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213 Hot Humanities Research Paper Topics for College Students

Humanities Research Paper Topics

Humanities and social science involve studying how human beings are able to process and document different experiences. They create complex views and understanding on both personal and intellectual scales, such as identities, culture and heritage. Indeed, the study extends beyond philosophy and self-exploration to religion, views on political & economic issues, and culture.

As you can see, the study can be pretty broad, which makes picking the right topic and preparing quality papers challenging for students taking humanities classes. However, we are here to offer a professional hand by helping you answer two prime questions, “What are humanities topics?” and “What options should you pick for top grades?” Keep reading to see our 213 hot humanities paper topics for top grades. You can use them as they are or tweak a little to reflect personal preferences.

Interesting Humanities Topics

  1. Contemporary political and music commentary.
  2. The role of the bible in the development of the US democracy.
  3. Early labor struggles in England and their impacts on local and global politics in the 19th century.
  4. What is the importance of f studying humanities?
  5. A closer look at the enlightenment age.
  6. The Appalachian regional identity.
  7. The problem of race in the US: What are the causes?
  8. Black Lives Matter activist movement analysis using the critical race theory.
  9. Consumerism impacts on sustainability.
  10. A deeper look at the benefits of countercultures in the society.
  11. A critical look at the differences between sects and cults.
  12. Analyzing the emerging issues in gender studies.
  13. Cultural appropriation: Why does it always result in political contests?
  14. Fashion trends in society: Are they connected to cultures?
  15. Should prostitution be legitimized?
  16. Should poverty be considered a social issue?
  17. A deeper analysis of social problems for people living with disabilities.
  18. Using the conflict theory to prevent the fight for resources in families.
  19. Illegal immigrants to Europe: What are the implications on the host countries and immigrants?
  20. Effects of poverty in tertiary education: A case study of Texas, USA.
  21. What are the main differences between interstate conflicts and wars?
  22. A closer look at the changing gender roles in the society.

Easy Humanities Research Topics

  1. How body image issues change with age.
  2. Social environment that makes people migrate to cities.
  3. The development of deviance among youths in urban centers.
  4. Reading more books: Does it make people more or less social?
  5. Illegal immigrants: Should they be made legal citizens?
  6. The impact of gender-based violence on children’s personalities.
  7. The sociological perspectives of interracial adoption and child development.
  8. Limits of parental control on children’s personality.
  9. Explore the negative impacts of teen pregnancies.
  10. Analyzing the best strategies for negotiations during wars: Use three case studies from the 20th century.
  11. At what point should sex education commence in children?
  12. The challenge of identity for children in international marriages.
  13. Social changes in developed nations.
  14. Economic prosperity: How does it impact the feeling of patriotism?
  15. Should the United States seek better ties with China?
  16. The America’s role in the restoration of Europe after WWII.
  17. Social media impact on America’s political decisions.
  18. Who should protect human rights at the global scene? A review of the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court.
  19. Should the United States be made to pay for the severe damage it caused to Japan by using atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  20. Peacekeeping by the top superpowers: Are they justified?
  21. Evaluating the effectiveness of the UN in fostering global peace.
  22. Arguments for and against the US going to war in Iraq.

Good Research Topics for Humanities

  1. America should implement more restrictive gun laws: Discuss.
  2. Is capitalism the best system?
  3. Ethical issues with targeted media advertising.
  4. Evaluating the impacts of daily family routines on a child’s development.
  5. Youth culture: Why do older generations find it hard to understand?
  6. Comparing LGBT people’s rights to those of straight people.
  7. The impacts of poverty in rural communities of the United States.
  8. A comprehensive analysis of executive power in the US.
  9. Lack of face-to-face interactions is the main cause of misunderstanding in social media communication.
  10. What causes failure in democracy? A case study of Iraq.
  11. Answering the hard questions: What is the root cause of the Israel-Palestinian wars? Can it/they be addressed?
  12. Twitter: How the platform has developed into a powerful political platform.
  13. Gender and spirituality: Are they connected?
  14. Every country is in the race to develop and acquire better arms, from ballistic missiles to nuclear warheads: Are we hauling towards a more dangerous Third World War?
  15. Identify and discuss one of the most relevant issues in anthropology.
  16. Hinduism: How does it impact socio-political development in India?
  17. The Italian fashion and its connection to the Chinese culture.
  18. The impact of Neolithic revolution on the people’s cognitive abilities.
  19. Migrant workers from India: A historical analysis.
  20. Awareness of public choice: Why is it so important?
  21. The impact of dual-nationality on political views.
  22. What is the relationship between bureaucracy and the law-making process?

