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Powerful Ideas To A Topnotch World Peace Essay

world peace essay

Ever since the first and second world wars, the world has resorted to establishing peace and harmonious coexistence. The devastating effects of the war would not allow anyone to walk down that memory lane again.

A world peace essay is, therefore, useful in championing for a unified world with all differences laid aside, lest we forget the world wars. There are so many examples of how to make peace in the world.

Start World Peace Essay With A Quote

An essay on world peace would be incomplete without quoting some of the greatest men that fought for it.

No one is born hating another person – because of the color of his skin, background, or religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. Nelson Mandela.

However, achieving total world peace is impossible because of the many cultural, political, and even ethnic differences. How to model the world a better place essay, would come in handy by stirring up the minds of people to embrace the true meaning of peace. 

Take the recent events that led to heightened tension between the USA and Iran, for example. The whole world was concerned because the war between the two countries would affect everyone. 

8 Ideas For A World Peace Essay

Here, you’re about to find out some ideas that you can use to craft a Nobel Peace Prize-winning article. Don’t hesitate to follow our suggestions and develop them. Also, we advise you to check cold war essay writing tips.

  • Idea 1
  • How can world peace be embraced and celebrated globally? Inculcating specific values such as loving a brother as you love yourself or being a brother’s keeper would help. Think of other ideas in this line that can help create world peace.

  • Idea 2
  • Another way would be through the inclusivity of every person in society. In your essay on peace, show how the disabled, less marginalized, different races, and minority groups can be involved in national cohesion and integration.

  • Idea 3
  • The world can also become a better place to stay but eradicating corruption. Integrity should be encouraged in all facets of life for harmony to prevail. Corruption through bribery, election rigging, drug trafficking, and money laundering have been a significant threat to achieving peace in the world.

  • Idea 4
  • The media should be on the frontline of promoting peace. A step towards this would be putting an end to sensational reporting and coming up with Programmes that enhance world peace. Advertisements can also inform and persuade people towards peaceful coexistence in their various communities.

  • Idea 5
  • World peace can also be achieved by encouraging religious values. An essay about friendship would highlight some of these ethical values, such as love and how they can be in the society at large.

  • Idea 6
  • Music is an excellent tool for propagating ideas. It can, therefore, be used to enhance world peace, for instance, the song, “Don’t you need somebody” by RedOne and R City. The video of this particular song incorporated icons and personalities from all races championing for oneness.

  • Idea 7
  • The school curriculum can also promote peace in the world. Topics such as World Peace and National Integration should be emphasized in schools. Students will be able to practice these values out there in society after school.

  • Idea 8
  • Your facial expression matters a lot. Imagine meeting someone with a gloomy stone face every day. Would you even have the courage to approach and say hello? A smile a day would go a great way of enhancing peace.

Your, how to achieve world peace essay, is now getting simpler, right? I guess you are even starting to have a peace of mind after those eight mind-blowing ideas. 

But that’s not all; there’s more information for you.

Essay Topics on World Peace

You can save the world with the following unusual topics:

  1. Iran and USA: Is reconciliation possible?
  2. A smile a day makes the world a better place
  3. Peace starts with you
  4. The impact of peace organizations and movements
  5. Has the world learned from the two world wars?
  6. Media and World Peace
  7. The place of politics in uniting a country
  8. Building bridges initiatives and their role in world peace
  9. Can total world peace be achieved?
  10. The Nobel Peace Prize
  11. How religion contributes to unity
  12. Is the UN responsible for world peace?
  13. Growth of terrorism 
  14. World peace talk shows
  15. Is sports a game-changer in bringing people together?
  16. Ways to solve conflicts before they escalate
  17. An analysis of Nelson Mandela’s quotes on peace
  18. Every life matters!
  19. The impact of the US-Mexican border wall 
  20. Peace and economy

Mahatma Gandhi once said, The weak cannot forgive; forgiveness is for the strong. For us to achieve world peace, we must be willing to forgive and let go.

Just as simple as that, and we call it a day! A world peace essay ought not to terrorize your mind for nothing. I mean, we are talking about peace here, it should start with having a peace of mind. Why not try writing a world peace speech now and read it to your class or community?

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