without typo, spelling, or grammatical errors. For instance, if you were writing the right to vote essay, make sure that your audience will get your message. Ideally, your essay should contain factual and relevant information, depending on your topic.

Once you’ve written and proofread your essay, reference all your sources. This will give your essay credibility because it will show your readers that you took the time to research and analyze information before writing.

Tips for Writing Your Every Vote Counts Essay

Now that you know the steps for writing this essay, you most likely need advice to guide you along the way. Here are tips from our essay writing website to help you come up with a brilliant my right to vote essay.

  • Don’t skip research: It’s easy to assume that you know everything about voting and, therefore, write this essay without researching. However, you will come up with a better essay that will impress the educator to award you the top grade if you research your topic first. What’s more, you will find relevant sources to include in your reference section if you start by researching your topic.
  • Choose your topic wisely: The topic you choose to write about will influence your research and writing process. It will also determine the availability of resources and materials you will need to write the essay. So, if you choose to write should I vote for Biden yes or no essay, make sure that you can find relevant sources of information.  This is crucial because the audience wants to get useful and convincing information after reading your write-up.
  • Be unique and original: Although you have to research your topic before writing, your write-up should be unique and original. You should also provide unique insights and examples. All your ideas and content should come out clearly. Ideally, your audience should not struggle to understand the content of your essay.

Writing a voting or presidential election essay is not easy. It requires you to study politics and voting history. But, your topic should guide your research and even the writing process. That’s because readers should feel that you’ve addressed your essay topic appropriately. What’s more, you should support your argument with relevant and valid evidence. And after writing the essay, proofread and edit it to make it factually correct and free of typo and grammatical errors.

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