Leading Humanities Project Ideas

  1. What is the relationship between social media and age in society?
  2. Studying gender issues in school: What are the main advantages and disadvantages?
  3. A review of the changes in gender roles in modern families.
  4. Bullying in school: Why has it become so hard to prevent?
  5. Food and culture in the society: How do they influence a person’s well-being?
  6. Spirituality and use of raw food diet.
  7. Are fast foods killing the traditional food cultures?
  8. Social media activism: Is it as effective as the old fashion types of protests?
  9. How cultural stereotypes are shaped by superstitions.
  10. A quantitative review of gender and suicide rates in a country of choice.
  11. Human subcultures in the 20th century.
  12. How photography is shaping public opinion in the 21st century.
  13. Comparing human and animal sacrifice in religion.
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of studying humanities.
  15. Should all advertisements on beer and alcohol be banned?
  16. Compare and contrast the foreign policies of China and the UK.
  17. What lessons can we learn from the immigrant crisis in the US and Europe?
  18. America getting into World War II: Was it justified?
  19. Comparing African socialism in the 1950 and 1970s.
  20. Crisis: At what point is international intervention justified?

Topics in Digital Humanities

  1. The history of the printing press and its role in disseminating ideas.
  2. Tech inventions with destructive power.
  3. The American contemporary art presentation in the digital age.
  4. Why do social media make people feel lonely as opposed to connecting them?
  5. Humanities studies and the age of information technology.
  6. What are the impacts of video games on violence in society?
  7. Fear of missing out in the digital age: Why millennials find it challenging to live without updates.
  8. A closer look at the main barriers to the development of digital tools in the society.
  9. Is the society becoming too reliant on technology? Reimagining the world without social media.
  10. Technology in the 21st century: A closer look at the main trends shaping the society today.
  11. Human interaction with new technology: Comparing the 19th and the 20th centuries.
  12. Digital technology: Does it provide for a better life, or it is a bane?
  13. Technology in the future: How will communication look like?
  14. Inventions in the 21st century: What would Isaac Newton probably invent today if he was alive?
  15. Should we adopt a scientific approach to the problem of alcoholism?
  16. New technologies and their application in sports: How are they likely to impact people’s health?
  17. Change in people’s occupations because of technological developments.
  18. New technology application in education: Are we about to experience radical changes in the way people learn.
  19. Modern devices and technology: How do they impact people’s relationships?
  20. How has social media changed people’s lives in the last two decades?
  21. How modern gadgets influence people’s mental health.
  22. Should companies be allowed to market their products directly to children?

Humanities and Arts Research Topics

  1. An analysis of the Mayan art and society.
  2. Comparing the role of liberal arts education in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  3. A closer look at reformation in art.
  4. Sacrifice in the Mayan art.
  5. The K-pop music style and subculture.
  6. African fashion and textiles: A review of themes.
  7. Water puppetry in Vietnamese tradition.
  8. The use of totem masks in the Papua New Guinea art.
  9. A comprehensive analysis of music realism in Eric Roux-Fontaine’s art, “La note bleu.”
  10. Music and political propaganda in the 20th century.
  11. Closer look at the increase in the use of fairs in the 21st century.
  12. Decline of art in medieval Europe: What were the main causes?
  13. Comparing the themes in modern and traditional Caribbean music.
  14. Should books that contain objectionable words, terms, and phrase be banned?
  15. Sharing music and pieces of art online: Should the practice be banned?
  16. The second great migration: How did it impact the art of the Harlem Renaissance?
  17. Cultural Revolution impacts on Chinese art.
  18. Democracy and government accountability in the US.
  19. The impact of mythology on the sculptures of Ancient Greece.
  20. Advertisements: Should they be viewed as a form of modern art?
  21. Art education: How does it help people to think differently?
  22. Feminist movement and contemporary art.

Medical Humanities Research Topics

  1. Children vaccination: Should it be made mandatory?
  2. People with mental issues: Should they be treated in or outside their communities?
  3. Should a doctor be allowed to provide medical help against the wishes of the guardian?
  4. Can exercising worsen a person’s health?
  5. Should the use of social media be regulated to reduce the impact on addiction and other negative impacts?
  6. Is it a good idea to use animals for testing drugs?
  7. Has the COVID-19 pandemic helped society rethink better coordination of global healthcare?
  8. Should we have limits on drug tests using human beings?
  9. Threats posed by medical research: How can they be mitigated?
  10. Is your country doing enough to help people live healthy lives? What do you think should be done better?
  11. Analyzing the effectiveness of using quarantine in containing global pandemics, such as Ebola and COVID-19.
  12. Why have the efforts to contain obesity and overweight issues not yielded significant results in the last three decades?
  13. Global warming as a major cause of tropical diseases.
  14. How did we manage to get the COVID-19 vaccine so fast, yet that of HIV/AIDS remains a mirage?
  15. Is the globe well prepared to handle another pandemic?
  16. How should a perfect government look like?

Humanities Research Project Topics in Philosophy

  1. Analyzing the main causes of war: Is it possible to have a peaceful planet?
  2. Healthcare in the society: What is the most difficult question?
  3. A closer look at mind philosophy and problems with dualism.
  4. Scientific realism and its implications on judgment by scientists.
  5. The development of morality in the last five decades.
  6. Wars and justice: Who has the right to judge others?
  7. Cultural pressure between Japan and the United States.
  8. Liberal democracy justifications.
  9. Election ethics.
  10. Can pardoning criminals be justified?
  11. Are morals relative to society or culture?
  12. Moral facts: Do they exist?
  13. Believe in God: Does it change a person?
  14. Can science be compatible with religion?
  15. How do different political institutions impact the political outcomes?
  16. A closer look at the application of socialism: A case study of Europe in the 20th century.
  17. Comparing the Obama presidency to Trump Presidency in the United States.
  18. Analyzing perfect governments using Aristotle’s perspective.
  19. We are living in the era of globalization: Are nations and leaders more dependent on each other than in the past?
  20. Fighting corruption in the society: Stories of success from Europe and Asia.
  21. The main challenges of regulating the environment using laws.

Controversial Humanities Topics Ideas

  1. Polygamous marriage in the Islamic world.
  2. Should we pass laws to legalize abortion?
  3. What are your views of cannabis legalization in the US?
  4. Fashion: Should we consider it a distraction in society?
  5. Are humans too dependent on computers?
  6. Afterlife: Comparing the views in different religions?
  7. Law enforcement cameras: Should they be considered an invasion of personal privacy?
  8. Greater access to contraceptives: Is it the best solution to counter teen pregnancies?
  9. Homework should be abolished in all schools across the globe.
  10. Should English be adopted as the official language in the entire globe?
  11. Do the rich countries have the obligations to help the developing nations?
  12. Should euthanasia be legalized across the globe?
  13. Christian religion views on LGBT communities.
  14. Creationism: Should it be taught in schools?
  15. Religious counseling vs. the conventional classical psychology.
  16. Death penalty: Is it effective?
  17. Healthcare in the US is so expensive: What are the causes?
  18. Addressing global pandemics: What are the main challenges?
  19. Should people who lead unhealthy lives be banned from using organ transplant services?
  20. Are the school uniforms beneficial in any way?
  21. Religion and terrorism: What is the relationship?
  22. Should all studies using wild animals be banned?
  23. All college athletes should be paid for being on sports teams.
  24. All religious organizations should be forced to pay taxes like business enterprises?
  25. Should the world adopt a one-child policy to slow down the current fast population growth?

Religion Topics for Humanities Research Paper

  1. Comparing how different religions convert new flowers.
  2. The importance of the church in the well-being of the society.
  3. A close look at the never-ending debates between scientists and religious groups.
  4. Analyzing positive changes that can be achieved via religious practices.
  5. Comparing new and older religious movements.
  6. Religion and gender.
  7. A deeper look at the major roles played by religion in the contemporary society.
  8. Comparing the concept of Goddess and God in religion.
  9. A closer look at the two most ancient religions on the society today.
  10. Analyzing the main differences between funeral rituals in two religions of your choice.
  11. A closer look at female clergy in religions.
  12. Children in religion: Do all religions consider children innocent?
  13. A deeper look at the history of Hinduism.
  14. A comprehensive analysis of the crisis of faith.
  15. A review of the concept of reincarnation in different religions.
  16. Yoga: Is it a health or religious practice?
  17. What causes the emergence of new religions?
  18. The primal religions.
  19. The history of Judaism.
  20. Can religion help teenagers overcome the harshness of puberty?
  21. A deeper exploration of the concept of soul in different religions.

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